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After a long, agonizing wait, the dearth is finally over and the masturbation world can finally enjoy the most sizzling innovation when it comes to hot, solo pleasure. Tenga Flip Zero came as a blissful relief to my masturbation drought because I went through the agony of using inferior toys and the experience nearly had me washing my hands off sex toys. My first TENGA product was the Flip-Hole in 2012 and the product won me over big time back then. I thought there was never going to be another product like the Flip-Hole and then boom! The Tenga Flip Zero came in 2016 and brought a whole new meaning to self-pleasure.

From its suction control to design and texture, this product certainly brought its A-game to the market. Everything about the Flip Zero blew my mind even though I couldn’t imagine how anything else could beat the Flip-Holes. It was too good to be true. Fast forward to this year with the sensational TENGA Flip Zero EV (Electronic Vibration) that vibrates. The entire concept is so simple I wonder why no one thought of it before and the results are to die for!

I must admit the few weeks I spent waiting for my TENGA to arrive was the longest of my life and I couldn’t contain my excitement. I did a jig when the package finally came and I finally got to try it out. One of the first things I noted about the packaging was that there was a vast improvement from the original model. TENGA Flip Zero EV comes in a solid durable box, unlike the first Zero model. Though my friends will never agree, I like to think of TENGA as the ‘Apple’ of all sex toy products. I love how it feels like I’m about to unbox an iPhone or something of that sort. There’s a user guide when you open the box and when you remove it_ voila! There’s your Flip Zero EV sitting regally in a bell jar-like plastic case that you can

 use the base as a charging stand for your EV and just keep it by your bedside as it charges (there’s a USB cable for you to do this with). The durable plastic case is the perfect answer to the question of where to store your sex toy. The lid will stay on securely and keep out dust and dirt as you use it.

The Flip Zero EV is charged with magnets and has small contact points at the bottom. Interestingly, the battery is a detachable slide arm that holds the device together. A magnetic strip also lines the outside of the arm, letting you charge the device while drying after cleaning. It’s one of the best designs I’ve seen so far.

Compared to the original Zero model, the texture of the EV when you feel inside is quite different and the upgrade from one motor to two is pretty remarkable for me. This sex toy has its main vibration core near the device’s opening and an intense vibration core near the tip. When the EV is closed, the texture which comprises flaps covers the shaft and surrounds it with vibrations. You can rest assured that the Flip Zero EV is water-resistant and will let you play for 40 creamy minutes when you charge it to full capacity.

Using the TENGA Flip Zero EV

When I had charged it to full capacity, I went right ahead to use the EV and I didn’t wait for my partner because the mystery was killing me. I also wanted to be certain there were no kinks in it when I finally whipped it out in a session. The Flip Zero EV comes with 2 packs of HOLE lotion which I think is thoughtful of the manufacturers even though I didn’t use it. Some of you reading will prefer to use water-based Sliquid (check What Is The Difference Between Water-Based, Silicone-Based, And Oil-Based Lubricants?) that doesn’t dry out easily.

How to get started? Detach the slide arms, open up your toy and slather it with the HOLE lube or any lube of your choosing. You are good to go after this. Guess what I also tried? Using the EV without the vibrations! I wanted to know if there was a difference between the new texture and the old one. So, I got lubed up again and gave it a go.

The canal of the EV is as soft and squishy as a marshmallow and so I had a damn good time again as expected. There was no difference between this model and the original EV and I know this was as a result of the super-soft elastomer inside both products, making it hard to tell the textures apart. I still loved my experience though., especially the delicious, slurpy effect created by squeezing the insides to use the suction. It pretty much feels like a hot, deep-throated blow job and though I found the noise distracting and funny to hear, it got my toes curling.

That being said, I think anyone would cum with or without the vibrations. When you don’t use the vibrations, the EV’s texture feels like your shaft is being caressed but having the vibrations on is just as good. Locating where to turn on the vibrating cores is easy. The buttons are placed at the opposite end of the Flip Zero EV and it’s a big white button you couldn’t possibly miss. To switch it into the low mode, press and hold the button for a few seconds and you’re on. By subsequently pressing it, you can move from Low mode to High mode, Pulse mode, Alternating mode, and finally, Random mode. That first time without the vibrations was my undoing guys. The period between when I switched on the vibrations and when I came passed as a red, hot blur. My orgasm was explosive and I legit cried out.

For the first few seconds, I just stayed right where I was in a daze. Somewhere in my foggy brain, I decided I was going to go back for more but this time, with the vibrations to feel it out. Once more, I put on some lube and slid the EV in. It was powerful ecstasy once more and while the vibrations weren’t all that strong, they seemed to do the job, working through every part of the texture. All through the length of my shaft, I could feel every ridge and nub. The sensations are X10 when you squeeze the sides to create the vacuum.

My second try at reaching a climax didn’t take so long and this time around, my brain wasn’t shattered so I could fully appreciate the sensation. When I tried it out on my partner, he loved it and this was a big deal for me because I’m well aware of how much he loves the original Zero and some vibrating action on his dick. I simply had him lie down blindfolded and went on to work like the minx I was. With a good squeeze, I activated the suction and released it as I pulled up. His toes were curling and twitching the whole time and I thought his fingers were going to rip the sheets! Yay!

When we went on holiday, you bet the EV came with us and we used it. A lot. I enjoyed milking the daylights out of him and right now, I can’t tell who is more obsessed with it. Me, or him. TENGA’s Flip Zero EV has me enthusiastic about masturbating again and all I can say is, the company rolled their sleeves on this one.

Cleaning and Maintaining the EV

I like the fact that cleaning the TENGA EV is simple and hassle-free thanks to the waterproof design. All you need you to need to do is slide the battery off and rinse the body of your EV under a tap. For extra cleansing, try to get into all the little nooks and crannies of this product because, during play, fluids and lubes tend to lodge in them, and rinsing alone won't get them out. If you want to, you can rinse the slide arm or use a damp cloth to wipe it over.

Take care not to submerge the charging base of your EV in water. This is not waterproof and can be damaged when rinsed with water. To clean it, simply use a damp cloth. Ensure it's thoroughly dry before you store it as the elastomer is quite porous.

After rinsing, I love to use a cloth free of lint to run through the texture just to clean away the excess moisture. Lastly, I place the slide arm in the charging base upside down and just rest the exposed body so it can dry.

When your EV is dry, you can assemble it and put the case's lid back on.


I enjoyed doing this review as much as I know you enjoyed reading even though I'm certain some of you just skipped to the bottom. My feelings are hurt but that's okay. I do that too sometimes.

So, is the TENGA Flip Zero EV approved by TBGR? The answer is yes. While the EV still retains the same functions as the original model, the two-unit vibration cores added to the EV are a mind-blower for me and I'm down to using it any time and any day.

 One of my reservations about the EV was not getting my money's worth if I bought it. TENGA's first Zero retailed for £80 and the Flip Zero EV sat pretty at £190, literally double the price. I couldn't believe it when I saw it but now, I understand why the price is that steep.

First, the battery is an engineering wonder that will give you hours of delicious pleasure and the charging base and case serve as durable storage items. This is one luxurious baby you're not going to regret buying and I'm sure it's easily going to be your only masturbator just as it is for me.

Sadly, the TENGA Flip Zero EV is not at large but you can get one from honeysx. I'll do an update when retailers start to stock up on the EV but till then, this will have to do.

Overall Summary

On a scale of 1-10, I'll give the TENGA Flip Zero EV a 10, and here's why:


  • It's waterproof
  • It vibrates
  • It's rechargeable
  • It offers a unique new texture, superbly improved by fairly strong vibrations
  • It offers some nice patterns


  • It's a bit awkward to clean and dry (but the orgasms were fire so this is a minor issue for me!)

Botton Line

I fell in love with the EV the moment J saw it and when I tried it out...boy, pure heaven! The geeky, techy look didn't turn me off at all and the overall feel was a thrill.


  • New texture
  • Dual vibration cores
  • Storage case
  • Fairly strong vibrations
  • High replayability
  • Waterproof
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