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5 Types of kegel balls for your sex toys List

Kegel balls, while technically categorized as a sex toy due to their vibrating abilities, are so much more.

Kegel exercises assist women prepare for childbirth, avoid vaginal prolapse, and enhance bladder control by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Furthermore, a robust pelvic floor is connected to improved sexual sensitivity and enjoyment. Kegel exercises improve blood flow to the genital area and teach women to contract their vaginal muscles, resulting in more intense orgasms and a higher likelihood of multiple orgasms.

Ben Wa Balls and Kegal Balls: What’s the Difference?

There is no significant difference. Ben Wa balls, also known as Kegel  balls, are mainly composed of one or more balls lined up in a row and connected by a cord. You insert them into your vaginal canal with the cable protruding, then tighten and relax the pelvic floor muscles around them.

For millennia, Kegel balls, also called Ben Wa balls, have been used to strengthen the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. The small, weighted balls come in a variety of weights and sizes to help you contract and release specific muscles quickly and easily.

Kegel balls, on the other hand, do a lot more than merely help you shape your pelvic floor. For their potential to boost sexual pleasure, they're also known as orgasm balls, Venus balls, jiggle balls, geisha balls, love balls, and pleasure balls. Here is the Working Principle And Recommended Brands Of The Kegel Ball

1. Duotone ben wa balls

Ancient ben wa balls are the most akin to duotone ben wa balls. On the interior, these were intended to be hollow and filled with mercury. The wearers would feel the mercury core move as they walked around, which can provide nice sensations.

The same logic applies to duotone balls. On the inside, the ball you see is actually hollow. Within the larger ball is a smaller ball.

The tiny ball will rotate around inside the larger one when you wear them. A moderate pulse, a tiny buzz, or even sensations can be felt. Some ladies find them fairly intense, while others are barely aware of their presence.


Duotone Ben Wa balls are normally hollow plastic balls filled with little metal balls. Small weights are inserted into the metal balls to increase their effectiveness, and they are frequently covered with silicone or another form of plastic.

They can be made of a variety of materials, including glass, and are frequently embellished with flowers or other beautiful things.

A string or other item can also be used to link the balls, which is commonly done to make it easier to remove them. Regardless of the style, there are always two balls that are either joined together or come separately, as well as small weights on the inside that generate a mild vibrating feeling, making these Ben Wa balls quite popular.


Duotone Ben Wa balls produce very subtle vibrations, so your partner will never know you're having fun with them. You can even enjoy them as you wait for your spouse!

If you use silicone Duotone balls, make sure you only use a water-based lubrication, which is quite easy to come by, before inserting them.

The two balls are typically the size of marbles, but they can come in a variety of sizes. The plastic ones are likewise made of very safe materials, usually a non-toxic, phthalate-free plastic. A harness is included with many Duotone balls to keep them together, though you can remove it before using them if you choose.

They are becoming increasingly popular among Ben Wa ball fans, regardless of expertise level, due to their mild vibrating beads within and the fact that they are made in a variety of sizes and materials.

2. String Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa balls can come with or without accessories like strings and harnesses, which are designed to keep dual balls together while you're using them and to assist you remove the product once you're done.

The string can be composed of several sorts of thin, strong string, and the harnesses are usually constructed of some type of silicone sheathing. Of course, single Ben Wa balls, not just Ben Wa ball sets, can be included in the strings and harnesses. They are exceptionally well-made and tidy.

Some women use the strings to shake the balls around after inserting them into the vaginal canal, increasing the feeling and pleasure.


In fact, Ben Wa ball strings are available in a variety of designs, including:

o Attached to a single ball and long enough to be removed once you're finished

o Attached to two distinct balls; when removed, the balls are separated as well

o Connected to two balls that are connected to each other


  1. When you're done with them, they're much easier to delete.
  2. Second, you may use them to move the balls about inside of you while they're still inside of you, which will provide you with even more sensation.
  3. Ben Wa balls with strings can be more difficult to clean because they take longer and are a little more cumbersome. This is a minor disadvantage, though, because if you understand how to clean the product properly, you should be able to do it without thinking about it in no time.
  4. Strings can be a great lifesaver, especially if you're new to the game, if only because the Ben Wa balls are so much easier to remove every time you use them.
  5. After each use, the string should preferably be replaced. It's commonly constructed of nylon, and bacteria can readily build up within the materials, making it tough to clean.

3. Vibrating kegel balls:

These are simply Ben Wa balls with a vibrating gadget built into them. These have little batteries hidden inside, and they can be created with or without cables, as well as with or without a remote control device with various settings.

These Ben Wa balls, despite their little size, are more powerful than you may expect, especially the ones with four or even six speeds.


They are always crafted of high-quality materials and are designed to last a long period. Each of them is typically powered by an internal battery that must be charged or replaced at regular intervals. It's critical to expect this type of ball on a frequent basis to ensure that the surface is unharmed and properly watertight. The ones with remote controls let you regulate the speed to receive the ultimate satisfaction every time, and they're incredibly popular, especially among women who have been using Ben Wa balls for a long time.


They are just to be used in order to boost your pleasure and appreciation of orgasms.

Naturally, the vibrating Ben Wa balls are waterproof and made of high-quality materials, ensuring that they will endure a long time.

Furthermore, unlike most other types of Ben Wa balls, the vibrating type is usually suitable for both vaginal and anal use, making it more valuable to individuals who purchase it.

The majority of Ben Wa balls are designed for vaginal use alone, but vibrating Ben Wa balls are frequently used both vaginally and anally.

4. App Controlled kegel Balls:

There are two varieties of Ben Wa balls that can be used in conjunction with an app.Kegel training sets usually come with a companion app that tracks your progress as you use the balls. This might keep track of how many kegel exercises you're doing, how long you've been wearing them, how many calories you've burned, or even how you're using the balls and give you tips on how to do them right.

Other sets are more concerned with your pleasure, and the main reason they're connected to an app is to manage their vibration. This can sometimes be done across long distances using a mobile phone. They may also come with a short-range remote control or a wire connecting the balls to the remote.


It's composed of food-grade silicone that's safe to eat and doesn't contain BPA. Exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor are more hygienic and healthier.

Performing pelvic floor exercises with weighted balls for 15-30 minutes every day will help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles properly, and long-term exercise can prevent urine leaks, prolapse, and other problems. When used, the remote control exercise ball emits less than 40 decibels, so there's no need to be concerned about disturbing people while exercising.

Because these Kegel balls come with a USB data cable, magnetic charging is more efficient, and they can be charged quickly using a mobile power supply or a USB connection.


To achieve easy control and optimum convenience, this kegel exerciser is dual-controlled by a mobile APP and a physical remote control, providing you a more smart experience.

Once the product and the phone's Bluetooth are both turned on, you can quickly connect to the APP and begin pelvic floor training.

Classic, music, swiping, and interactive modes are all available on these Kegel Weighted Exercise Balls.

Its waterproof technology makes it easy to remain dry and flawless.

Its waterproof technology makes it easy to choose the model that suits you.

5. Adjustable weight kegel balls:

Outline and Structure:

String ben wa balls are quite similar to ben wa balls with adjustable weights. These balls, rather than being connected by string, are normally attached by a silicone sheath. Individual balls can be inserted into slots in the sheath. Extra balls are included in certain sets, and they will all fit into the slots.


The main advantage of adjustable ben wa balls is the ability to vary the weight at any time. You may use the same set all the time and merely vary the weight as needed, rather than having various sets for different uses.

Another advantage of having these kind of ben wa balls is that you may buy extra individual balls and replace them as needed.

A sheath can usually fit almost any type of ball you may find, so having one is highly useful. If you're more interested in the sexual pleasure they bring, you can even place duotone balls in them!

Are they Suitable for crowd or not?

I don't believe there is an ideal response to this question; instead, it boils down to what you are most comfortable with. Wearing your kegel balls out and about has one major drawback: they may fall out. Some folks, I'm sure, would feel humiliated if their love balls fell to the ground in front of others.

If you want to wear your Ben Wa balls out in public, you must first wear them at home. Slowly increase the amount of time you keep them in; fifteen minutes is a good starting point. If you can go about your business in the morning or afternoon without having trouble holding the balls in, you might be ready to go out with them.


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