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FUN FACTORY VOLTA: Amazing Clitoral Stimulator

The German company, FUN FACTORY, is a brand that has always represented itself in the category of sex toys with some of the best ingenuity that has been seen in the world of sex toys from the start of time. Whether it is for the stimulation of the external parts of the body, or the internal, FUN FACTORY has products that are designed to bring the fun to the bed, or wherever you like to enjoy and pleasure yourself. I will be presenting a wonderful product from the FUN FACTORY company to you, a product that is just as versatile and flexible in use, like many other products from the FUN FACTORY. The FUN FACTORY VOLTA.

FUN FACTORY VOLTA is a clit toy designed with tips that are made to stimulate using super speed taps. You might wonder what is enticing about a vibrator that taps, but with the speeds and motors built in the FUN FACTORY VOLTA is an arouser that will bring you or your partner from zero to 100 with just a few taps.


VOLTA comes in a compact package that is the FUN FACTORY brand is known for, a package that is just big enough for the vibrator to fit in it, and also other accompanying accessories like the charger, the warranty card, and the instructional manual.  This compact design of the package makes for a good and discreet present for your loved ones that you would wish for them, to enjoy the world of goodies that is boxed in the package.

Specification of the FUN FACTORY VOLTA

This toy is only as big as ergonomically required for a toy that is meant to be used in couple sex, and for solo play as well. The VOLTA weighs 193 g, and the dimensions are 18.9 cm in length and 4.7 cm in diameter. The device uses a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery with an indicator for charging level. The body of the toy is made with silicon and ABS plastic, these are body-safe materials that are as well non-porous and hypoallergenic. The toy is designed for external stimulation only, not to be used to penetrate any part of the body, although it is waterproof and can be used in the bathroom. VOLTA comes in three colors; blackberry, black and blue.

Interface of the FUN FACTORY VOLTA

The VOLTA has a simple interface, there are three buttons on the interface, aside the charging indicator. There is the red button that has the logo of the FUN FACTORY on it, the word FUN. This button is required to switch on the device. Then, there are two other buttons on the toy, + and – buttons. The + is used to increase the speed of the vibration and as well move from one pattern to the other, while the – does the opposite of that, it decreases the speed and also take you back to the previous setting. To switch off the toy, you press the red button again and the device goes off.

Battery and Power

VOLTA uses a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that can last from 40 to 120 minutes depending on the speed at which it is being used. The battery takes from 6 to 8 hours to charge as well, this depends on whatever amount of power is left in the battery before it was plugged in to charge. It is expected that the first charge would take longer since electronic devices tends to have average or even less than average amount of battery power in them at arrival. Endeavor to always charge a toy before use, even if it has minimal power on it when it arrives.

How to use the FUN FACTORY VOLTA

To use the VOLTA is quite straightforward, the size and weight also allows it easy to maneuver the toy during sex. Switch on the VOLTA by pressing the power button, and then place it wherever it is that you want to pleasure. VOLTA can be used to pleasure several erogenous zones in the body, and I will be sharing this with you, to help you get more use out of your toy.

  • Stimulation of the clit: holding the VOLTA against the clit as you manipulate the intensity can be your fast way to an intense arousal and pleasure. The tapping movement on the clit might even give you the feeling of a tongue working on your clit. You can do this as a solo play, when you are alone with yourself, lying on your back, knees pulled to the chest, so that you could have free access to your clit and then go on to give yourself toe curling, sheet grappling stimulation.
  • Using the VOLTA as a penis stroker: as I stated earlier, this device is quite versatile, and this versatility comes in the fact that it can also be used on any gender, you simply need to allow your imagination thrive. To use the VOLTA to stimulate the penis, ensure you lubricate the toy and then as you give a blowjob to your partner, you can also move the vibrating tips from the balls to the frenulum and the glans, with the different vibration patterns available to use, this can even trigger orgasm for your partner because the fast moving tips will give a sensation of a tongue moving fast over the penis.
  • Great addition during penetration: while your partner is penetrating your vagina, your partner can as well use the VOLTA to stimulate the clit and also other sensitive areas on your partner’s body. This will even increase your participation in the sexual activity. Double stimulation is never bad for triggering unending orgasm.

As I have stated, feel free to experiment and express your fantasy with this toy, although ensure that whatever you try is within the capability of the toy.

Health and Care

After use, it is important to keep the toy clean. It is waterproof, which makes it easy to wash and rinse underwater to get rid of any elements that might have gotten on it during sex. Wash your toys with mild soap and water, the water should be warm, but not at a temperature that would scaled the body. When using this device to stroke the penis during blowjob, it is advisable to use water based lube, this is beneficial to both the sex toy as it is made with silicon and also to you, water based lube are kinder on the body, if you got some in your mouth by accident. Generally, using silicon based lubricant on toys built with silicon can have adverse effects on the integrity of the structure of that toy.


There is a 1-year warranty on the product, but terms and conditions apply.


  • VOLTA has 6 speeds and 6 patterns built in, so that you will be able to ensure pleasure to the fullest.
  • Travel lock for safety during trips. This lock is meant to prevent the toy from switching on, on it own, after it has been packed.
  • It is made with body-safe materials that are non-porous, as well as hypoallergenic
  • This product is quite versatile and can be used in different ways
  • VOLTA has a convenient size that will not disturb any other forms of stimulation and can be used by both the man and the woman on each other.
  • Waterproof quality which means that it can be used in the shower or bath
  • It uses a rechargeable battery and is charged using magnetic charging.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • It is easy to wash, clean and store
  • There is a loop handle that makes it easy to hold the vibrator even when things get sweaty and sticky, you will not lose grip on your VOLTA.


  • The FUN FACTORY VOLTA is meant only for external stimulation, and this product will not work for any form of penetration.
  • VOLTA requires to be moved with the hands, which means it is not suitable for individuals with any form of mobility challenge.


The FUN FACTORY VOLTA might seem to you to look like it could have the strength that I have ascribed to it, but there are several reviews of satisfied consumers that are well please with the capabilities of the toy, and also they share how this toy has become dear to their sex life. A product birth from ingenuity and creativity to provide a feat that could have been imagined to not exist, but the design and functions of this toy, shows that it will satisfy you in bed and also trigger the urge for some more pleasure and bliss. It is made to be enjoyed by both men and women, to stimulate any of the erogenous spots on the body, especially the clit and the lips of the labia. It is tapping energy multiply by hundreds of power. For those that have used this toy, the sex have never been better and for new users, you and your partner are in for a treat of pleasure that is behind the door that is about to be unlocked in your sex life.

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