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The most sentimental Tenga series of Masturbation cup

First, let's talk about why men and women of all ages should buy Masturbation cups.

Men: The needs of single men need not be mentioned, even if they are off, or even men who have started a family, they should also pick a suitable masturbator for themselves - you always need a more upscale solution than a manual one when your partner is menstruating or pregnant, right?

Female: From the above, it is clear that the girls who have an object can buy a masturbation cup for their man, and let him play with himself when you don't want to have sex.

Old: people are old, after all, men are not menopausal, there is also occasional news of the elderly calling prostitutes in the press - the sexual needs of the elderly, although difficult to say, but also cannot be ignored.

Teens: For the unmarried teenager, the stroker is both a prop to put out the sex desire, but also to exercise themselves, to prepare for future combat fitness equipment - after all, the cup is called "penis exerciser".
So, let's get started, today we are going to review the most emotional Tenga series in Japan

AIR-TECH Classic
There are two types of masturbation cup, one is anthropomorphic, simulating the real human vagina, and the other is a special internal structure that focuses on physical sensation.
It is worth mentioning that the signature selling point of many of AIR-TECH and Tenga's products is the vacuum sucking function, which is a small hole at the top of the masturbation cup, where you can use the difference between the internal and external air pressure to create a sucking sensation during use - simulate real sucking, giving you the feeling of being there.

AIR-TECH Standard
The standard model is said to be moderate and balanced, and the actual experience is true, both the internal structure and the gel material are moderate, compared with other models, and even other brands of cups are not particularly outstanding, but also not disappointing. If you really do not know which one you want to buy, are afraid to buy the soft type does not feel, buy the exciting type cannot stand, you can first buy a standard type to try, won't be wasted.

As the name suggests, the material of the soft type is inherently soft, and with the internal thread structure, it can provide a more delicate touch.

AIR-TECH Stimulating
The stimulation type has a slightly harder masturbation cup material than the other models and a narrower internal cavity, which can be quite stimulating to the glans. Surprisingly, although the interior is narrow, the stimulating model is also compatible with large sizes and will not be too thick to be stuffed in, only that it is more difficult to enter the entrance when you use it for the first time. If you want to pursue pleasure and excitement, choose this one.

AIR-TECH Extra Large
The only function is probably to show off to others "look at me with the large size", but even if you have a diameter of five or six centimeters, the use of large size is very poor, the sense of stimulation is weaker than the soft type.


Tenga is a well-known brand in masturbation cup, with numerous series for consumers with different needs to choose from. Suitability is the most important thing. You can choose it according to your own needs. Having an orgasm is the right that every man should enjoy.


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