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How to Last Longer in Bed

How I can last in bed longer is one of the most frequently asked questions from men. Let's face it; this is a thinking that every man has at some point in his life. It is more than just wanting to appear studly in the sack for some males. Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are major problems that millions of men worldwide face.

Premature ejaculation is one of life's most frustrating and depressing experiences for a man. It's not good for you, and it's not good for your relationship. It's humiliating, unexpected, and one of life's greatest pleasures into one of life's greatest sorrows. No one wants to say "I'm sorry" before, during, or after a sexual encounter.

However, men should be aware that, while P.E. can be frustrating, it is also extremely common. "Almost every man will experience premature ejaculation at some point," says Thomas J. Walsh, M.D., a urologist with the University of Washington. While men in their 20s and 30s are more likely to have premature ejaculation, one out of every three men of all ages claims to have had it at some point in their lives.

Most of the guys I've talked to regarding premature ejaculation have an unreasonable expectation of how long it should continue. Today's men have grown up with fast and unrestricted access to online pornography. This has led to some fundamental misunderstandings about what sexual stamina looks like in an average person. A survey with over 5000 participants worldwide discovered that the median length of time people spent having sex was lower than you would imagine; 5.4 minutes. Not the 20- to 30-minute marathon bouts that many men believe are normal. Most people regard a sexual session lasting 3 to 7 minutes acceptable, especially when combined with great foreplay. There's nothing wrong with staying less than this long as you and your spouse are satisfied with your lovemaking. However, there's nothing wrong with trying to increase your sexual ability.

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

One of the most challenging aspects of premature ejaculation and sexual stamina is determining their cause. Various factors, including the following, can cause premature ejaculation:

  • Self-Esteem Issues
  • Depression Thoughts 
  • Thoughts of premature ejaculation
  • Sexual Anxiety in General
  • Overstimulation
  • Stress
  • Feelings of Shame or Guilt When It Comes to Sex
  • Past Sexual Abuse or Trauma
  • Diabetes
  • Poor Hormone Levels

Some are physical, while others are psychological. It is usually advisable for guys to think about their situation and see if any possible factors come to mind. There are various ways to enhance your stamina, depending on what is causing it.

Ways to Cure Premature Ejaculation: Tips, Tricks, and Toys to Help You Last Longer in Bed

One of the most frustrating aspects of premature ejaculation is that it can feel as if you have no control over it. The more you try to stop it, the worse it becomes. Yes, thinking about your fantasy football team can help you stay in bed a few seconds longer, but who wants to think about football statistics during sex? Are there any possible solutions?

The answer is yes. Regardless of how bad your condition appears to be, there are several smart, reasonable, and healthy approaches to reduce or even cure your premature ejaculation and prolong your time in bed.

Mental Exercises and Personal Fixes

Many of the main reasons guys don't last long in bed as they'd like are mental. Thankfully, there are various helpful methods for dealing with low sexual stamina caused by stress, performance pressure, worry, or other mental issues.

    1. Take Yourself Out of the Moment

The majority of guys will remember their first time for the rest of their lives. The combination of intense excitement and arousal isn't favorable to sexual stamina. The same counsel you probably got from an older sibling or friend still applies now:

  • Disconnect yourself from the scenario.
  • Don't think about how your partner/you feel or how sexy your partner is.
  • Imagine the exam you'll be taking in a few days or the report you've been working on for your boss.

Allow the passionate sensuality of the moment to combine with boring thoughts to assist you in prolonging the period until you ejaculate. This is all it takes to significantly boost their sexual stamina for most men.

      2.Talk With Your Partner

Sit down with your lover/partner and have a heart-to-heart talk about it if you have sexual stamina issues due to anxiety or perceived pressure to perform. Don't make it look like an apology or an accusation. Let them know you're experiencing difficulties and ask about their feelings. Your partner is your best source of support and comfort in a healthy relationship. Hearing them say it's all right could be enough to snap you out of your mood. If it's a matter of stimulation, there are several things they can do to help you resist. Trying out new positions that do not provide intense stimulation is one of the more effective methods.

You might also discuss adding more extended foreplay in your lovemaking to ensure that they are completely satisfied. To help extend the session, consider introducing a clitoral vibrator during your lovemaking. This might be something your partner might enjoy.

    3. Work on Relieving Stress

Stress is a crazy thing. Though it is a mental problem, it can have various adverse physical effects. Loss of sexual desire or failure to perform is one of the most prevalent stress reactions. It can be difficult to get into the correct mentality for sex if you're anxious about a work project or stressed out about life. What's even odder is that sex can be one of the most effective stress relievers. Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculations are common signs of stress in your sexual life. It can quickly escalate into a personality problem, with anxiety building up around it.

Sex, rather than assisting you in de-stressing, becomes a cause of stress. You can see actual results by trying simple meditation and other stress-relieving exercises.

Exercises and Activities

     4. Exercise Regularly

Sex is a full-body act. While it's true that sex burns as many calories as a workout, it's still easier and more pleasurable when you're in good physical shape. If you're suffering premature ejaculation, work on improving your general fitness. It will certainly increase your overall sense of well-being, give you more energy, and boost your self-esteem. Working out is also a great way to improve your proclivity for more athletic sex.

Trying various positions with your partner is another great way to add a bit more sparkle to your lovemaking and allow you to find ones that don't drive you over the edge.

     5. Pelvic Floor Exercises

You've probably heard of Kegels or kegel exercises, which involve contraction and release movements to strengthen the pelvic floor's pubococcygeal (P.C.) muscles. Try shutting off the urine flow the next time you go to the bathroom to get a sense of how these muscles feel when they're tense. Allow it to flow after you've shut it off, then cut it off again, and then allow it to flow again. Try lifting your testicles without using your hands while standing in front of a mirror to isolate those P.C. muscles. Imagine "raising your penis to your stomach" or "shortening your penis," according to Sandra Hilton, PT, DPT, a physical therapist at Entropy Physiotherapy and Wellness in Chicago, Illinois.

Tighten and hold for a count of 10, then release once you've gotten a feel for how to expand and contract your P.C. muscles. Sets of ten should be practiced. The beauty of this practice, which will improve your ejaculatory control and allow you to stay in bed longer, is that you can do it almost anywhere.

     6. Practice

Inexperience can be a key problem for younger guys suffering premature ejaculation. Sex, like everything else in life, is a learned skill. As any man will tell you, sex is very pleasurable. If masturbation is the majority of your sexual experience, you're probably not good at holding back. When it comes to masturbation, most men go full throttle and do not attempt to control when they finish. That's fantastic if you want to unwind before night, but it's not so great if you're playing with your partner and want to extend the session. Start by practicing holding your cum just before you cum. This is you trying to figure out how close you can hold without losing control. Once you've figured that out, you can start working on improving your ability to back away from the edge.

Squeezing the head of your penis for 10-20 seconds before ejaculation is another wonderful technique.

Products That Can Help Build Stamina

    7.Stamina Training Toys

When it comes to increasing stamina, using only your hand isn't always enough. Sure, it's pleasurable, but it lacks the reality that a well-designed male masturbator gives. The Fleshlight Lady collection, particularly the Pink Lady, is absolutely the gold standard for stamina training toys. While masturbating, it's designed to offer continuous stimulation. The following are some of the features;

  • Inner sleeve with a lot of texture
  • Almost natural vaginal opening
  • To boost arousal, it's covered with tickling nubs
  • It's simple to clean
  • The toy is encased in a small, easy-to-hold plastic shell

One of the most intensely stimulating Fleshlights available is the Pink Lady. Unlike other male masturbators that gradually increase your arousal level, the Pink Lady instantly raises your arousal level to 11. The Pink Lady is designed to provide continual contact rather than a variety of textures and patterns within the inner sleeve. It isn't easy to describe how amazing it feels when properly warmed and lubed. To put it bluntly, you'll be bursting nuts within a few minutes of getting started. You can work on increasing your arousal while being intensely stimulated and determining what techniques work best for you to stop an orgasm.

Combine the Lady with Kiiroo's Fleshlight Launch if you truly want to take it to the next level. It provides you with a fully automated masturbation experience to immerse yourself in your fantasies while you practice completely.

    8. Orgasm Delaying Lubes and Sprays

There are several effective lubes and sprays that can help, in addition to physical products for training and enhancing your sex expertise. Numbing lubes, lotions, and sprays are the most common. 

Doc Johnson is a well-known adult toy brand. They make various unique things, sex toys, and other excellent adult products. Their Sta-Erect delay lotion is meant to help desensitize your penis so you can have more stamina. Its features are;

  • It has no taste and has no odor.
  • It only takes a small amount of dab.
  • For a relaxing desensitizing effect, it does compose of 7.5 percent benzocaine.

Sta-Erect should be applied around 10 minutes before you start foreplay. It lessens the sensation on your penis without compromising the pleasure you'll experience.


Condoms can also be your best friend when it comes to lasting longer during sex if you battle premature ejaculation. (Plus, you should be wearing them first, buddy.) According to Morse, most major condom manufacturers produce extra-thick rubbers that work as a slip-on desensitizer for your penis during sex and can help you avoid premature ejaculation. Consider Trojan's Pleasures Extended, which includes a numbing substance to let you both enjoy the experience longer.

Know When to Call the Experts

It's time to seek professional treatment if you've tried mental exercises, therapeutic products, and other home remedies. Erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation can indicate the presence of more serious problems. Consult your doctor to ensure that everything is in order.


Doctors generally provide different medications to deal with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation after you have a clean bill of health. Phosphodiesterase inhibitors such as Vardenafil (Levitra), Sildenafil (Viagra), and Tadalafil (Cialis) are the most commonly prescribed medications. These are typically used to treat erectile dysfunction, but they can also treat premature ejaculation. These induce some chemical processes in the body, resulting in an erection. BlueChew is currently one of the most popular erectile dysfunction medicines available. This is an excellent technique to control your condition if getting and staying hard is a problem.

    11.Supplements and Male Enhancement Pills

If you prefer natural treatments, there are several supplements, herbs, and male enhancement medications. Different varieties promise different outcomes, but they all include a combination of substances such as:

  • Horny Goats Weed
  • Cordyceps
  • Maca
  • Red Korean Ginseng
  • Bioperine
  • Zinc
  • Selenium

The manufacturers believe that they can help improve testosterone production, boosting libido and stamina. Most pills that claim to enhance sexual energy also claim to increase the length and thickness of your penis.

I'm not persuaded that assertion is based on science, although many benefits men with sexual stamina. Prosolution Plus is a well-known male enhancement drug that helps in premature ejaculation.


Most men can considerably improve their sexual stamina with little effort and excellent mental techniques. Many toys, lubes, and other goods are available to help if you've tried the thought exercises and put in the effort. If all else fails, seek professional help or study the supplements listed above. When help is readily available, there's no reason for men to suffer in secret.

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