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Take The Spaceship To Fight, [The Dipper] Book The Best Of The Year In Advance

As a veteran of the sex toy industry for many years, the masturbation cup evaluator, who is still a little famous in the industry, has an obsession with the masturbation cup Top1 in his mind.

Of course, in many years of evaluation, there have been many masturbation cups that make me excited and can't help calling, but they have never reached their own Top1standard, and there will always be some unsatisfactory aspects, until "the Dipper masturbation cup" ushered.
masturbation cup
Let's start with the conclusion: The Dipper is the most perfect masturbation cup I have reviewed for many years. I am not stingy to give it the best praise, because it is the fighter in the masturbation cup, and it deserves it.

As soon as I got the Dipper Masturbation Cup, I couldn't wait to give it my best award of the year, or at least reserve a seat for it. Next, I will interpret it from many dimensions, such as appearance, sense of technology, functional experience and verisimilitude, to see what kind of magic the annual masturbation cup has.

For many friends, the appearance is not important, the important thing is the sense of experience, cool enough.However, the appearance as an ornament is definitely the icing on the cake.

The exterior design of Dipper is based on the model of the spaceship. The lines are very strong and rough, and the sense of strength is full. With one hand, the clear streamline goes straight into the sky. A sense of conquering the universe arises spontaneously, and the fighting power of blood boiling is instantly full. Seeing it, you can't help but go deep into the cabin of the spaceship to explore the mystery of the stars!

From its name, Dipper, it has given us an explanation of missile positioning, searching for the brightest star in the universe, and exploring the great physical and spiritual experience of our men. I think this guy in R & D must have seen Star Wars and understand our men's G-spot, right?

Take the spaceship to fight, fight? Fight!

In addition, this kind of appearance has its own hidden genes, no doubt a proper pretender, even if it is placed in the living room, it will not be seen through, there is no need to worry about the secret being spied on, you can put it at home, put it in the bathroom, travel with it, let your five-fingered girl rest enough.
masturbation cup

A sense of technology
Nowadays, many masturbation cups have the main sense of intelligent technology, but they are often conceptualized and can not be implemented in the experience.

The Dipper has a solid sense of technology. The whole operation page is touch-screen control, which really breaks the technological barriers and opens the touch-screen era of masturbation cups. The operation is smooth and has an irreplaceable control experience.

This kind of touch screen is actually more in line with our usage habits, just like when we use mobile phones, we can open the door to a new world with a touch of our finger and get the most silky feeling.

Moreover, the touch screen switches are independently controlled, can experience a function alone, can also be mixed use, play a lot of novel patterns, long play is not tired, many battles will not feel tasteless, fresh feeling burst table.

Functional experience
The Dipper has many functions in the masturbation cup, so there are many combinations to play. In addition to the classic expansion and contraction, there are sucking, vibration, heating, noise reduction, pronunciation and so on. Let's share them one by one.
masturbation cup
Telescoping is the most classic mode for every man to get pleasure. The telescopic function of the Dipper has been upgraded on the basis of tradition. It is very powerful. There are five frequencies that can be switched. We can adjust the speed adaptively, find the frequency suitable for our pleasure, and slowly experience the feeling of gradual and simple.

If you are looking for more excitement, you can try to challenge the fastest speed. First of all, the pleasure of fast sprinting and ups and downs is not something that ordinary people can bear.

Strong as battle-hardened, some friends are also a big scene player, but also can not escape the law of a minute, but that kind of pleasure is self-evident, every second into the heart and soul, fierce as a tiger, to refuse to meet.

The sucking function is very surprising to me, and the details are full. That kind of tight feeling is inhaled at the entrance, "biting" The penis does not relax, the suffocating feeling of vacuum makes people collapse, a second dream back to the first night, and that she tinkered with the whole night, the throbbing and flustered exploration made me change back to the teenager who discovered the new continent in those days.

And the channel is very simulated, deeply simulating the physiological reaction of women in the state of passion, soft, wet, hot, a variety of stimuli intertwined, really just want to let the little brother indulge in the deep sea.
masturbation cup
The structure of the honey path is even more unique, with layers of folds, winding and lifelike. The pleasure generated by the friction of large particles goes straight into the forehead, the soul trembles, and the sense of explosion is like a waterfall flying straight down, and the next second will be a thousand miles.

What I can't forget is that its channel is longer than the general masturbation cup, giving more warm wrapping and care to The penis. At the same time, the deep throat sucking feeling is very strong. Deep throat and sucking can't escape the carnal vortex it constructs, so let the The penis sink!

It is very responsible to say here that no matter what the masturbation cup is, it can not surpass the experience of a real person and can only be infinitely close to it, and the Dipper is the masturbation cup closest to the experience of a real person.

However, the Dipper also adds a vibration element to the experience of a real person, which is incomparable to that of a real person. It sets up jumping eggs inside, and the 10-frequency vibration brings out the numbness and trembling sensation that erodes the soul. Immersive experience can't be stopped. If you want to experience the excitement and pleasure that a real person can't bring, you might as well experience this function more.

Also, because the jumping egg inside is wrapped in soft glue, it also reduces the noise invisibly, so that we can only focus on the pleasure itself, without worrying about the wall having ears, which is really great!

Of course, a good masturbation cup must restore the body's heat.

The Dipper uses encircling heating, which truly restores the temperature of the female vagina. I have not measured it, but according to my actual combat experience, the temperature is just right. It is an internal feeling, and it will keep this temperature all the way. It will not make you feel cold in the middle. It has been burning with passion and cool all the time.

It feels better to wear headphones. Because of the voice of the actress on the scene, it was like a dream, and she was ecstatic.

Are friends like me, when watching small movies, if there is no sound, they always feel that there is a lack of soul? Wearing headphones to experience the turbulent voice of the actress, the sense of picture is particularly strong, as the sound stimulation slowly falls into the secret garden of women.

At present, the Dipper has launched a total of two masturbation cups, the telescopic model and the sucking model.

I suggest you get both together, because it's so amazing that the annual cup of passion must have a name.If you are a veteran, you must not miss it. It's time to test a man's virility. It depends on how long you can hold on?If you are a beginner in love, you can't miss it, because the secrets of sexual happiness are hidden here, you can boldly rehearse, not only to solve your physical needs, but also to find a man's happy switch.
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