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Writing this article had me pumped with enthusiasm and not just because I’m a guru on sex toys, but because I was getting to use one of the best male masturbators ever made and also tell other people about it. Yes, you thought right. I’m that cool dude who always has inside tips on all the good stuff and I can assure you that Tenga’s Flip Zero Gravity is the good stuff—one of the best. Reusable, hygienic, developed with the latest technology for pleasure, and crafted in the trademark Flip style, the Flip Zero gravity is easily one of Tenga’s finest holes. In this article, I’m going to fill you in on everything you need to know about the Tenga Flip Zero gravity so you can slide into that store and order confidently, knowing exactly what you are going to get. I love a lot of things about the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity. One of them is how easy it is to use and the supreme comfort of its unique structure; one of which includes an integrated structure. This structure combines three things: the bends, the hinge, and the gel. Though it leverages the flip style opened by the main body, allowing for stress-free washing, this masturbator has been developed into an undivided smooth insertion slot and it’s not for nothing. This seamless slot for insertion goes a long way to boost usability.

The materials that go into this male masturbator are carefully selected and the high quality of every material can simply not be overemphasized. Tenga’s Flip Zero Gravity comes with an excellent gel that helps you achieve some incredible sensations. Couple this with the intertwined elasticity of the Flip Zero Gravity and you have a wonderfully encompassing feeling around your cock.  

The genius of the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity structure doesn’t end there, dear reader. The makers of this masturbator have been able to achieve impressively high density for the Flip Zero Gravity by revamping its mold design, ensuring a mind-blowing high that has never been achieved with any of Tenga’s male masturbators. Designed especially for vacuum, the high-density details of this toy cut down on gel dead space. With these details in place, you can always enjoy a quickie anytime in fast smooth strokes.

Generally, hygiene maintenance is one of the problems with a lot of adult toys and the makers of Tenga Flip Zero Gravity considered this when developing their unique masturbator which opens in two, allowing for easy cleaning of the inner parts and quick drying. You also get a sweet case for storing your little beast in if you choose. This keeps most of the dirt and dust out.

I especially loved the rotating attachment, designed specifically freely control the rotation speed and direction with a small tilt of your hand. This is all done with the gyro sensor. Also included is a brilliant model that conducts some really strong vibrations with high-density details and double motors.

If you’ve never experienced the ecstasy of stroking while vibrating and rotating your masturbator, I assure you, that Tenga’s Flip Zero Gravity will give you this shattering experience thanks to its genius vibration function. What does this function do? For starters, it is in an electronic vibration that when combined with the amplitude power of the gel from the inside can send you weeping with pleasure.

One last thing I found quite remarkable about Flip Zero Gravity was its warming device called the Flip Warmer. Pretty cool name, right? This feature is a super-powered heating function that makes use of aluminum heat conduction to enable warming from Gravity’s insertion slot. With the Flip Warmer, you can relish the sensation of being wrapped in delicious, adjustable warmth as you stroke.

Now that we know some of the wonderful features that come with the Flip Zero Gravity, let’s take a look at some of this product’s specifics

  1. Shelf life (41 days)
  2. Reusable
  3. Pack size (485ML)
  4. Quantity (1)
  5. Brand (Tenga)
  6. Weight (485g)
  7. Insertion width (will stretch to approx. 50mm)
  8. Insertion length (will stretch to approx. 160mm)
  9. Slide and Case Cap (PC)
  10. Transport Anchor Ring and Pressure Pad (Silicone)
  11. Internal Sleeve (Thermoplastic Elastomer TPE)
  12. Lotion (Hole Lotion)
  13. Lotion ingredients (Fragrance, Water, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Polyacrylate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Methylparaben, Ethanol, Sorbitan Cocoate, Polysorbate 80)

The release of the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity has smoothly ushered a new era of pleasure that has never been seen before and hasn’t even gotten to the best parts. If you’ve used any of the models in the Tenga Flip Zero, then my guess is you are familiar with the thick, bold inner details of Tenga’s Flip style which is impressive but makes vigorous stroking a bit difficult.

This discreet but powerful feature is complemented by arousing, intricate details that come with denser details inside at a low angle to help you get stimulated without getting in the way of stroking. What does this mean? It means unlike other models in the Flip Zero series, you can now stroke faster with even better sensations.

So, what you have with the Flip Zero Gravity are huge, massive, incredibly soft ribs that sweetly grip you on both sides while the ultra-fine, densely crafted details gently send you gripping your sheets. The ribbed end orbs of the Gravity masturbator also serve to stimulate you with each of the multiple steps it’s comprised of. Your ecstasy doesn’t end there guys! The Flip Zero Gravity features a mid-point of ribs with two gates that send ripple-like sensations as you slid in and out. Finally, at the top of the cake are two large side domes and flickering edges which hold your happy cock in place as opposing ends deliver wicked waves of stimulation.

Trust me when I say the pleasure is on a whole ultimate level that has never been had before with any of the models in Tenga’s Flip Zero series. If you’ve had to experience the frustration of your smooth hand strokes being interrupted when your lube dries out, imagine how smooth the high-density details of the Flip Zero Gravity will make your strokes. Combine this Gravity’s super elastic gel with these edgy details and you are in for hardcore pleasure at high-speed strokes. How cool is that? Cool if you ask me.

In summary, what you are getting out of your Flip Zero Gravity when you purchase one is:

  1. Powerful squeeze and suction thanks to stronger, improved material
  2. Stronger suction and less lube leakage due to the smooth insertion point
  3. Superb stimulation thanks to bigger, bolder details in the modified internal structure
  4. Easy wash and dry

That being said, keep in mind that how long your Gravity masturbator lasts is determined by how intensely you use it, and how well you clean and store it too. While this is a very reusable product, poor maintenance will have you buying a replacement earlier than your ideal job. Cleaning your pocket pussy is simple. All you have to do is run under a faucet of cold or lukewarm water with each use. It’s okay to use neutral soaps but I would not recommend cleaners with alcohol or very high alkaline or acidic content. Also, your water should not be over 50C or you could end up damaging your masturbator in no time. After washing, you can dry your toy by using its Slide Arms as a stand. Always ensure that your masturbator is properly dried before storing or you could have molds and other icky stuff growing in.

Another quick one to note here is that the Tenga Flip Zero Gravity is not an electronic product so you don’t have to bother with charging and all of that.  It’s a good old, manual product that can be enjoyed as often as you want. For added incentives, you get two pouches of Tenga’s very own water-based lube and while you may have lubricants you prefer; I think you should know that Tenga does not guarantee the use of any of these other lubes not in any of the Hole Lotion Series. If you are going to use third-party lubricants, then be prepared for the event that something could go wrong if your lubricant happens to be incompatible with the Flip Zero Gravity masturbator.

Finally, to lubricate your Flip Zero Gravity, open it up and apply your lube to all the details inside this masturbator. Also, lubricate the insertion point before sliding in to ensure smooth entry. You don’t want the insides chafing your penis or something like that. The Flip Zero Gravity from Tenga’s remarkable Flip Zero series is not like anything you’ve ever seen before and is worth every penny. If you need a product that was crafted with user interests in mind, I can assure you that this is the best masturbator you are looking for.


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