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LELO SILA In-Depth Review

LELO was established in 2003, the world's top intimate life product design brand from Sweden, known as the industry "LV". The product has design simplicity, simple operation, and therefore won many heavyweight global creative design awards.


NO.1【What's in the package and box?】

There is a layer of black gauze bag sealed outside the product, after unpacking, what is shown to us is that the minimalist pure black crocodile skin texture of the light luxury style box. The front is printed with the brand Logo and product name, the back is the English profile. The content includes : [1. SILA 2. USB charging cable 3. lubrication 4. satin storage bag 5. warranty registration card 6. instruction manual]


NO.2【Original design and soft touch】

SILA is LELO’s sonic clitoral massager. It has a unique design. The web-transmitted page head, blower, small conch, fresh and lovely macaron color matching, with a metal logo, and a slightly sunken metal reflective layer on the side part, which is convenient The grip adds a sense of mystery and at the same time shows a sense of luxury.

It is made of high-quality food-grade soft high-quality silica gel and ABS, which has a sweet, soft, and skin-friendly texture. Every close contact is at ease.


NO.3【Gentle Sonic】

SILA breaks the sucking sensation caused by air suction and uses T-Sonic sound wave pulses to allow the clitoris to feel the gentle wave top surge in the rhythm of the sound waves, and wave after wave gently penetrates. Your skin can be enjoyed without direct contact because SILA's main focus is gentle sound waves, which are not as strong as SONA. SILA is more suitable for novices or sensitive physiques to achieve your dreamy orgasm.


NO.4【Big mouth】

SILA builds your sexual experience through a softer, deeper, and generally larger mouth. The sucking mouth is like a puckered mouth. The outer contour and opening are both drop-shaped and drop-shaped rings with curved arcs. At the same time More like a sucker, gathered in the center of your sweet spot, in contact with the entire sexually sensitive area, enhancing the gentle caress. The vibration spreads to the entire clitoris with the same intensity, bringing about a slow accumulation of pleasant senses, providing seamless connection and a sense of comfort and satisfaction.


NO.5【100% waterproof】

Ipx7 is strong and waterproof, perfect for baths and showers, which also means that this toy is very easy to clean. In addition, you can enjoy some wet play while taking a bath.


NO.6【Travel lock design】

Accidentally open your sex toy while traveling? The travel lock switch avoids embarrassment caused by accidental touch.


NO.7 【Acceptable noise level】

This is not a quiet toy, and the mute effect is at a medium level among sucking toys. In a normal indoor environment, it is between 50-60 decibels. It should be considered that women at this price should be mainly women living alone, as well as product design principles. The sound is not perfect enough, and there is room for improvement.


NO.8【The product is small and light】

SILA weighs only 105 grams and has a standard tape measure-like body shape that can be controlled with one hand. It is light, compact and lightweight.


NO.9 【How to use LELO SILA? 】

Control SILA by using the three convex buttons.

●1. Apply LELO personal lubricant on the product and body to enhance the sense of pleasure.

●2. To turn on SILA, just press the "+" button to turn it on; press the same button to increase the suction (a total of 8 levels of intensity), starting from the low gear, and then increase the vibration intensity as you want.

●3. Press the "()" button to switch between the 8 suction modes to find the mode that makes you reach orgasm.

●4. To reduce the suction power, please press the "-" button

●5. To close SILA, please press and hold the "()" button

●6. To lock/unlock SILA, press and hold the "+" and "-" buttons at the same time for 3 seconds until the white LED lights up.

●7. After use, use LELO's toy cleaning spray to clean and store.


Tips: It takes 2 hours to fully charge SILA; after each charge, you can play with toys for a full 2 ​​hours. In addition, when the battery power is low, the LED on the SILA will flash white light.


NO.10【Product experience】

Relax your body and lie on the bed, play light music, and fully moisturize are the prerequisites for enjoyment. Lubricate (softly apply on clitoris, vulva, or toys), while being gentle and addicted to licking, touching your body with your hands to tease.

In addition, I particularly like the nozzle design of SILA, with a slightly inward curve, uniform pressure, tightness, and comfort. It adheres almost seamlessly to your sensitive parts and skin, because of this, it is easier to place and control.

The nerve endings wait to be awakened in deep sleep like gentle, accurate, and varied stimulation. It trembles when placed next to the ear, and the itching sensation in the ear canal reaches my heart. The hand slid all the way on the two breasts, stroking every inch of skin, and arrived at the castle. Move the suction nozzle that wraps the honey bean, its mouth gently wraps your pleasure center, repeatedly test, adjust to the best position, "push lightly, slowly twist and pick", when the gentle waves surge at the top of your beanie When you move, the tingling sensation floating in the air is permeated with a soft pleasure, slowly permeating from the deep layer to the outside, spreading to every cell, experiencing the rising tenderness, and tempting back and forth on the edge of the climax, so that you will gradually be satisfied.

This also requires more patient exploration. You will reach the top when you are unexpected. It is like a rotating ladder going straight up to the sky so that all the supporting points are gathered in one area, slowly rotating to the top, feeling the continuous floating clouds, and the wind is surging during the day. , The warm current overflows slowly, making your body tense all at once, following the rhythm to release at the peak of pleasure. At this moment, you feel the time freezing, your body trembles slightly, your toes curl up...


NO.11【Product Disadvantages】

  • 1. The buttons are a bit harder and require a little force to press;
  • 2. the ABS mirror surface is easily imprinted with hand marks.
  • 3. The noise is a bit loud;

Finally, if you want to explore the immersive joy and the fun of slowly climbing, LELO SILA will not let you down!

LELO SILA sucking massager: overall score 8.8 points

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