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Butt Plugs 101:How To Pick Your First Butt Plug?

What Butt plugs are?

Butt plugs are pleasing toys that can provide you comfort creating incredible satisfying pressure irrespective of gender, orientation, or male/female genitalia. Butt plugs aids in switching up your routine along with warming up your body for relaxation and pleasure. Whatever the reason you're keen to dive into the world of butt plug play, there are a few things you should know for a comfortable, safe, and sexy experience.

They plug up your butt and are inserted in the anus and stays there while you play, assisting in stimulating the anus to get ready for sex. The reason behind this fact is basically the butt plug tip closeness to the prostate, and the male & female g-spot.

According to sex therapists, butt plugs containing lots of lube makes you feel good and satisfied by loosing up the anus and going into it, as anus can be the remarkable source of pleasure.

Butt plugs are usually utilized while preparing for deep and penetrating anal sex. Since the rectum does not possess any lubricant, unlike the vagina, so in order to warm up your anus or butthole, butt plugs are essential for lubricating and warming up your butt hole before deep penetrating sex.

Shape of Butt plugs

The  shapes of the butt plug is cleverly designed that defines their functions. Butt plug  has a narrowing end for easing entrance, a large size  bulb for the sphincter to rest against, and a slim  neck along with a flared bottom so that they can be removed easily. That flared bottom plays a central role in bringing it back, As we know the anal canal is quite long and goes up to the digestive tract and colon, and  if a sex toy doesn't have a flared bottom, there is a possibility that it can get stucked inside your body and eventually in the colon. So a butt plug with a  flared bottom is always preferable.

There is a variety of these  bases if we look for the different butt plugs. Some butt plugs possess simple handles, some might have ring shape bottom and some may have tail like bases resembling an animal tail.

What you should  know before purchasing a butt plug?

There are few important things that a beginner should keep in mind while purchasing a butt plug:

  • A butt plug must have a flared bottom
  • It should be body-safe i.e materials are safe to insert in your body
  • Beginners should select a butt plug made up of stainless steel, silicone or borosilicate glass because they are easy to insert, non-porous, flexible and can be cleaned properly after every use.
  • Butt plugs made up of acrylics and plastic material are not recommended at all because they are non-porous, can cause bacterial infections. Also the  plastic materials cannot be completely sanitized and provides a suitable medium for bacteria to grow.

(Porous butt plugs can easily sucks up all of the  lube in butt plug  causing the area to dry out more rapidly. Also, porous sex toys and butt plugs break down over time).

  • If you're a beginner, start with the smallest size available and work your way up

Which lube you should use?

Highly recommended silicone lubes, are thick and long lasting as compared to water-based lubes. But If you're looking for  a silicone toy, go for a water-based lube as silicon based lubes can breakdown silicones easily .

Glass or stainless steel butt plugs work wonderfully with any lubricant. But if you're new to butt plugs, start with silicone, as the material has more give than glass or stainless steel.

Which butt plug size you should select?

Selection of size of butt plug is a very critical step for beginners, as smaller sized butt plug cannot provide you the pleasure you are searching for and an extra large size can open your eyes too along with butthole  i.e.,  it can hurts you.

So, If you're a beginner, you should choose smallest size available and work your way up.

Which things you should know before inserting butt plug in?

Before inserting in the butt plugs, you should not neglect foreplay. In order to turn your body on, try a few activities like oral for stimulation, instead of going straight for the ass.

Before plug you should start with something smaller than it. Start circling the anus with your fingers after lubing them or ask your partner to do so. Slide it gently in and out of the anus.a.

From where you can buy a perfect butt plug?

Try to buy only from reputable sellers as you should not compromise your body safety over price.There is a variety of retailers, selling good quality and safe to use butt plugs. Here I would let you know about  both type of retailers that sales cheaper  and those who sales pricier but quality products. For cheaper options, I would recommend Lovehoney site who have a huge range, but don’t forget to follow my former rules as they also stock some sex toys that are not so good. For pricier but higher quality  silicone types you should try Honeysx site who have many well-known brands. 

How to exactly use it?

After your butt starts feeling comfy with fingers, smear your plug in lube and slither it slowly inside you. It have been found that a doggy style position is always best for  inserting a butt plug  easily, but since everyone has different shape , so you should experiment to find out what works for you.

One should start slow. When you are relaxed anal play is often more enjoyable. But if you are stressed, an anal rip may occur. Concentrate on how you are feeling. You should stop or slow down if something doesn't feel right, or if it hurts.

For butt plug insertion, try different positions and find out which  one is more suitable for you. Once you find out your comfortable position you will start enjoy butt plug insertion. Be gentle while inserting butt plug, relax and take a deep breath. While taking it out again take steady deep breaths and take it out slowly or ask your partner to slide it out slowly for you. Orgasm can make the removal of butt plug easier as it relaxes the pelvic floor.

Which things you should avoid?

Some people feel distress during anal play so in order to avoid discomfort they use numb creams. Try to avoid using numb creams since it will  stop you from feeling when your body wants you to stop. Avoid using numbing creams while inserting butt plugs for your safety. 

What about cleaning and washing?

After playing with butt plug, sanitize your butt plug completely and then wash your hands using hand wash and slightly  warm water. Avoid contact of butt plug with genital as it can cause bacterial infection. Silicone  stainless steel and glass butt plugs can be tossed in dishwasher to disinfect them

What are the Best Beginner Butt Plugs?

If a beginner had not inserted anything inside, not even a finger and they are looking for a butt plug them then they should choose the butt plug as smaller as  their thumb is. 

Fun Factory B Ball Uno Butt Plug

Fun Factory B Ball Uno Butt Plug is a best sex toy for beginners owing to its wonderful shape and narrower width. It fits “warmly between your butt cheeks, warming your booty up with the bowed bottom. Its price is $51.99.

Magic Motion APP Butt Plugs

It is composed of silicone, appropriate for both anal and vaginal stimulation, silicone is soft, and it is comfortable to enter the body.IT is an APP-controlled Butt Plugs, which is designed according to ergonomics and combined with intelligent technology to provide a wonderful experience for beginners and skilled users. Its price is  $53.99. 

Dosha Glass Anal Plug Kit Butt Plug

Composed of glass and possess resisted breakage, easy to clean and smooth to use. The end is tapered with a flared base providing a “a greater sense of fullness.”  .Its price is $28.92 and size is 4.5 inches.

Wistone Anal Plug Tail

This swinging anal plug tail is different from other anal plug tails in the market. It has wireless control and dual functions of full-automatic swinging and vibrating. It is suitable for role-playing in lovers' games and shows your charm and tenderness.Its price is  $39.99.

LEVETT 1513 Anal Butt Plug 

Strong vibration, make you happy, Double motor vibration, multiple combinations, As many as 48 patterns, waiting for you to discover. It smoothly hugs the prostate gland as well it is waterproof. Its small size make it easy to move and total price is $35.99.   

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