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Male masturbation cup

What are Male masturbation cups?

Male masturbation cup is a portable Masturbator for men.
In the pressure-filled world of modern society, Male masturbation cup is a great way to ease the need to vent male desire.

Do not discriminate against the use of Male masturbation cup, but do not blindly exaggerate the role of Male masturbation cup.
Like masturbation, it is used to relieve personal desire, so use it in moderation.

Male masturbation cup is usually made of soft synthetic resins or silicone.
Male masturbation cup according to the shape can be divided into through shape and non through shape, the main difference is that the end is not closed.

TPE material Male masturbation cup, flesh thick, voluminous, to provide smooth skin touch experience.
Tight channel for you to bring the numbing exciting infinite pleasure, Easy-to-clean environmental design, reusable.

How to choose a better first Male masturbation cup for a man?

Not all Male masturbation cup is authentic, but if you are a beginner and a first time user, buy straight for a high quality or well-known brand Male masturbation cup, the OTouch Male masturbation cup series is recommended.
High quality brand Male masturbation cup, there are a lot of quality customers to evaluate.
It is better to look at the evaluation than to look at the evaluation. What is the user feeling who really spends money? It is more reliable than the evaluation.

Release self with both hands, this is the male from a born master of the ability.
Now finally ushered in the revolutionary moment, a small Male masturbation cup of wisdom can let the man's pleasure reached an unprecedented peak!

For men, whether they are inexperienced or experienced, the Male masturbation cup is the best way to deal with loneliness.

Many people are already experienced, only feel the stimulation of super high to really enjoy the sexual life.
Like OTouch series Male masturbation cup, a variety of intelligent small functions and small Settings really let a man experience the beauty of sex.

Now people are very tolerant of sex, and they are willing to talk about sex in public.
Except for single men, after marriage, men will still buy small items like Male masturbation cup, because it is safe and convenient.

The Male masturbation cup is an instrument of adult products, and it is a portable device for men.
Under the situation of great social pressure, if one really owns an airplane cup, it is very beneficial to relieve the desire of men to vent.

Male masturbation cup FAQS:

How do I clean Male masturbation cup?
Note: The masturbation cup can not be cleaned by water.
1、First take out the penis sleeve from the masturbation cup, and then remove the vibration motor from the sleeve.
2、Wipe clean the sleeve with tower,and dry it naturally.
3、Insert the vibration motor into the hole on the dried sleeve.
4、Insert the sleeve into the masturbation cup.Close the protective lid for easy use of the next time.

Do I need to use lube with Male masturbation cup?
Yes, we always recommend using a lubricant, which can greatly reduce irritation. Make sure you clean them.

What are Male masturbation cups made from?

Male masturbation cup can be made from a range of materials. The most common fabrics are soft synthetic resins or silicone.If you click on one of our products, you'll always find the material information.

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