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In 2021, LELO is back with a new product! This time, we are honored to receive the first trial before the market, many people are curious about this appearance is a little "special", the function of little familiar sex toys, in the end, is worth buying?

Already have SONA, there is no need to buy SILA? Today with SILA and SONA to do a comprehensive review. To make sure you can choose their MR Right!


NO.1New product unboxing

When you get the package, it is clear that the weight of LELO SILA seems to be significantly lighter than the two generations of SONA products.

The weight stated in the official manual is 105g, while the weight stated in SONA and SONA 2 is 116g and 135g, respectively. Compared with SONA, the weight is significantly reduced by more than 20%, and it is easier to hold.

The package is still very LELO style, simple atmosphere durable. There is no cool ornate decoration in the packaging, the black surface of the cardboard box with some texture patterns feels upscale. Still shy of words like gold, the box is only marked LELO brand and the name of the product, at a glance.

Open the box, the old four-piece suit is gone. A pile of instructions and labels; equipped with a standard charging cable, a bag of water-soluble lubricant developed by LELO's own brand, and a storage bag with elastic flannel texture (feeling better than SONA's imitation silk storage bag); of course, The protagonist is indispensable-SILA ontology.


NO.2What are the surprise upgrades for SILA?

The sucking head is wider, larger, and more ergonomically designed. Using a ruler to measure manually, the width of the suction mouth of SILA is 2cm, while the width of the first and second generations of SONA is 1cm, but the width of the silicone around the second-generation nozzle is significantly wider than that of the first-generation SONA.

What are the incomparable advantages of oversized sucking heads?

Although more and more people understand the clitoris, many people may not understand a cold knowledge about the clitoris. In fact, there is no standard shape for the appearance of the clitoris. Everyone has the size, shape, color, and depth of the clitoris. The difference is different, so a larger and wider sucking mouth can better match the clitoris of more girls, and it is also convenient for more precise and larger area stimulation.

The SILA sucking mouth is a breakthrough that does not use the conventional "round" but uses a more ergonomic wide-sided and irregular sucking mouth design, which can be more accurately fitted to the clitoris of different shapes and sizes for women, and the degree of wrapping will also be due to the widened silicone edge is significantly improved.

Compared with other brands, the sucking head is more comfortable, and there is the womanizer. Two of them can replace the sucking head. To a certain extent, it can also help to better fit the clitoris of different shapes, but the price of their home is also relative. A little more expensive.


NO.3Please find the right clitoris

The clitoris can be divided into internal and external parts. It is composed of the clitoral glans, the clitoral body (consisting of two erectile tissues called the clitoris corpus cavernosum), two clitoral feet, the clitoral foreskin (part of the labia minora), and the vestibular ball. A clitoral frenulum is attached to the underside of the clitoral head, which is an extension of both sides of the labia minora.

The head of the clitoris is often referred to as the C-spot, which is a "small button" when you look at the structure, but it is "an anatomical structure that is large in scope and mostly located inside the body, with only the top part emerging from the top of the vulva. In addition to the small bit of the clitoral head visible on the outside, along the inner wall, it is also like an iceberg hiding about 7.6 to 12.7 cm of structural parts.

The clitoral head is covered with more than 8,000 nerve endings, twice as many as the glans penis, and these nerve endings lead to more than 15,000 nerve endings throughout the pelvic area, so when properly stimulated, the clitoral orgasm can feel more exciting than electric shock, and some even describe it as a nuclear bomb explosion level of stimulation.

The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman sex, and from an anatomical point of view it is the most important source of sexual pleasure for girls. The clitoris is not only a clitoral orgasm, but when the clitoris is excited enough to reach orgasm, it is easier to get a G-spot orgasm when you continue to stimulate the G-spot. There is a school of thought on G-spot research that believes that the G-spot orgasm is actually caused by partial stimulation of the inner clitoris, and these professors believe that the vaginal wall expansion is actually the clitoris. Although not yet officially recognized by the academic community, this theory has been supported by many scholars.

Many foreign types of research on women orgasms indicate that more than 75% of women need to stimulate the clitoris to get an orgasm, and many women actually can't feel the G-spot orgasm. (After all, there is no way to determine whether this point is at present. The controversy is very big. It is normal to have no G-spot orgasm.)


NO.4 Charming appearance, handheld more convenient

Although LELO SILA is a small body, this update of the product appearance design, deeper my heart. Round design, the middle metal part is not flat, in fact, is slightly concave, the handheld is more convenient. Whether you use it yourself, or the other half of the operation, you will not feel arguing hands. After all, many boys have also complained about SONA handheld operation when the hand does not know how to put more comfortably.

Lighter and more portable, battery life continues to upgrade

As mentioned earlier, SILA is the lightest of the three, and the official label is 105 grams. During the test, I found a weigher to measure it, and I was shocked! The weight of SILA is 104.8g, which is basically the same as the official data.

In other words, the weight of SILA is significantly lighter, which is felt when you get started. But the endurance has not been reduced due to the reduction in weight. A higher-performance lithium battery is used. In the case of 20% less weight than SONA 2, the continuous use time "2 hours" is the same as that of SONA 2, while the battery life of SONA 1 is slightly inferior, and the continuous use time is 1 hour.

The lighter weight and more refined appearance mean that it will also be more portable, and it will not feel cumbersome to take it with him when going out.


NO.5【Sucking Power】

The brand claims that this LELO SILA is specially designed for women, innovative and soft sound wave sucking so that you will not be too irritated in the process of breaking out. Moderate stimulation can make your cake boom last longer, and it can also help you achieve a second orgasm in a short period of time.

As mentioned in the previous evaluation of SONA:
If the power frequency range of SONA 1 is 10-70,
Then, the power frequency range of SONA 2 is 5-85,
The power frequency range of SILA is really in the range of 5-65.

Although there are only 8 sucking frequencies, it seems to be less than SONA 2. However, the more increased frequencies, it will be more suitable for most people. After all, it is too strong to stimulate, and many people can’t get it after a few years. The challenge is successful. ((Although really want to feel or other tips) The frequency of LELO SILA will be more practical and applicable.

The sucking frequency of SONA is not the same as that of SILA. And do not need to worry about buying SONA and then buying SILA will not duplicate the function?

In fact, the clitoris is not so mechanical, she is far more intelligent than you think. For different stimulation modes, simulation tools, and even different stimulation frequencies, the body will have different responses, the intensity and duration of orgasm will be different. Sometimes you will feel more comfortable with a lower frequency, and perhaps sometimes you will want to try a one-button burst of sensation.

With the replacement of a deeper and larger suction port, the range of sonic stimulation was significantly increased. Using the softer frequencies of the two models, you can see that the depth and breadth of the sound wave stimulation of SILA will be better than that of SONA.

Both LELO SONA and the newly launched LELO SILA, are used of T-Sonic technology, T-Sonic sonic pulsation technology is through the promotion of skin blood circulation transdermal sonic pulsation, can bring gentle and rapid stimulation of sensitive parts of the body.

SONA is mainly due to the sucking mouth, which causes the power transmission range to be slightly smaller than that of SILA.

The design of the sucking mouth, for a sucking toy, is really the soul of existence.



The official voice is less than or equal to 60 decibels. Without a decibel meter at home, it is impossible to intuitively test it out for everyone. but! It can be compared with SONA 1 and SONA 2.

Like SONA, if you live in a dormitory and sleep with a few people, for the time being, you need to use this when there is no one, after all, there will still be some noise. In addition, you will also yell out unconsciously because you are comfortable, so you can't yell out casually when someone is comfortable, and it will be uncomfortable to suppress the yelling.

The sound of SONA 2 is almost the same, that is, it is slightly lower than that of SONA 1, but there is no improvement compared to SONA 2. It would be better if it could be quieter.

NO.7【Operation problem】

In the standard configuration of the brand, there are only three buttons so the operation is not difficult, it can be said that there is no problem with the blind operation, as long as you have read the manual.
The operation method is the same as SONA 2:
Long press (+) to open, short press (+) to enhance the frequency
Short press (-) to decrease the frequency
Long press (()), close, short press (()), switch frequency
Travel lock: Long press (+) and (-) at the same time for 2 seconds to turn on or off the travel lock mode

NO.8 【SILA without cruise control function, does it have an impact on the power? 】

Both LELO SONA 1 and LELO SONA 2 are equipped with cruise control functions. This function is automatically configured in high-end machines without additional settings.

Cruise control was originally applied to the automobile field, and it was the first time it was used in the field of sex toys. Cruise control was originally used to detect the deceleration function of the motor, and then through PWM (pulse wave modulation) to improve the motor function again, so as to ensure the speed stability. When we use SONA and the body contact surface pressure is too high, with the cruise control function, the power output will not be reduced due to the excessive pressure, so that your entire experience is consistent.

Because SONA's sucking head contact area is relatively small, the scope of stimulation is relatively concentrated, when the women reaches a certain point of excitement, the hand because of physical excitement and unconsciously vigorously clench the toy, in this process of clenching, if there is no cruise control function, the power of the toy will be weakened because of excessive pressure, so that the body's excitement will be lowered because of the power stimulation did not Continuously slightly reduced, so SONA's high through the function of cruise control to solve this problem.

LELO SILA solves this problem by reforming the area of the sucking head and the width of the silicone edge. Even if you involuntarily hold the toy tightly, the power can still be output steadily. Even when man help woman, you don’t need to be afraid that they don’t know the severity of their actions, which will lead to a lack of experience for women.


NO.9【SILA Technical Summary】

Advantages: lightweight, small size and more portable; strong endurance; widened, enlarged, and deepened irregular sucking mouth can meet more clitoral types and more adaptable; 8-frequency sucking (the same frequency can be adjusted for strength); new design, more convenient to hold.

Disadvantages: The sound is not enough for the similar competing womanizer (learn about womanizer premium eco) ,although the womanizer is more expensive, the suction of the womanizer is really quiet, and the intelligent mute technology is good. Hope that LELO will develop new mute technology as soon as possible.


NO.10 [How to choose LELO SILA and LELO SONA? 】

New products finally do not need to be divided into standard configuration and high configuration, and you do not need to be too painful if you have difficulty in choosing.
1. The pursuit of new experiences
Buying sex toys is the same as buying electronic products, buying new ones instead of old ones. May wish to consider buying a brand-new LELO SILA to experience the updated black technology.
2. The pursuit of value for money
It is necessary to recommend the SONA 1 standard configuration, which is relatively cheap and has 8 sucking frequencies, while other toys of the same type generally have 3 sucking frequencies with the vibration function.


LELO brand profile:

LELO was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2003. It was co-founded by Philips (Filip Sedic), designers Eric Kalen and Carl (Carl Magnusson), and launched its first product LILY in the same year.

To this day, LELO is still constantly improving, committed to breaking worldly prejudices, and launching adult toys with a sense of design that is as elegant and sexy as a work of art. Today, LELO has sold more than 17 million sex toys, users in 58 countries and regions around the world, has won more than 150 international awards, and has been widely recognized by the world. The story of LELO continues...


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