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Whether you are going for spankers, ticklers, or scratches, the fact remains that you can rarely get it wrong with these BDSM toys. Both sex toys are designed to provide the perfect 'touch' for teasing and torture and if this is all new to you, BDSM in sexual exploration refers to Bondage, Dominance, and Sadism. This experience often involves one partner known as the dominant, carrying out painful and/or pleasurable sexual acts on the other partner, known as the submissive.

Stickers and spankers are usually the best choices when carrying out SM games. But for this guide, we are going to center only on the QIUI spanking paddle. A spanking paddle is an excitement enhancer that can be used in a variety of ways such as waking your partner up in the morning. The ultimate aim is to bring some kinky fun to both your sex lives through a taste of the unconventional.

Spanking paddles belong to a sweet group of SM toys that work best for partners trying out BDSM for the first time. You and your partner can drive each other wild with intense sensory experiences along with other SM games. This is a sex toy that lets you control the fervour of your spanking adequately and efficiently.

Using The QIUI Spanking Paddle

BDSM play has a range of toys from simple to complicated. The spanking paddle falls into the former category. Made for simple use, there are very few extremes you can take this toy to. But if you are adventurous enough, you and your partner can have a great time alternating between gentle and rough spanks.

Using the QIUI spanking paddle, dom and sub can start their foreplay with some ropes and blindfold before introducing the paddle. Spanking a blindfolded partner is as satisfying for doms as it is for subs. With a paddle like the QIUI spanking paddle, you have enjoyed a more euphoric experience with your partner. One hack to using the paddle is grazing it over the nipple or groin of the submissive before punctuating with hard, moderate, or soft spanks. The pleasure of the final act after this is incomparable!

To use the QIUI paddle for the first time, press the power on the key until the light goes blue. To run a Bluetooth connection, wait for the green light to flash. Powering it off is just as easy. All you have to do is press and hold the power key till the blue light comes on and then release it to shut down.

 As you play, note that there are ways to adjust the voltage. During booting, continue to press the main button, releasing only after the green light turns on. It would stay this way for just 4 seconds. The next step is to press the main button to modify the voltage. The paddle has a voltage light that would come on after this. All you have to do is press and hold to let the shock hit. Lastly, on adjustments, the force measuring point will generate an electric shock. when you touch it.

Precautions To Observe

When using sex toys generally, the importance of hygiene and maintenance can't be overemphasized. SM toys often involve direct body contact, so it's important to keep your toys clean and body safe. If possible, clean before use but always clean after use.

Verifying that you or your partner are not allergic to any of the materials that go into the QIUI spanking paddle is important. The goal is to have a good time, not end up in the hospital. Also, use the soaking paddle as reasonably as possible or you may end up seriously hurting your partner. Any form of extreme play with the QIUI spanking paddle ought to be with the full consent of your submissive.

Without that, it is not in the best interest of anyone that you go off the handle or get carried away in your spanks. Your QIUI spanking paddle should not be exposed to direct sunlight or it could get damaged. It's normal if your spanking paddle gets heated during use with your sub. That doesn't mean it would be fine in the sun for a long time. Two different things.

Heavy hits from an external object could also the well-being of your paddle if it does not cause permanent disrepair. Further down, you would see the full specifications of this BDSM toy from QIUI but one of them is that is not a water-resistant device. Meaning if you use it in places where it could be wet like the shower or the pool, that could be the end of your SM play for that moment because it's sure going to get worse.

QIUI's spanking paddle was designed solely for sexual pleasure. This means that you absolutely cannot employ this toy as a tool for medical rehabilitation of any sort.

Finally, keep your QIUI spanking paddle in a cool, dark place out of the prying reach of kids if you have one.

Features of the QIUI Spanking Paddle

  • Slap to release shock:

The QIUI spanking paddle comes with a sensor module. at the tip of the toy which creates an electric shock with each smack. The intensity of each slap releases an equal jolt of electric current. Meaning, that the harder or lighter the slap, the harder or lighter the electric shock.

  • USB charging:

The QIUI spanking paddle is designed with a type-c charging interface on one side of the paddle for quick, comfortable charging.

  • Play Rhythm Master with Music:

The QIUI App comes with a host of suitable music to select from. And with this feature, you can quickly set the tone for your session with your partner. The app allows you to spank in sync with whatever music rhythm is on or create personalized rhythms just the way you like it.

  • Shock intensity adjustable:

On the QIUI App, you enjoy an in-built adjustment slider that lets you tweak the intensity of electric shocks at will.

  • Slap data shared with the community:

SM play just got more thrilling! With this feature, you can the spanking records of other players and compare notes on accuracy and speed.

  • APP real-time Recording:

As you explore, the QIUI app allows you to keep track of how much time you spent spanking, how much force or strength was exercised, and the number of spanks in real-time.

Let's see what the QIUI spanking paddle is made out of.

1.Paddle: pebbled leather
2.Shock sensing module: PC plastic
3.Voltage: <200V
4.Gross weight: 474g
5.Length: 400MM
6.Net weight: 158g
7.Standard: 5V1A
8.Charging time: 2-3hrs
9.Battery capacity: 500mAh
10.Minimum width: 36MM
11.Maximum width: 56MM

The QIUI spanking paddle comes with:

2.1pcs×USB cable

On the last nitty-gritty, before we wrap up this guide, Qiui has made provisions for all logistics concerning ordering a QIUI spanking paddle. The company offers free shipping; we are talking fast worldwide express kind of free shipping. Shipping begins 1-2 business days after your order has been made so you would have to exercise some patience and work this out with your schedule. QIUI logistics feature Priority or UPS Express shipping with top-notch delivery on demand.

Other specifics you must note when you order a spanking from QIUI is that every delivery time is for reference alone and will be supplied by the courier.
This means that QIUI is not responsible for any delays in the course of things. Also, special days like weekends, delays and holidays are not penciled in on QIUI's delivery schedule so be sure to order on the appropriate days as mentioned. For very rural and remote areas, delivery logistics currently will take more time than regular in-town deliveries so be prepared for that if this is you.
Packaging is one of the plus points for the QIUI spanking paddle and many users love the impressive gift packaging of this toy. When you order a spanking paddle from QIUI, it comes with free luxury Lockink gift wrapping.

When your paddle gets delivered, you can rest assured that the whole block is not going to know what's in the box because it comes in a discreet, neutral shipping box with neutral descriptions for custom use plus no invoices come with your package.

On the flip side, you should know that sometimes international shipments undergo custom checks which can be beyond the control of QIUI. For taxes, local taxes may be incurred on deliveries, not within the boundaries of Europe. This would be collected by local customs during delivery and QIUI does not control how much this charge could be.

Now that you have all the information you need to get started on your journey to apex-level pleasure, you can go right ahead to place an order for your very own QIUI spanking paddle. It's especially helpful that you have a group of friends or a community online or offline to help you with tips for spicing up your SM play. You can rest assured that folks who love to play nasty just like you will have a wealth of information that can help you make the most of toys like your QIUI spanking paddle when you finally get one delivered to your doorstep


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