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LELO ENIGMA In-depth Review

NO.1 【What is LELO enigma】

LELO enigma is a dual-action sonic massager with advanced technology and dual stimulation options to bring you to two orgasms. Eight vibration modes plus sonic technology means to have a choice from gentle teasing to wildly intense. It was developed for people who are ready to delve into the pleasures yet to be discovered.

LELO is the "LV" of erotic toys! The LELO enigma's glowing, gilded shape, elegant lines, and delicate materials make you feel its "luxurious erotic beauty" as you use it. The design is not only aesthetic pleasure but also very practical, with almost no sound. The vibrating end of it is flexible and comfortable to fit the G-spot, plus the feeling of wrapping and suction full of sonic sucking lets you feel a storm of double pleasure in the quiet. It allows urban ladies who have conquered the workplace to tear off their labels and feel high-quality pleasure and complete physical and mental relaxation when they arrive home. Every time you want, you deserve the most luxurious and attentive service.


NO.2 【LELO enigma design and packaging】

There is a layer of black gauze bag sealed outside the product, after opening, the minimalist pure black crocodile skin texture of the light luxury style box into view, the main character enigma black silicone + ABS glow gilt cool laser design, fashionable and atmospheric.
Contents: 1. ENIGMA massager; 2. USB charging cable; 3. storage bag; 4. warranty registration card; 5. instruction manual; 6 lubricants


NO.3 【LELO enigma advantages and features】

1. SENSONIC technology
Sound waves can be used for clitoral stimulation without direct contact, the sound waves on the Enigma provide a "fluttering" sensation, the sound waves use air pressure to generate vibrations, resulting in a deeper, gentler sensation.
2. Intense G-spot vibrations
Enigma offers eight vibration modes, which range from gentle to intense, so you can choose an exclusive setting according to your preference.
3. Ergonomic
Enigma is made of high-quality silicone, which is safe for the body, smooth, soft to the touch, and easy to clean. Extremely flexible, ultra-vibrating inner arm, the shape ensures optimal penetration to the G-spot. The neck keel joint is designed to be folded and freely bent for a more comfortable grip, enhancing the best flexibility of the product.
4. Double excitement
Lelo Enigma's dual arousal teases both the clitoris and the v-channel. Its SenSonic technology allows for sonic clitoral stimulation without direct contact. Non-contact clitoral stimulation is combined with vibrating insertion that hits the G-spot. In addition, each sound wave is absorbed by the silicone and pulsates back to the toy for more stimulation during penetration.
5. IPX7 rated waterproof for water play in the bathtub.


NO.4 【LELO enigma disadvantages】

1. The handgrip part can feel the obvious vibration conduction.
2. Sucking and vibration end is hard, may not be suitable for women who like soft toys.
3. The price is high; the market positioning is relatively single for the crowd:
The toy material texture, design rationality, quality has high requirements of sophisticated women.
Independent women who have a good experience, know how to enter the body, and want to feel double stimulation.
Like in the bathtub self-pleasure, release the pressure of the strong women.


NO.5 【How to use LELO enigma 】

Enigma head has a three-button interface.
1. To open the toy, just press the "+" button.
2. To increase/decrease the intensity of the stimulus, press and hold or click the "+" and "-" buttons.
3. Press the "()" button to switch between the 8 vibration modes.
4. To turn off the toy, please press and hold the "()" button.
5. To lock/unlock the toy, press and hold the "+" and "-" buttons at the same time for 3 seconds until the light comes on.
Tips: It is not possible to control clitoral sound waves and G-spot vibrations separately. They will turn on/off at the same time.


NO.6【Experience and feel LELO enigma】

Fully moistening the honey pits is the beginning of comfortable enjoyment, the concave design on both sides of the tail minimizes friction when pushing, which may be a little tight for newbies. The frictional circles stimulate the clitoris while absorbing the sound waves and transmitting them back to the clitoris, resonating deep within your body as the suction gets stronger and higher. Pulsing gently and vibrating in all the right places, the tingling sensation spreads throughout your body, floating up to the clouds, resulting in an all-encompassing orgasm that keeps coming back to you again and again.

If you are looking for a suction + vibration toy in an acceptable price range, I think the Enigma is the best choice on the market today. If you're someone who can't achieve an apricot orgasm without clitoral stimulation, this toy is perfect.


NO.7【LELO enigma Sucking Massager: Overall rating 8.7】

Swedish ergonomic design, luxury appearance, exquisite feel, sonic sucking, and high-frequency vibration dual stimulation, but the price is positioned higher. LELO enigma there is a noise problem, which is the need to improve later (probably related to the product positioning of the applicable population, they do not need to worry about the sound).

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