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The Complete and Honest Tenga Flip Zero EV Review

This review is seriously going to be short because the time spent inside this crazy device is mind-blowing. So, one thing you should know is that this toy is a successor of Flip Zero and the distinguishing feature is the vibration. The truth is, I’ve personally never used a flip zero, but I’ve got friends that have used the original Flip Zero and this newly-improved version. From experience, the new flip zero has some significant improvements over the older version, including texture, impressive packaging (I’m thrilled by the design and the perks that come with it.), and overall power.

Although these improvements didn’t come with a 100% hands-free operation, the sensation and vibration it delivers alone have made up for its shortcomings. With these two improvements, I’m sure its users will get more climax like never before. So, let’s look at this masturbator bit by bit to learn everything about the device. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Packaging and Design

As I have previously said, the packaging is flawless and looks like the ones used for sophisticated tech devices. The packaging game has seriously improved beyond words can describe, unlike the original Flip Zero. I may sound biased, but TENGA is good at delivering excellent and well-packaged devices, and Flip Zero EV isn’t an exception. When unboxing this device, it feels like you’re unboxing an iPhone device. Who knows? Maybe the packaging manager may have worked with Apple at some point. Okay, back to serious matters. The sturdy EV box holds the masturbator, an instruction manual underneath the lid, a charging cable, and two samples of Tenga hole lotion (I thought they were condoms).

Personally, the EV doesn’t look like a masturbator, it seems more like a mobile phone, and I feel it’s more discreet than the original Fleshlight. When you get the hang of the instructional manual, you’d realize that this toy is a beast in the world of masturbators. I was impressed that TENGA engineers could improve even the most minor details on this EV device.

The base of the EV device serves as the stand where you can quickly charge it. You can easily just put it around your bedside and use the USB cable to charge it while keeping the device clean. Once charged, the case has a very comfy storage solution for your device, thus making your device dust-free even and after use. If you had previously used Flip Zero, you’d know that the device has a detachable arm that houses the battery. The detachable arm used to open the toy in this EV device now includes the battery; mind-blowing, right? I believe you agree so.

Do you know what amazes me about the Flip Zero EV arm? Your guess is as good as mine. It’s its multi-functionality that thrills me the most. The arm can be used to ensure the toy’s dryness and serve as the battery’s powerhouse. Such brilliance! As I write, I’m smiling on my reclining leather chair. Another good feature is that the EV is waterproof, except for the charging base.

Now, let’s look at the insides of the device properly. First, to open the masturbator, you need to detach the arm, press the knob and pull the device apart. The texture is terrific, but feedback from other users says that this device is simpler than the original Flip Zero due to the replacement of the internal motors. In this new design, the motors are placed side-by-side of the device, so vibrations are evenly distributed. The material used in this device is TPE; although it’s soft and feels great, it’s pretty different from Fleshlight. Some users prefer the EV’s softness to the Fleshlight.

The Flip Zero EV has several vibrations, including Alternating, Random, Pulse, Low and High. The Low and High vibrations are just the base vibrations this device offers. They only differ in intensity. For the pulse vibration, I believe you know what that means. The speed increases and decreases between two motors randomly for the alternating vibration. For the random vibration, there’s an interchange of vibration modes randomly. The Flip Zero EV takes about 90 minutes to charge fully. Once charged, you can use this device for about 40 minutes of nonstop pleasure, which is a fair deal compared to the Fleshlight.

Prepping your Toy for Action

Prepping this toy is relatively easy but still poses slight difficulties compared to Fleshlight. For proper action, you must thoroughly detach the arm and lubricate the insides. Tenga recommends using just one of the hole lotions for the inner sleeves of the device. If you’re used to warming up your toys before use, you shouldn’t try it with Tenga, as it’s prohibited to do so on the sleeves. However, many people recommend using warm water. In my opinion, I’d say whatever works best for your climax.

So, here’s what I did when I got my toy. I applied the hole lotion to my toy and started experimenting with it. First, I must say that the insides are soft and comfy. It fits me perfectly, and I love it. In my opinion, I prefer the sleeves of this new toy to that of the Fleshlight. For some others, the reverse may be the case.
You may think the motors will not provide enough good area for you. The truth is that TENGA engineers used their doggedness to ensure there’s more for you, even with the motors placed side-by-side. From the start, I started experimenting with the different vibrations. I cycled around the five vibrations. They all felt great, but I preferred the pulse and random vibrations to the other three vibration levels. The feeling was surreal and consistent, and I almost got to cloud 9. I had to stop and switch to manual modes. With just two strokes, I created a big mess. You know what that means, right? I lost the battle, guys!

When you start using this toy, and the vibration is on, you won’t be able to feel the sleeve, so the next time I used this toy after messing up myself like I previously said, the sleeve felt very soft and unique. The suction power of this toy is second to none. It feels like a suction pump is trying to suck all the juice from your dick. This toy is a game changer, and I must confess that just a few devices come close to the Flip Zero EV. You can readily regulate the suction power by using the pads provided. Personally, it works best when you just squeeze them to the max level. The funny thing about this toy is that it has a funny noise similar to someone gaggling. It may be disturbing for some (I wouldn’t say I liked this one, though) but for others, that’s a tremendous arousing force right there.

The only downside I found about this toy is the constant inability to exit and enter the toy at will constantly. You can easily do this with the Fleshlight, though. It doesn’t work significantly with the EV because the entering point is very soft. For me, I care less about this downside. I let the toy do its job, and that’s it. So, I decided to test the toy one more time on manual mode for a few minutes before adding some vibrations. Guess what? I nutted immediately. Haha, so that’s Tenga 2- 0 for me. Since there’s no one to witness my defeat, I guess no one cares. So, I’ll just keep having fun and nutting in peace.

Clean Up and Care

Cleaning your toy is the easiest thing to do. All you have to do is to open up the toy and rinse it with slightly warm water. Some users use mild detergent to clean theirs, but I must say you have to be careful with that. As the toy has many rough paths, I’d recommend using your fingers to clean up these areas to ensure the toy is thoroughly cleaned up.

Drying the toy is also easy. You can easily dry and charge your toy without any problems. You can open the toy, place it on its base and place the slide arm on it. If you don’t want to charge the toy while drying it, you can place the arm horizontally and just let the toy sit on it.

Final Notes

Personally, the Flip Zero EV is a perfect 10. You won’t go wrong with this one, I can assure you. It feels great, the packaging is excellent, the suction is out of this world, and the vibration is beyond what words can tell. Is the vibration worth the price? I’d say yes. It’s a game-changer for the toy. I must suggest that you get this toy ASAP.

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