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Pocket Pussy 101: Everything About Pocket pussies and Pocket Vaginas

Pocket pussies are one of Honeysx’s most popular sex toys for men. Most are used for male masturbation, but they can be used for foreplay as well.

What is Pocket pussy?

A little, portable false-vagina that you can take with you is called a Pocket pussy. A sex toy for guys, “a pocket pussy” comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns, and pleasure locations. These toys are becoming increasingly popular due to their 'real-feel' impact, which is similar to that of a real pussy.

Pocket pussies are essentially female orifice copies. Pocket pussies come to the rescue when males can't get near the real thing but have an itch that needs scratching. Fake pussies, rubber pussies, artificial pussies, DIY pussies, and portable vaginas are some of the other names for them. All of those names mean the same thing: it's a stand-in for the actual thing.

Essentially, artificial pussies exist to provide amusement. Others, on the other hand, utilize fake pussies to increase the ejaculatory threshold before to climax. Fake pussies are also used by persons who suffer from premature ejaculation to assist them endure longer.

To put it another way, there is no right or wrong way to use fake pussies. It can be used by both couples and solitary males. They're also useful when penetrative intercourse isn't possible, such as during pregnancy, when there's no contraception available, or during menstruation.

Essentially, artificial pussies exist to provide amusement. Others, on the other hand, utilize fake pussies to increase the ejaculatory threshold before to climax. Fake pussies are also used by persons who suffer from premature ejaculation to assist them endure longer.

To put it another way, there is no right or wrong way to use fake pussies. It can be used by both couples and solitary males. They're also useful when penetrative intercourse isn't possible, such as during pregnancy, when there's no contraception available, or during menstruation.

Main Types of Pocket Pussy:

There are different types of pocket pussies:

  • Realistic Pocket Pussy:

The appearance, and texture (both exterior and inner)and features are all designed to resemble a real vagina. The insides are designed to resemble the inner walls of a vagina, complete with a working suction mechanism. The clitoris, labia major and minor, as well as the anus, have excellent exterior aesthetics (in some cases). Because no two labiums are same, the design of the labia is intended to be unique in order to capture the true character of a vagina.

  • Vibrating Pocket Pussy:

These pocket pussies(Pocket Vaginas) come with a separate or incorporated vibrating bullet, regardless of the design, style, or type. A vibrating mechanism is integrated in certain other models of the pocket pussy. A remote controller, which is commonly included in the package, can be used to control the vibration intensities and patterns.

  • Open-Ended Pussy:

Masturbators with an opening in the front and a second opening in the back are known as open-ended masturbators.

  • Close ended pussy:

They have one end closed and one end open and are highly lifelike, maintaining shape and elasticity while warming to the touch like actual flesh; because to the closed-ended design, you'll notice more stimulating suction than with other similar toys, adding to the dream.

What is a Pocket pussy made out of?

The materials used to create the artificial vagina as a sex toy are designed to mimic the feel of actual skin. Artificial vaginas are made of flexible and elastic materials that may accommodate a variety of penis sizes.

  • Ultra realistic or Futurotic(combination of PVC and silicone, Cyberskin, and other patented materials — natural-feeling materials that are porous, necessitating extra care before and after usage. These materials are also sensuous and fluffy from the branded lines.
  • Plants (fruits and vegetables)– deflated cucumbers, skin of banana , papayas, and other produce are abundant, inexpensive, and have a fleshy texture.
  • Rubber (elastic hydrocarbon polymer)— a durable, flexible, and resilient substance. Cleaning is tough due to the porous rubber.
  • Soft plastics (polyvinyl chloride)— a popular sex toy material with a jelly-like sensation and a plasticizer odour.
  • Latex (plant-derived natural rubber)— a flexible material that might trigger allergy responses in some people.
  • TPE (thermoplastic elastomers)is the most prevalent and can be used to produce dolls at a lower cost than silicone.

Because the materials listed above are all porous, they require extra attention and cleaning to prevent bacterial growth. Manufacturers advocate using a condom when using them to protect them. Artificial vaginas manufactured of silicone, which, while more expensive, are non-porous and can be sterilised after cleaning with a bleach solution or heat, are less of a worry.

How do Pocket pussy Work?

A   pocket pussy  induce orgasm and ejaculation by simulating the sensation of sexual contact on the erect penis. Moving elements, such as vibrators, are frequently used to boost stimulation rather than exactly replicate a woman's vagina.

What are the benefits of using a Pocket Pussy during Masturbation ?

Using your pocket pussy doesn't have to be solely for pleasure. If you choose to use your pocket pussy in a specific way, you will see significant improvements in your sex life. It may include:

  • Reducing anxiety and stress by rehearsing for the real thing is an example.
  • Increasing your sexual stamina by attempting to utilize it for longer periods of time each time.
  • Work on keeping your erections both before and after ejaculation, so you can keep performing even if you arrive early.
  • Managing and overcoming premature ejaculation in private.
  • Practicing diverse parts of sex while improving your sexual techniques.
  • Get in the habit of practicing thrusting rhythms.
  • Staying away from the "death grip" during masturbating. Some men clench their Pocket Vaginas so hard that they lose feeling, making intercourse less pleasurable. Because the tight grip is only on the case, and the tightness is controlled by the sleeve instead, pocket pussies can assist combat this.

How to Choose the Right Pocket pussy for you?

When it comes to choosing the right anal beads, there are a few factors to think about. As with every other sex toy, there are certain general features to consider, as well as a few unique ones.

  • Consider a reliable brand:

This is critical for a variety of reasons. You'll need materials that are suitable for use on the body, and you should buy exactly what the source says is included in the anal bead making process. Some merchants use phthalates to make toys feel softer. These are dangerous and can cause a wide range of reactions in people. An excellent supplier would ensure that their anal beads can withstand being pulled from the anus while being strained. When one of the beads falls away from the rope or stem, it's not much fun.

  • Think about the size

While it may appear that tighter pussies are always preferable, this is not always the case. You may have chafing or soreness at the head of your penis if you get a pocket pussy that is too tight, which is no pleasure.

As a result, don't go out and get the tiniest pussy you can find. Instead, measure the circumference and length of your penis and select a pussy that fits. If you have a large manhood, look for pocket pussies that can fit larger penises.

  • Think about the Texture:

Aside from the size of your pussy, you should also consider the texture. Because they replicate the actual bumps, ridges, and canals present in real women's vaginas, textured pussies feel better than non-textured ones. However, the particular feelings you'll like the most are quite subjective. It's possible that you'll have to test a few various pocket pussies until you discover one with the right texture for you!

  • Select a High-Quality Pocket Pussy Material:

Depending on the material used, certain pocket pussies will feel better than others.

TPE is one of the most frequent materials used in pocket pussies. Because this material is flexible and velvety, pussies produced from it have a lifelike appearance. It's also inexpensive, making it a perfect choice for discount sex fans. One disadvantage of TPE is that it is extremely porous, making bacteria and germs easily adhere to it. As a result, you'll need to clean it completely after each usage.

Another common pocket pussy material is silicone. It is easy to sanitise toys produced from it, making it a sanitary option. Furthermore, silicone toys last longer than many other materials, so you'll be able to enjoy your pocket pussy for many years. However, because this material is more expensive, you'll have to consider whether the benefits are worth the extra expense!

Soft plastic is another wonderful pocket pussy material. It has a very soft, almost jelly-like feel to it. Plastic toys, on the other hand, tend to have a plastic odour that some users can't get rid of. If you have a sensitive sense of smell, you should avoid using plastic pocket pussies.

Last but not least, there's ULTRASKYN. This wonderful material is the most lifelike of them all, giving you the sensation of having a real living woman on your lap! However, its realism comes at a price, as it is often costly. It also contains germs and bacteria. As a result, you'll have to devote more effort to cleaning toys made of this material.

  • Consider the best Features:

Pocket Pussies are available in a range of designs and lengths, but they all share a few basic characteristics. They are normally fashioned like a round tube (commonly referred to as the case) and have a soft, spongy inside (usually called the sleeve). One end is frequently blocked off. The magic happens on the other end. A vagina is formed into the soft inner tubing at the very top of the tube.

From pocket pussy to pocket pussy, the cases and sleeves might be rather varied. Cases might include a variety of supplementary features, such as spaces for vibrators or even suction mechanisms, which can alter your experience. Similarly, sleeves come in a wide range of styles. The most basic sleeves are just tubes, but many are constructed with twists, bumps, and ridges to give you a unique feel depending on which way you wear them.

How to Use A Pocket Pussy?

  1. Cleansing Your Pocket Pussy
    1. Cleaning is an essential part of owning any sex toy, and a pocket pussy is no exception. In fact, when compared to most sex toys, pocket pussies require a lot more cleaning. The truth is that bacteria thrive in these male sex toys because there is lots of warmth and moisture, especially if you ejaculate into them. Fortunately, cleaning does not have to be a difficult task, and most sex toys can be cleaned and ready to use again in a short amount of time.
    2. Before you use your sex toy, there are a few things you can do to make sure it's clean. Pocket pussies are usually quite easy to clean. It's as easy as cleaning everything down with warm, soapy water. Alternatively, sanitising spray can be used. After you've finished cleaning the toy, simply dry it off with a towel and it's good to go!
  2. Apply a water-based lubricant:

Water-based lubes are the greatest!The majority of people believe that all lubes are created equal, which is far from the case. Lubricants are now available with a variety of substances for various types of sex devices. Attempting to use a pocket pussy without lubricant is akin to trying to use a remote control without batteries. Nothing will happen, and you'll probably end up with some particularly bad penile chafing.

  1. Put Your Penis In:

Slowly insert your penis, and remember that this isn't a competition. Take your time carefully inserting your penis into the grip to increase the pressure. Once you've become used to being within the pocket pussy, you can start speeding it up or slowing it down. You should be ready to go and have some fun with your new pocket pussy after following these three simple steps.

Pocket Pussies VS Fleshlight:

  • Size: Fleshlight comes in a variety of shapes, colours, and degrees of flexibility while Pocket pussies have a standard shell as well as a variety of textures in various shapes and colours and to suit the casing, the sleeves are normal size.
  • Design: Fleshlights design are as  realistic as possible. It could be a vaginal or anus in design . While Pocket pussies are models that resemble an anus, vagina, or mouth, and Maximum realistic pussies .
  • Smoothness: Fleshlights are made of a soft, flexible, and smooth substance.Pocket pussies, on the other hand, have the best current material, Super Skin. Although the hole is small, it is stretchy.
  • Pricing: Fleshlights cost $ 40-70 (with reductions on occasion), while pocket pussies cost $ 60-80. (you can save and buy 2 sleeves and get the third one for free)
  • Life time:When it comes to fleshlight, You can reuse it several times if you take great care of it. Pocket pussies, on the other hand, have a lengthy life span because to the high quality of the material and a tough outer shell.

How to Clean, Care and Store Pocket pussies?

To minimize skin irritations, allergies, and hazardous responses, any sex toy should be properly maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. Before and after each use, the fundamental cleaning routine should involve a thorough wash. They should be carefully dried and stored in their suitable cases or containers. Disinfecting the toy is also important, so do it at least once a week.

Cleaning pocket pussies might be difficult, but most of them have a back opening to make it easier. On a pocket pussy, there are usually two apertures. The first is to implant your penis, while the second is to ensure that the sex toy remains clean in case you ejaculate on it.

A regular dip in a warm soapy solution should be included in the normal cleaning to remove dirt, dust, and bacteria. The cleaning solution's strength should be determined by the material of your pocket pussies. TPE, plastic, Cyberskin, and rubber, for example, are porous and should be washed twice a week in a moderate, lukewarm soapy solution and disinfected.

It's advisable not to submerge your pocket pussy entirely in the water when cleaning it if it has a vibrating mechanism inside that runs on batteries. It has the potential to sabotage the system and render it ineffective.

Safety Considerations:

  • If you want to travel with your Pocket Vaginas toys, pay attention to the size. There are numerous sizes to choose from, ranging from 3.5 inches to 9 inches (in case of a full-length pocket vagina).
  • It's also crucial to consider the girth or tightness of these realistic masturbators. Choosing a male sex pussy with smaller girth to make your penis feel tighter could be the polar opposite of joyful. Make sure you acquire the proper girth or tightness.
  • It's usually a good idea to keep lubrication on hand, as masturbating with a penetration sex toy may necessitate it. If you're not sure what kind of lubricant will work with your sex toy's material, go with water-based solutions. They work well with a variety of materials.

Homemade and DIY pocket pussies:

Consider these steps if you want to make a pocket pussy at home:

STEP 1: Cut a hole in the foam rubber with a knife. Make the incision as though it were a single line, but deeper. The depth of your penis is determined by its size.

STEP 2: Place the latex glove inside the aperture and slowly move it inside. This will be your vaginal cavity, where you will have your sex.

STEP 3: Wrap the circular ring around the latex glove opening. This ring is meant to act as a vaginal hole and to keep the latex glove in place so it doesn't collapse within.

STEP 4: Now you must apply oil and lubricant to the latex glove. The penis slides in and out of the homemade hot and soft pussy with the help of this lubricant. Warm water can be added to the oil to get the necessary warmth. There you have it, the pussy is finished and ready for you to insert your penis and stroke in and out as much as you want. It has a closeness to it, almost as if it were a genuine girlfriend.

This pussy may be taken everywhere. It is portable and may be taken with you wherever you go. This DIY pocket pussy, on the other hand, can be built within a pillow. This will be a great place to hide your secret pussy. Wow, your pillow can be the best virtual girlfriend you've ever had.


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