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Inventory of global well-know sex toy brands

Nowadays, young people's sexuality has long changed, and they have begun to have a deeper understanding of sex toys and sex brand awareness. Relatively speaking, some places sex education and sexual psychology research but seriously lagging behind, today Honeysx for you to inventory the global erotic brands, I hope you have a better understanding of adult brands.

  1. Thunder Leten (China)

Thunder Leten, originated from Hong Kong, is a world-renowned sex toy brand. It started as a female sex toy. Thunder's explosive turning bead sticks have an annual sales volume of over 550,000, creating industry history. In recent years, Thunder Leten has also actively paid attention to the layout of the male sex toys industry, and has achieved significant results: In 2014, Thunder’s "Week Girl" series of aircraft cups was so popular that the market exceeded expectations. The annual sales volume exceeded 1 million, until 2015. At the end of the year, "Week Girl" is still the sales champion of the whole network.

Absolute factory star enterprise, with nearly 20 years of age in the industry, experienced in mold-making, well-known for its precision workmanship, and domestic and foreign. Its products are mainly for export, and some domestic OEM products are also available. Mantang's product design concept is relatively avant-garde, paying attention to details and integrating the design perfectly into life. And let the love stimulus mode, drive your interest in exploring sexual love and understanding sexual love so that your emotions can be slowly expressed, and you can feel the pleasure journey from the depths of your heart. Because of its unique design and exquisite workmanship, Mantang has also become a professional OEM factory in the industry. It is already busy with production alone. Therefore, there is still no independent sales platform on the market. Check out leten's best-selling toys

  1. LELO (Sweden)

As the world's best-selling sex toys brand, the origin of LELO has to be traced back to 2003. With design elements from the distant and mysterious Skannavia and fusion of sophisticated craftsmanship. LELO's products both in line with the public aesthetic and practical, as if consumers have met a close friend, and with them to wander in the fashion trend, share the joy of life. Here is a detailed introduction of lelo sex toy brand.

  1. TENGA (Japan)

Let "sex" have the right to privacy, TENGA tries to create a revolutionary recognition product and strives to make "sex" a pleasure that anyone can enjoy. TENGA will always respect people's right to "sex" as their personal privacy! Learn more about tenga sex toy brand.

  1. Kamasutra (India)

KAMA SUTRA India’s Kama Sutra has taught millions of men and women these precious secrets of love for decades. These secrets of sexual love provide a unique and transcendent experience. They will enable you to savor the taste of joy and make life more passionate. Abundant and more incisive; even a person who has no knowledge can understand the magic without a teacher. He will not become a slave to the senses and will succeed in everything. The spirit of sharing and dedication in KAMA SUTRA "Hindu Kama Sutra" makes it suitable for you to present such gifts that express your romantic affection and blessings at weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, or any occasions where you appreciate love.

  1. We-Vibe (Canada)

The Vibrator is a vibrator that couples use together when they have sex. Its unique design allows the couple to feel his thoughtfulness at the same time. This product is also the most sold single product in the world. WE-VIBE combines perfect design style and art. Check out we-vibe's most popular toy.

  1. Sqweel (UK)

The British exclusive Sqweel is a revolutionary climax! There are ten tongues on the exciting new dynamic simulator that will tempt you to climax again and again. Sqweel is a dynamic sex toy, used to simulate oral sex! Forget the traditional sex toys you already know because LoveHoney Sqweel is different, you need it when you need a deeper, longer-lasting real orgasm.

  1. ZINI (South Korea)

The pinnacle of Korean erotic toys. The ZINI series of products take simplicity as beauty, elegant arc shape, high-quality material selection, powerful vibration function, and rich humanized design so that ZINI integrates quality and function, is easy to use, and easy to collect and carry.

  1. Bswish (United States)

"Bswish" from Los Angeles, USA has diversified products, elegant and fashionable designs, coupled with bright colors to reinterpret flirting products that have been banned for many years. Unique and personalized accessories and toys of Bswish can satisfy any fantasies or emotions and can match the user in flirtation or love. And Bswish will continue to promote and expand its product categories in the market, leading the fashionable and unique adult products market. In the Asian market, the Asian general agent sincerely invited the famous Hong Kong hostess Vienna to serve as the spokesperson for the Asian region. Since the advertisement was launched, it has received enthusiastic positive responses. Its click-through rate on the Internet has reached 300,000 person-times. It is believed that Bswish will have more and greater market demand in the future.

  1. Manzzztoys (Netherlands)

Manzzztoys is made of 100% platinum silicon. It is hygienic, easy to clean, and innovatively designed to have a soft, skin-like surface.

  1. LaViva Legend (Australia)

LaViVa, an outstanding sex toys brand in Australia, has become a well-known brand for consumers with its perfect quality and powerful functions. The product is represented by turning bead sticks and has created a series of classic series with reliable quality, becoming a model for the sex toys industry to win the market with tangible product quality.

  1. BTT (United States)

BTT is a product design and manufacturing company based in Los Angeles. We are committed to creating interesting and creative sex toys for adults. In particular, the BTT super sex toys are high-quality products that are waterproof, safe, non-toxic to the body, free of latex ingredients, and no plastic softeners harmful to the human body. We have tried our best to make customers feel pleasantly surprised and happy, sold all over the world to become the world's most well-known erotic toy brand!

  1. Rocks-off (UK)

Rocks-Off has launched an award-winning product in the global market-the Le young G-spot electric massage stick, and this company has won the reputation of the leader in the adult sex toys industry in the UK. Unique design, strong brand, and selected materials are undoubtedly the elements of the company's success. Rocks-Off has established standards for its products that are functional, safe, and free of phthalates.

  1. Eros (Germany)

German EROS lubricants are the world's highest quality standard. The top sales of EROS products are due to its outstanding performance and quality made in Germany. EROS pursues the best materials and designs as well as the best comfort and pleasure. All products have passed skin tests and can be used with condoms. Silk-like touch, excellent ductility, and lubricity, long-term use is not dry, non-sticky, non-sticky and non-greasy, free of fragrances, pigments, and low dosage. Its convenience and practicality are unparalleled.

  1. Xtassie (South Korea)

South Korea’s enterprise transformation work, the entire series has applied many of the latest electronic science and technology, the product appearance is fashionable, the shape is unique, the operation is humanized, the service life is up to 5 years, the USB direct charging, the socket charging method is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the quality is reliable.

  1. Laid (Norway)

An international brand from Norway! Bring an unprecedented brand-new experience to married life!

  1. OhMiBod (United States)

OhMiBod was born in New Hampshire, the USA on November 14, 2006. In just 3 months, without large-scale advertising, OhMiBod achieved sales of 2000 units and established a test team with the top 500. The great idea of ​​"turning music into vibration" made OhMiBod become famous overnight, and then formed a trend.


The above is all about the sex toy brand. In general, there are still many brands, so you can learn more about it and choose the brand that suits you best.

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