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Satisfyer Sweet Seal: Enjoy The Long Distance Anal Pleasure

There have been several products from SATISFYER for various kinds of stimulation, clitoral, vaginal and both. There have not been a lot of products that are solely for anal pleasure, hence why I am quite exciting to share the new SATISFYER SWEET SEAL with you. I am going to be reviewing this exquisitely new product from the SATISFYER brand with and as I have enjoyed it, I hope you find it the same. SATISFYER is a brand that has produced several products to the satisfaction of its clients, let’s see if SWEET SEAL is the same.


SATISFYER SWEET SEAL comes in a lovely package, a pastel pink and green box. The box is a trademark of the SATISFYER brand with it line drawings of a person in ecstasy on the front of the box and the logo of SATISFYER, the description of the product on the body of the box and other specifications. Inside the box, there is the SWEET SEAL, accompanied by a USB charging cable and an instructional manual, where you would find the details of the product and warranty instructions.


SATISFYER SWEET SEAL has an exterior made from body safe medical grade silicon material and ABS plastic. The body of this product is quite soft and tender to touch. The thin joint in the middle connecting the larger heads is just as flexible. The measurements of the product are; the length is 112 mm, the breadth is 62 mm and the height is 40 mm. The larger heads have different shapes. There is the broad base on which we have the button for control and also the other head is more of an oval shape. Ergonomically, the broad base is most likely intended for safe play, so this way, the toy is less likely to slide in all the way into the anus. The SWEET SEAL comes in two colors, black and violet.

The design and functions of SATISFYER SWEET SEAL

SATISFYER SWEET SEAL is an anal toy. It has an app controlled feature which allows you to control the functions of the device right from your smartphone. The connection can be both on Bluetooth for short distance connection and also via the internet from another location in the world. This means that another person can control the toy while you have it inside of you. This is a kink that I love to participate in. The thrill of having the toy in control of another person that can alter the vibrations as they wished and even create a whole new vibration program from the app.

SWEET SEAL can be used manually as well with the all-purpose button that is situated at the base of the device. With this single button, you can switch on the device, go through all the 12 pre-set vibrations and switch it off.


  • App and manual control
  • 12 pre-set vibration patterns
  • An option to edit the pre-set vibration patterns on the app
  • Body safe medical grade Silicon and ABS plastic materials
  • Suitable for all genders
  • Unlimited selections of vibration programs
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and  magnetic charging
  • Low noised

Charging and Battery

This toy uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery and to charge it, you need to connect the USB charging cable to the magnetic charging points on the base of the device. Simply connect the USB end of the charging cable to an adapter that is connected to a wall socket and the magnetic head of the charging cable to the points to begin the charging process. Additionally, it may be charged by connecting to a laptop. Depending on the battery’s state at delivery, the initial charge may take between one and two hours. Apart from that, it takes roughly 2 hours to charge fully.


App Controlled

SWEET SEAL is meant for anal pleasure. The oval head is designed to give a filling sensation once the toy is inside you. You need to switch on the vibrator with the switch button on the broader base of the vibrator by pressing and holding the button for three seconds. Then, you can connect the SWEET SEAL to your app with the Bluetooth or Internet connection. Firstly, You download the SATISFYER App for either your Android or iOS devices. Once you have the App on your phone, you switch on the Bluetooth and pair the two devices, once it is paired, you can channel this connection through the app to access the vibrator. You can, as well, use the internet connection if the person controlling the vibrator is in another location, this can be done as long as the person has the SATISFYER App on their smartphone as well. They need your permission to control your device, so do not worry about someone hijacking the control. With the app, you can access the unlimited vibration patterns that SATISFYER has for their app controlled devices. You can, also, edit the vibrations that were pre-set on your vibrator.

Manual Control

On the base of the SWEET SEAL, you will find the single multipurpose button that will allow you to control the toy as you want. To switch the toy, you press and hold the button down for 3 seconds and the device comes on, you also need to press the button to change the vibration pattern, there are 12 distinct programmed patterns on the device, and you need to use this single button to move from one to the next. Once you are done with the toy, and you want to switch it off, press and hold this button for 3 seconds as well and the toy goes off.


Before inserting the oval head of the vibrator into the anus, lube it up liberally and also lube your anal passage liberally, so that the head will slide in easily. The best positions for using this vibrator is either on your back or on your side, any pose that will allow you access to the base of the vibrator for east control, except you are using the App controlled feature. You can also use this toy in a doggy style if there is someone else that can help you with the control. But, this vibrator is quite good for both solo play and partnered fun for all genders.


There is a 15-year warranty on the SATISFYER SWEET SEAL, although terms and conditions apply

Care and hygiene of the product

This device is waterproof and that makes it easy to clean. You can wash with a mild soap and warm water after use, then store in a dry place, preferably the box it came in with, as long as you dried it with a towel before storage.


  • App and manual control features, this gives the option of preference and versatility
  • 12 preinstalled vibration patterns for manual use and unlimited selections of vibration patterns when connected to the app.
  • Ergonomic design that suits both beginners in anal play and Pro
  • Ideal for all genders
  • Built with body-safe silicon and ABS plastic
  • It has a whisper mode for discreet fun
  • Magnetic charging
  • Waterproof feature which makes it ideal for outside fun in the pool and also the shower or bath.
  • Easy to clean and store


  • It is solely for prostate or anal stimulation
  • It might not satisfy those that prefer bigger toys

The SATISFYER SWEET SEAL has the straightforward design that is quite easy to set up and use. A lot of men and women will definitely enjoy the strong vibration patterns that has been programmed in the device.

Alternative products to SATISFYER SWEET SEAL

The HUSH 2 by LOVENSE and  MAGIC SOLSTICE by MAGICMOTION are worthy alternatives to the SATISFYER SWEET SEAL. Hush 2 is a powerful vibration programmed butt plug by LOVENSE with an app controlled feature and can be worn for a long period of time. The App can be used to control the butt plug remotely using the internet and also in proximity. Hush 2 is made with silicone all over and comes in different sizes. MAGIC SOLSTICE is as well a vibrating butt plug from the MAGICMOTION brand. It has app controlled feature as well and built with silicon and ABS plastic. The MAGIC SOLSTICE is flexible, waterproof and can be worn for a long period. The App allow long distance control as well and several vibration patterns.


Anal toys with vibration patterns are not quite as common as vibrators for clitoral and vaginal stimulation. The SATISFYER SWEET SEAL is quite handy and easy to pack. I like that whole design of the toy as it shows a thoughtfulness. Especially the broader base, that will prevent the toy from going all the way in. The size of the toy make it easy as well for any other stimulation to be carried out on the penis or the vagina and this is quite exciting. SATISFYER SWEET SEAL is a product that is worthy of any attention it gets from any gender that chooses to use it.

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