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This review of two products this time are products of the well-known brand LELO, one is the LELO SONA 1 that more people know, and the other is his upgraded version of LELO SONA 2.

When it comes to sucking toys, everyone will know LELO SONA. As the forerunner of sucking toys, LELO SONA does not need to worry about the rising star, because it can make sucking toys with similar functions as SONA, and the price will be higher than it.

As early as when LELO SONA 1 was launched, there was already a lot of information about LELO SONA 1 on the Internet. Later, when LELO SONA 2 is also available, some people will ask: Is there a big gap between SONA 1 and the second-generation SONA 2? Is it worth changing to another one? I haven't bought a sucking toy before, and I want to get a better one, but I don't know how to choose between LELO SONA 1 and LELO SONA 2?

This time Honeysx will do a SONA 1 and SONA 2 evaluation, as well as the difference between standard and high configuration.



Whether it is SONA 1 or SONA 2, they have followed LELO's low-key and high-grade outer packaging design.

The outer packaging can see the true face of LELO SONA through the small transparent window. The surface of the package will also be clearly marked. If it is a high-end version, SONA1 or SONA2 will also be specially marked with the word CRUISE, which is the unique "fixed speed cruise" function of SONA high-end version.

One of the most intuitive differences between the two generations of products is that the suction head of SONA 2 is significantly deeper, and the width of the surrounding silicone rubber is also significantly increased. But the width of the sucking mouth, I specially measured it with a soft ruler, and it was almost the same.

What is the one benefit of the deeper sucking head? When you use it, you can make it easier to locate the target location, and after the deepening of the suction head, the channel through which the sound waves pass becomes longer, and when I actually feel it, I will find that the suction head is a little deeper, which will make the bean more easily aroused by the sound waves, and there is a feeling that you can enter the battle instantly.

And deeper suction head, silicone width increased in the actual use of the biggest feeling is that, if the other half to help you use the toy, SONA 2 suction head upgrade will make it easier for the other half to find the right position, and the suction head is not easy to move position, effectively reducing the other half of the hand accidentally moved, sucking the head will be out of place embarrassing situation.

SONA 2 will also upgrade the entire shape, especially the curvature of the back, and overall will upgrade the grip than SONA 1, but I think SONA 1's grip itself is not bad, SONA 2 is the icing on the cake design.

SONA 2 behind the curvature will be slightly deeper than a generation, this for the girls themselves with the feeling of the difference is not very big, but if the other half to help you use SONA, SONA 2 curvature will reduce the difficulty of his operation, grip better, so that he can more easily find the exact location.

Close up large image comparison of the two sucking heads. In the purple SONA 2, the sucking head is obviously becoming deeper, and the silicone outer ring has become wider.

The official website also says that the silicone of SONA 2 is upgraded and will be softer than the silicone of the first generation. In fact, it's hard to feel a big difference when you touch a body like this. But when you touch the location of the sucking head, you can indeed feel the SONA 2 silicone material is an upgrade. Although it is a leap from 95 to 98 points, the silicone of both is very good, but the touch of SONA 2 is an upgrade.



In terms of power, the most direct difference between LELO SONA 1 and LELO SONA 2 is that SONA 1 has 8 sucking frequencies, while SONA 2 has 12 sucking frequencies. Some people think that there are 4 more frequencies, it seems that there is not much difference?

But with the new upgrade of the four frequencies, you can kind of SONA for more people. The soft and heaviest frequencies are 2 more than SONA 1 respectively. The two new gentle frequencies are very suitable for people who are particularly sensitive to small beans and are also very suitable for use when you want to continue to stimulate after a cake nest.

If the frequency range of SONA 1 is 10-70, then the frequency range of SONA 2 is expanded to 5-85.

The sucking frequency of SONA 1, double-speed playback. It can be seen that the beating pattern of the sucking head is different at different frequencies. Under the same frequency, the intensity can also be adjusted. SONA 2 also has this function.

SONA 2 sucking frequency, also twice the speed. Two SONA at the same time when you will find that SONA 2 generation in the start, holding the hand vibration feeling than SONA 1 will be more significantly weakened.

Unlike the vibration mode, the sound wave frequency of sucking has a very wide range of stimulation.

The little bean we see is not just clitoral, but a large set of nerve endings are linked underneath it. The sucking head can be precisely aimed at the small bean, and then through the sonic sucking, bring the stimulation to the deep nerve endings.

LELO SONA 2 of SONA activates the slightest frequency. Although it is mild, the range of stimulation is still very wide. It is not felt that it is not in place because the frequency is relatively soft.

Generally, if you use a small vibration toy to stimulate, not only will you not feel very strong after a long time, but even your hands will feel a little numb.

For women, to achieve the state of the orgasm, the most simple and direct way is through the physical stimulation of clitoral. General statistics show that up to 70%-80% of girls need to reach their little peak by stimulating the clitoral. And again, the intensity of stimulation varies.

Why is it easier for women to achieve orgasm? Underneath a female clitoral, there may be more than 8,000 nerve endings, which is more than a male sex organ.

One-piece molding, full-body waterproof is the standard design of LELO SONA 1 and LELO SONA 2. The gentlest frequency of the same activation can arouse very dense spray. It is not that the power will be weakened when it is launched into the water. Make sure you can have a great time in the water.


NO.3【Noise problem】

First of all, the sound of LELO SONA 1 and LELO SONA 2, in the same type of toy is considered a relatively small sound. Even if you turn on to the maximum, out of the room, you will not be able to hear the sound.

If you are living in a dormitory, for the time being, or several people sleeping together, with this need to be in the absence of people, after all, there will still be a little sound. In addition, you will also be comfortable and unconsciously shout out, if there are people, it is less able to shout out at will.

In comparison, the sound of SONA 2 will be slightly lower than that of SONA 1. But some frequencies themselves are slightly louder because of the stronger sound waves, but as long as you step out of this room, you won't be able to hear his voice. It's the same with a quilt. The kind that you can't hear even if you eavesdrop.

The operation of LELO SONA 1 and LELO SONA 2 is very simple, with only three buttons, completely blind operation will not cause any problems.

And it comes with a travel lock, so you don’t have to worry about it being actuated by the button accidentally when you take it out.


Although the buttons of LELO SONA 1 and LELO SONA 2 are the same, the operation mode of the switch is a little different:


Long press (+) to open, short press (+) to enhance the frequency

Long press (-) to turn off, short press (-) to decrease the frequency

Short press (()) to switch frequency

Travel lock: Long press (+) and (-) at the same time for 2 seconds to turn on or off the travel lock mode



Long press (+) to open, short press (+) to enhance the frequency

Short press (-) to decrease the frequency

Long press (()), close, short press (()), switch frequency

Travel lock: Long press (+) and (-) at the same time for 2 seconds to turn on or off the travel lock mode


NO.4【Highly equipped cruise control function】

Both LELO SONA 1 and LELO SONA 2’s SONA are equipped with cruise control functions. This function is automatically configured in high-end machines without additional settings.

After many people entangled whether to buy SONA 1 or SONA 2, they began to wonder whether to choose a high-end match. Is a high-end cruise control necessary?

Let's first understand what the cruise control function is. This function was originally applied to the automotive field, and it was the first time it was used in the field of sex toys. Cruise control was originally used to detect the deceleration function of the motor, and then through PWM (pulse wave modulation) to improve the motor function again, so as to ensure the speed stability.

When we use SONA and the body contact surface pressure is too high, with the cruise control function, the power output will not be reduced due to the excessive pressure, so that your entire experience is consistent.

Many people in the use of toys, when reaching a certain point of excitement, hands because of physical excitement and unconsciously vigorously clench the toy, in this process of clenching, if there is no cruise control function, the power of the toy will be too much pressure and weakened, so that the body's excitement will be slightly reduced. But if there is a cruise control function, the power continues to be strong, and you will be able to rush to the top in one fell swoop.

Remember, no matter what type of small toy is used, adding lubricating fluid can not only help lubricate, but also help you improve your pleasure.

I feel that having the cruise control function makes a difference. Especially when you are 1% short of the top to the time, human instinct will automatically a tight grip on the toy, at this time if no cruise control power will be weakened down, and then your feelings began to return to 95% and then start again.

In particular, if the other half helps you use the toy, they don’t know the weight of the hand. Sometimes the grip is too tight and the motivation is weakened, which will make your experience a little missing.

NO.5【How to choose】

When you compare sex toys that use vibration and sucking, you will find that the same is the orgasm, but it will actually feel very different. Whether it is depth or duration, it will be different.

If you are sure that you can achieve orgasm through other stimulation methods, and you prefer this feeling. Then you can choose to have a LELO SONA.

My suggestion is that both styles are good, and the most important thing is to see your financial conditions. If the economy permits, buying a LELO SONA 2 high-end configuration is of course the best experience. But LELO SONA 1 is not bad either, there are many remarkable advantages.

My LELO SONA 1 has been used for 3 years, is still powerful, the battery is still durable. LELO SONA is one of those toys that can last that long.


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