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Guide to prostate massage: How to massage the prostate

Preparation before massage

  • Allow at least one hour for prostate massage without haste
  • Lock the door, turn off the phone, isolate the world and reduce distractions
  • Keep props nearby: lubricants, gloves, towels, wet wipes, sex toys, condoms and water
  • Do a good job of personal hygiene such as bathing, nail clipping, and enema if necessary.

If you are the first taste of prostate massage, please do not bring a bed partner, do not use sex toys, it is recommended to try a few times with your fingers. Exploring the vestibule with your fingers is the best way to understand the location of the prostate. After identifying the location of the prostate through touch, it is more efficient to use sex toys and guide bed partners. When you explore by yourself, you can follow your own speed and rhythm, and explore massage happily in a stress-free environment.

What position should be used when massaging the prostate alone?

Men with soft limbs and longer arms and fingers will have an advantage in massaging the prostate on their own. If the wrist is tight in the process, please listen to the voice of the body, and be sure to stop and rest if there is pain. The following two methods are more relaxed postures:

1, depress the body
Open your knees, squat down, and lower your buttocks to the ground. The finger is inserted between the legs and raised toward the penis. It's easier if you have flexible and soft wrists and fingers.

2, turn back
Legs up and down, the form can be bent legs lying on the side of the bed, can also be one leg standing on a chair, one leg standing on the ground. Turn your upper body to the raised leg, while extending the same arm to the anus, inserting the thumb or fingers, flexing or swinging from side to side, so that the finger pulp touches the anterior wall of the rectum.

What are the actions and steps to explore the location of the prostate?

Before inserting anything, we recommend applying lubricant to the entrance of the anus and massaging it slowly with the fingertips to help relax the sphincter. Avoid touching the penis at the same time when inserting, which will cause the sphincter to tighten and make it more difficult for the anus to enter.

After the finger slides into the anus and passes through the sphincter, it enters the part of the rectum that is first curved and then flattened.

You need to press along the front wall of the rectum to try to feel the shape and texture of the prostate. The prostate is roughly shaped like a sphere. When sliding the finger purely on the anterior wall of the rectum, the texture of the prostate surface will be as soft and smooth as other parts, or slightly wrinkled, which is difficult to distinguish. When you put pressure on your belly, the prostate feels tighter than the surrounding tissue. The process of constant pressure causes the prostate to expand, making the shape of the sphere easier to recognize. You can first put your finger deep into the rectum, start to explore from inside to outside, stop the fingertip at one point for a few seconds, release it and then go down a little bit for the same pressing action, until you find something that feels particularly different, you have a chance to find the prostate!

If the process is painful, in addition to slowing down and stopping, you can also..

  • Lie flat, relax, and breathe deeply.
  • Add actions that give you pleasure, such as jerking off and touching your nipples, to make your body feel that it is pleasant to play in the back court. At the same time, it can also build up the desire to be penetrated by sexual excitement and help the pubic muscles relax.
  • Apply more and more lubricant;
  • Slowly pull out the inserted thing so that the pain will not increase;
  • Change to a smaller size item;
  • Stop here and try again later.

What are some better tips for finding out where the prostate is?

You can try looking at AV/GV to keep yourself sexually excited in the process. In addition to making the prostate bigger and easier to feel, it can also make the back court more relaxed and free of discomfort, so that you have the patience to continue exploring. You can try abstinence for three days to build up your sexual desire!

If you can't find the location of the prostate in the end, you can try to ejaculate through other means with fingers inserted. Because the enlargement of the prostate is most pronounced just before and during ejaculation, you are more likely to recognize its shape with your fingertips! However, your sexual arousal will also fade, and prostate massage may need to wait until the next sexual arousal.

Prostate massage technique

Don't prick, just stroke.
We are used to pressing the keyboard by pricking with our fingertips, but pricking the prostate is not the right action. Such manipulations can produce sensations that are too strong, uncomfortable, and even painful. On the contrary, we should massage the prostate effectively by gently pressing the finger pulp in the form of thumb sliding screen.

Start slowly and build up
The concept of "more is better" does not apply to prostate massage, where "slow" and "light" are king. Only during orgasm or in a state of extreme excitement can men withstand or enjoy intense prostate stimulation. If you press quickly and heavily at the beginning, the feeling of discomfort can make the nerve endings numb and unable to feel the subsequent pleasure. In fact, small movements can have a big effect. As the level of excitement increases, slowly increase the force to a level that you can bear and enjoy.

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