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Travel sex toy 101:What Toys To Carry When You Travel

Travelling can be quite hectic, especially when you're traveling with a lot of luggage. You want to travel light regardless of where you're heading to. Packing your pleasure buddy shouldn't be such a hustle too, but choosing the wrong type of sex toy can cause your luggage to be excessively bulky. Aside from the number of bags you'd have to carry around, if you're going through security at the airport, having a sex toy they can quickly identify could lead to the security personnel confiscating the items.

What Do You Go For?

So what sex toy should you pick when traveling? That entirely depends on the nature of the trip you're taking. I think business trips can be more limiting when it comes to carrying your pleasure buddy compared to vacations, don't you think so too? Regardless of how uptight the trip maybe, you want to keep things on the low. So while size might seem important on most occasions, traveling with a barely recognizable toy might just do the trick. We can look at the size, functionality, and weight of the toy. Appearance matters as well because in countries where sex toys are banned, carrying an eight-inch metallic penis might land you in lots of trouble.

The choices are numerous. However, regardless of what you pick, consider something that doesn't scream 'orgasm' at first sight. You also want to pack something that doesn't occupy too much space. It should be light, unnoticeable, and functional. It doesn't matter whether it's a business trip, family, or vacation; you can always carry your pleasure wherever you go.

Factors to Consider When Packing a Sex Toy

  • Do your due diligence

Do you have your destination in mind? Go online and search what's acceptable in that country or city and find out the rules that apply if you are allowed to carry them. Look, not everyone is pleased with the idea of having a sex toy, and some people may find it repulsive and against the local religious laws. Despite the opinions, people hold when it comes to these toys, it's always a great idea to find out what is allowed at the airport or border point check.

Many Islamic countries have banned sex toys, and you just might get arrested for trying to get them into the country. Lenient immigrant officers may choose to confiscate these items as well. Whichever way you look at it, carrying a sex toy might land you in lots of trouble. So find out before the trip what rules apply at the customs office. Some countries have rules against carrying toys around and, in most cases, categorize them as weapons. If you're not sure what to pick, always go for a toy that camouflages itself.

  • Compatibility

As I mentioned earlier, size is always ideal when it comes to sex toys. And that's because most people prefer toys that are just the right size for optimum pleasure. But, when you're traveling, smaller sizes are the best choices. Of course, that doesn't mean the smaller sizes aren't as pleasurable. Pick a toy whose size makes it easy to carry your luggage around. Unless your trip involves you spending months at your destination, go for toys that are compact in size and easy to hide from any prying eyes.

You want a toy that doesn’t occupy too much space. You can easily fit it in your bathroom bag or makeup bag without having to worry about space. Unless you don’t mind the unnecessary strain of moving around with too much luggage, make sure your pleasure buddy can quickly fit in anywhere and is easily accessible.

  • Get a separate bag

When it comes to hygiene, keeping your sex toys separately in a different bag is crucial. There are several bags available that are similar to bathroom bags which make it easy to pack your toys all in one place. It's also recommended that you get a zip lock bag to avoid the security at the airport of checkpoint to thoroughly go through all your bags only to find sex toys. Can you imagine the embarrassment? Now, I'm not saying carrying sex toys is something to be ashamed of; I'm just saying the transparent plastic bag makes it easier going through these checkpoints.

As long as they look and seem harmless, there's nothing to be ashamed about.

Don't mix your sex toys with your makeup. Observe hygiene. Keep your sex toys in one bag, and if you don't have one, you can also pack your sex toys in a zip-lock plastic bag. Remember, keeping your sex toys safe is also a way of protecting your vajayjay from unwanted infections.

  •  Lube and Sex Toy Cleaner

If you're going to carry some lubricant, remember to pack it in a 3.4 OZ container. Why? Because that's the rule at the customs checkpoint, especially if you're going to use a plane. Lubricants come in handy, especially when using toys such as butt plugs or anal beads. While you're using it, just make sure the lube is compatible with the kind of sex toy you're using. For instance, did you know that silicone-based lubricants can damage silicone-based sex toys?

Carrying your sex toy cleaner goes without question. Just to be safe, pack your toy cleaner in the 100-millimeter container. Make sure to keep them where they are most easily accessible. The easier it is for the authorities to find it in your luggage, the less they’re likely to frisk through your belongings.

  • Plan Ahead

If you're going to use battery-powered sex toys, pack some spare batteries just in case the ones you have to go flat. Carry a universal adapter if you're carrying a researchable toy to avoid having to worry about your charger fitting the sockets. It's easy to get caught up in planning your trip and forgetting these essentials. Nothing could be worse than getting stranded in a new place without any backup plan. You may even consider charging your toys ahead to avoid such incidents.

  • Be discrete

Like I mentioned earlier, some countries do not allow the use of sex toys, and anyone who breaks that law will be immediately flagged as a law offender. So don't be quick to carry toys that resemble genitalia. Pack toys that are barely recognizable or could be mistaken for something as harmless as a Disneyland wristband. There are so many choices, and all are very easy to carry.

Pack them in a separate bag just to keep them clean and allow the security to go through them if they feel any need to. Hiding them in different pockets in your bag will only raise eyebrows and get people asking questions. While on this, avoid toys with any sort of metallic on them. That will lessen the questions asked at the checking point.

  • Don't Be Embarrassed, Own It!

You’re not the only one who uses sex toys. So many people do. And if someone happens to recognize what you packed, don’t act embarrassed. It’ll only make you feel really bad. There shouldn’t be any shame in pleasing yourself. Go ahead and own it. (I know I would). I mean, so what if they judge you, right? There are lots of other people getting their sexy on while traveling, and if you think about the fact that you might never meet again, I honestly don't see the big deal.

My Top Picks When Travelling

 The lipstick twin

Okay, picture this, you're walking through security and a quick frisk through your bag, and all they see are tubes of lipstick. What they don't know is that one of them (or two, there's really no harm in carrying options) is actually a sex toy. No one flinches, and it’s business as usual at the checkpoint. And… You're in the country! Not an incident insight. That's how traveling with a sex toy should be. Without incident and unnoticeable.

Baby’s heart

First time I laid my eyes on this gem, I honestly thought it was a basic accessory. You know the kind that shows it’s of sentimental value? Never would I ever have thought it was packed with pleasure. And it's compact as well so you don't have to worry about room. It's also remote control, and you know how exciting that can get, especially when you're on a getaway trip.

Vibrating eggs

They are definitely compact and very stealth-like. A quick glimpse at them, and I swear no one would recognize what they are exactly. They are my favorite not because they are too tiny to notice but also because you can quickly recharge them and pack them away safely. They are easy to clean, and if something that tiny can pack that much pleasure, don't mind if I do carry them.

The magic wand

Remember when I mentioned you couldn't carry any metallic-based toy around in case the country you're heading to classifies that as a weapon? Yeah? Well, this silicone-based toy, which pre-heats, by the way, is hard to recognize. Okay, maybe just a little bit at face value; it really can't be recognized. Unless the security guard has one themselves, it's really hard to tell what exactly that is.

The Duck Toy

Have you ever used a clit sucker? This little baby is just too good to be left out. It literally looks like a duck. I promise. So whoever happens to bump into it will probably think it's a water bath toy. And that you're probably attached to it. The main reason I would take this on my trip is that it has such powerful sucking frequencies and when I'm in that tub, you bet I'd love to get my freaky on. If we're being honest with each other, this toy can also store a lot of charge for long.

The Cat Paw

If I was going through my bags and saw these vibrators, I'd ask about your cats, no lie. They look like a great reminder of your furry best friends. It's so tiny that you can slip it into your pocket or purse. It offers so much value even for the price. When I see them, I see the possibility of action happening anywhere, anytime, and no one would ever find out.

The banana

Sure, this looks harmless, and no one would give a second's thought about it, but I can promise you this is one pleasurable harmless little guy you'll ever meet. Fine, there are numerous others, but this is the G-Spot vibrator! You wouldn’t even dare dream to miss out on this. It’s silicone-based and practically unnoticeable. What I love about it mostly is the shape. It’s bent to please. If you’ve never thought of tagging this beauty along, this is your chance to go try it out.

The wrist band

Remember when I mentioned something about sex toys looking like Disney wristbands? Well, this is it. You know those things that you come across, and your mind has to fumble around looking for a logical explanation to what that could be? Unless you're a guru or have had an encounter with this particular toy, it's practically unrecognizable. It's a great option, especially if you're traveling with your partner and both of you can spice up your sex life.

Multifunctional egg

My first thought when I saw this toy what ‘what in the hell is that?!' Of course, I had to find my way around it over time, and I have zero regrets. It looks nothing like a pleasurable item. If anything, you wouldn't even know what exactly it is or how one can use it. It takes some getting used to overtime, and if you're willing to explore, this beauty can be your tour guide.


Just because you're traveling doesn't mean you shouldn't have some fun here and there. Orgasms are not reserved for particular days. You can experience them anywhere at any time you feel most convenient for you. Make sure you're proud of your toys and the journey of exploration you’re having with them. After all, what’s the worse thing that could happen? Safe travels!

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