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If you've had explosive orgasms doing the deed on yourself, think about what a Bluetooth-connected toy designed solely for creamy fun will do for you. I for one have a soft spot for anything that can be connected to Bluetooth and the Lovense Max 2 has done quite a number on me. I've used a lot of brilliant sex toys in the past, so I'm being candid when I say Lovense in general, is one brand that understands the assignment and delivers accordingly. I was recently comparing notes with a friend of mine who knows his onions when it comes to sex toys and while he prefers more genderless brands like TENGA for his nut, I think the Lovense Max 2 with its vulva-like orifice is just fine.

That being said, I noticed Lovense appears to have realized the impact this would have on an isolated, potential customer base. Hence, the plain orifice that accompanies the Lovense Max 2. If you still prefer a vulva orifice, you can purchase this separately, but this is the game-changer for the Lovense Max 2. And I can’t tell you how excited I am to be doing this review. I didn't think it was possible with everything I had going on but voila! Here we are.

My first impression when I got the Lovense Max 2 delivered was that the box was quite big, bigger than I expected in fact. This, however, did not deny the fact that the package itself was neat and precise in terms of content. The Max 2 box contains some mini user guides and a magnetic USB charging cable. It comes with an elegant case made out of white ABS plastic and a detachable sleeve made from clean TPE. The ridges along with the case Lovense Max 2 are effortless to hold despite the size.

I’ve used a lot of Lovense devices and I must confess, I haven’t seen as many features as I have with the Max 2. This sex toy has everything. From 360-degree contractions to app-controlled remote to vibrations that will make you zing. For this article, forgive me if I focus more on the regular control and use of the Max 2. I haven’t had the chance to explore the connectivity of this sex toy, but we can always fix that with that update in the article when I do.
Lovense’s Max 2 will charge for 100 minutes and last a whopping 3 hours and a half after charging. I must warn you that the amount of time your Max 2 will last depends on the settings you choose, but the battery life remains pretty impressive. Since purchase, I’ve only had to charge it twice and both times, I enjoyed multiple juicy sessions.

Using the Lovense Max 2

I’ve had a swell time trying out the Max 2 masturbator. And when I say swell time, I mean, in it, in all sense of the word because I happen to have sampled a lot of smart masturbators, and half the time, I ended up being disappointed. Some of the toys I used are the SenseMax SenseTube and Kiiroo Onyx and they just didn’t hit it for me. At some point, I swore off so-called ‘smart’ sex toys (masturbators in particular) but I can tell you the day I tried the Lovense Max 2, I automatically became more open to products like this and now, I’m going to give you a play by play of every aspect of the Max 2 and what you should expect when you get one.


When I used the SenseMax, my major dissatisfaction lay with the fact that though it gave off some strong distractions, there was no transmission through the internal sleeve. With the Lovense Max 2, the reverse is the case. While the vibrations are not as strong as a toy like the SenseMax, the positioning is such that vibrations can still be very much felt and enjoyed all through the sleeve. Thanks to the fact that they are pretty rumbly, they easily reverberate through the thick sleeve.

The Lovense Max 2 offers you 4 extra patterns and 3 endless speeds. These patterns are great and all, but my favorite remains the endless vibration set to the highest notch. There’s just this feeling of the vibrations boosting the texture of the sleeve when stroking in and out that is unrivaled.

Textured Sleeve

When you finally get to try out your Lovense Max 2, remember that you need to try out all the features and facets to get a maximum feel of all the capabilities of this masturbator. When you finally get to use it, the textured sleeve is going to feel like a Fleshjack. By this, I mean squishy and soft with an interesting assortment of nodules and bumps inside to stroke your shaft. The big picture here is that using the standard features of the Max 2 is going to feel exactly that way: standard. But the quality of this masturbator is so high that it beats the average manual masturbator out there. And don’t get me started on the smart features.

Expand and Contract

I know I’ve been going on and on about the vibrations of the masturbator but do you know about the airbag technology? Mind-blowing stuff guys! This feature is designed to expand and contract, forming tightness that stimulates vaginal contractions. I’ve had someone compare it to anal contractions but that’s by the way. The amazing thing is that you can also set the contractions however you want it. There are the High, Medium, and Low settings to choose from. With every cycle through the contractions, this innovative airbag will get tighter and tighter. You also get to work the valve at the base to reduce the intensity of your airbag in action.

After using Max 2 for a while, I notice the contractions have a sweet, realistic vibe to them that I’ve never experienced with other masturbators. I also wasn’t distracted all that much even though the pump is a bit loud. I won’t recommend this masturbator if you prefer to have private, quiet sessions.

Think of the resultant effect when you combine all of these brilliant features? What you get is multiple sessions of hot ecstasy that get even better as you experiment. I didn’t have to do so much stroking while using the contraction and vibration features. Plus, I could jam myself all the way, hold it firmly and just let the contractions and vibrations do all the beautiful work. My climax didn’t take too much time. I’ll still mention how jarring the volume might be for someone who wants to be discrete but if you don’t mind the sound, you are good to go.

Remote Control

Lovense’s Max 2 masturbator has excellent connectivity common with most Lovense products. I didn’t have any problem linking my Max 2 to my iPhone and I could use the Max 2 without creating an account after downloading. However, when you set up the connection, you get to enjoy standard slider controls the Max 2 offers in between functions for a personalized experience.

With Max 2 app, you can set the vibrations using music and while I feel this would work best with a standard vibrator, I still think it’s a pretty great feature. Especially since patterns can be customized to suit individual preferences.

Cleaning & Maintaining the Max 2

To clean this masturbator, you can separate the removable sleeve from the case and rinse with warm water. Be sure to get all the facets of the sleeve to do a thorough job. The open-ended sleeve that comes with the Max 2 means rinsing the inner parts of the case is necessary. You must also close the air valve to run water through the internal casing. After your Max 2 is properly rinsed and dried, I’ll advise that you powder it a bit to maintain that silky texture and then store it. In the meantime, be prepared to have this masturbator’s airbag go out of shape after a while even though this would not affect its functionality.

There you have it, guys! All the features of the legendary Lovense Max 2, are compiled and explained in detail so you have a clear picture of what you are getting when you hit the stores. I can’t help reiterating the fact this one masturbator has made up for all the teledildonic disappointments I’ve gotten in the past with inferior masturbators. I’m so thrilled I tried out the Max 2 when I did and if you’ve been dissatisfied with other masturbators in the past too, I’m confident this will be the reel for you to get back in the game of smart orgasms. So far, I’ve only had stomach-flipping sessions and I say it’s worth the money. The sleek design makes vibrations and contractions.

 For now, the Lovense Max 2 is available only in Lovense stores with worldwide shipping. I’m so glad I got to review this incredible smart masturbator and I can’t wait to get feedback from you in this regard. Before we wrap this up, we’ll just have a concise summary of all the features, pros, and cons of the Lovense Max 2 to give you that extra detail you need to make your final choice.

Lovense Max 2 features

On a scale of one to ten, I’ll give the Max 2 a 9.5, and here’s why:

  • Waterproof
  • Vibrations
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Contractions
  • Standard texture
  • Continuous replayability
  • High orgasm guarantee



  • Connectivity via app
  • Vibrations and contractions
  • Easy use


  • Noise during use (fairly manageable)


While it’s normal to feel skeptical about sex toys that promise a whole lot, especially if you’ve been burned like me. The Lovense Max 2 is a masturbator that delivers on every single promise as precisely as they’ve started it. I’m first in line for any genius product this brand is going to come up with in the future.


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