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A Guide to 12 Homemade Masturbation Cups

If you're single, if you can't bear to see goddesses in pairs, and if you're too shy to go to an adult store to pick up a masturbation cup to comfort your lonely self, then you need some ways to make a masturbation cup at home.
masturbation cup

1.Self-made goblet masturbation cup
Material: goblet, two sponges, plastic gloves
1) Clamp the gloves with two sponges.
2) After clamping, put them into the goblet together, and adjust the position of the noodles and gloves.
3) Then turn over the edge of the glove and put it on the cup, and you can use it.

2.Self-made family bucket masturbation cup
Materials: KFC family bucket, toilet paper tube, plastic gloves, tape.
1) Punch a hole in the bottom of the KFC bucket, just enough to put down the toilet paper tube.
2) Fix the plastic gloves with adhesive tape in the same way as the sponge airplane cup above.

3.Self-made cornstarch masturbation cup
Materials: Glass, cornstarch, water, a column about the size of your penis.
1) Pour half the amount of cornstarch into the glass, then add the water to fill the glass and mix well.
2) Insert a column about the size of your own penis in the middle of the cup, put it in the refrigerator to freeze, take it out after it is completely frozen, pull out the column and you can use it!
masturbation cup

4.Self-made cucumber masturbation cup
Materials:Cucumber, knife, spoon.
Go to the vegetable market to buy a relatively thick cucumber, cut off both ends with a knife, dig out the middle of the melon meat with a spoon, dig holes according to your own size, after digging a simple airplane cup is completed!

5.Self-made orange masturbation cup
Materials:Big orange/grapefruit/grapefruit
1) Remove the peel at both ends of the orange, and see a strong hole in the middle of the orange sac, but the hole is smaller at this time.
2) Insert two fingers into the hole and turn it left and right to make the hole bigger and bigger until it is suitable for penis insertion.
3) At this time, the orange sac is worn through by fingers, and the orange water has a good lubricating effect. At this time, the simulated vaginal transformation of an orange is completed (note, do not break the outer skin of the orange, which may cause the orange to fall apart when thrusting vigorously. As long as both ends are open).
4) For real simulation, warm the transformed orange with hot water for 2 minutes. Hold it in your hand and you can use it.
masturbation cup

6.Self-made cotton masturbation cup
Materials: Cotton, mineral water bottle, large condom, scissors.
1) Cut off the bottom of the mineral water bottle.
2) Spread the cotton into a rectangle, put a large condom in the middle, and roll up the condom like sushi.
3) Put the condom cotton roll into the mineral water bottle, remember that the opening end of the condom is outward, and then fix the tail of the condom on the end of the mineral water bottle with a lid; Turn over the open end of the condom and fix it on the mineral water bottle.

7.Self-made Sponge Masturbation Cup
Materials: sponge, packing box of potato chips, rubber gloves, string, lubricant.
1) Put the sponge into the box of potato chips. The size of the sponge hole depends on your size and preference. If you like it tighter, make the hole smaller.
2) Latex gloves are stuck on the edge of the potato chip packaging barrel, turned inward and inserted into the sponge to fix the latex gloves.
3) When using, add some lubricant and hold the cup by hand to increase the degree of tightness.
masturbation cup

8.Homemade Banana Masturbation Cup
Materials: Banana, shoelace, box cutter
1) Cut one end of the banana with a knife.
2) Empty the inside of the banana with a utility knife.
3) Carry and bind the banana to avoid bursting the banana when using it.
masturbation cup

9.Homemade Eggplant Masturbation Cup
Materials: eggplant, shoelaces, utility knife
1) Cut one end of the eggplant with a knife.
2) Empty the inside of the eggplant with a utility knife.
3) Carry and bind the eggplant so as not to burst the eggplant when using it.
masturbation cup

10.Homemade toilet paper masturbation cups
Materials: toilet paper, toilet paper tube, condom
Pull out the condom, wrap it up, tuck it in.
masturbation cup

11.Self-made masturbation cup
Materials: socks, gloves, rubber band, long rope, towel quilt
The main part is the same as before, this time the filling is socks, maybe it's better to use silk stockings instead. Then put the column into the towel quilt and fix it with a long rope (belt). So you can enjoy the feeling of "going through the back door".

12.Self-made masturbation cup
Materials:Towel, gloves, strapping tape
Roll up the towel, put on the plastic gloves, and adjust the appropriate tightness with the binding belt. This is a soft shell version.
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