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Njoy Pure Wand: Simplicity and Efficiency in steel

NJOY has always made toys that are ergonomically designed to bring pleasure and satisfaction. From a catalog of products made by NJOY, there is another super performer and amazing wand designed just like other products of NJOY, a product what has the sole purpose of triggering ripples and ripples of orgasm. NJOY PURE WAND is a non-vibrating sex toy made entirely from medical grade steel. The build shows that it was designed to fulfill the simple yet powerful task of massaging and stimulating the G-spot and also the prostate gland. Without using electricity, this double dildo sends shivers down the vulva to the G-spot to stimulate it and trigger knee jerking orgasms.

The toy is simply made simple and as it is just as efficient in delivery. If you have decided to experience sheet-gripping, toe-curling, back-aching pleasure, this simple you from the NJOY brand is a sure answer, and for sex toy collectors, it is a great addition to your shelves.


NJOY PURE WAND comes in an exquisitely and aesthetically packaged box that could be white or black. It is a simple package that serves as a lovely backdrop for the simple yet efficient product it encases. There is a cloth strap on the sides of the package that keeps the lid from opening all the way. On opening the black box, there you see the NJOY PURE WAND sitting on a soft satin cute little pillow, the toy rests regally on this pink pillow like a jewelry set. The sleek, cool body shining as day. There is the instruction manual detailing the toy care and cleaning guidelines, as well as a tutorial on the best way to use it. The box will also serve as good storage for the toy.


NJOY PURE WAND is made with 100% medical grade stainless steel, it is hypoallergenic and does not pose danger to the body. A curved piece of metal ergonomically designed to reach into inside to massage, stimulate and excite your G-spot or P-spot depending on how you decide to use it. It is non-vibrating, which means it does not have a motor. This toy operates fully on the good old manpower. It does not require batteries, nor does it require charging. It is made with stainless steel all through. This make it heavier than most sex toys, it weighs 1.5 pounds (680g). It has quite a bit of weight, but this just adds to the pleasure from the object. It is a curved metal dildo with a bulb at each end, one smaller than the other. The smaller bulb measures at 1 inch diameter and 3 inches in circumference, while the bigger bulb measures at 1.5 inch diameter and 5 inches in circumference. It is 8 inches in length.


This toy is quite simple and only uses the natural sensation of the cool metal from which it was made, and it’s weight to bring pleasure to the body. The metal can be easily made colder by placing in fridge for some time or make warm by placing in a warm water to heat it up a bit, although it should not be allowed to stay too long in the warm water. This change in temperature can add more to the sensation to be felt when the NJOY PURE WAND is slide into the vulva or the anus to find the G-spot or the P-spot, respectively.


To use NJOY PURE WAND, you can add some lube to make it easy to slide into the body, you can use both water-based or silicon-based lubricant to make it easy for it to go in. If you are a beginner at using sex toys or such stainless steel toy, you can start with the side with the smaller bulb. The inside of the curve should face you, that way the dildo will be able to find your G-spot easily. Once it is inside comfortable, you can start moving the toy in a back and forth motion, an in and out motion. You will find that the toy discovers tour G-spot fast and will start massaging it. The cool impact of the stainless steel on the G-spot is so ecstatic and heavenly.

This toy can be used in anal play too, it is the same way it is slid into the vulva that you slide it in to the anus, with the inside of the curve facing you, the toy lubed up to satisfaction, let it go in and same as with the vagina, it is advisable to start with the smaller bulb is this your first time using the toy or any toy. For men, this toy will locate your P-spot as soon it enters, and you will feel it massaging it, driving you to ecstasy and pleasure. The coolness of stainless steel might feel strange to you, but soon you will get the hang of it and continue rocking your way to orgasm.

The curved shape of the wand makes it locate several parts of the G-spot easily in a way that the straight dildo or stimulators can not reach. The continuous rocking on the wand let it touch all parts of the G-spot or P-spot. Its efficiency can not be overstated.

For an easy slip in, it is important to use a large volume of lube, especially if you are not wet initially. Oil based lube goes quite well with the metallic body of the wand, water based and silicon based lube as well could be used, although some people complain about the irritation that water based and silicon based lubes cause them. If you are one of this people, then oil-based lubrication is for you. The added advantage of using oil-based lube is that it stay longer on the toy unlike water based that needs to be reapplied several times during use, especially if you are advanced in age.

When using NJOY PURE WAND alone, it is better to use it while lying on your back, although you can use it as well in any position you want, but lying on your back and raising your knees while holding the other end of the wand will allow you to move it around as you want, you can easily control the direction it goes.
This toy is heavier than most toys due to it metallic nature, so if you have any disability that affect your fine motor skill, this may not be the most ideal sex toy for you since it is not automated in anyway.

 NJOY PURE WAND can be used with partner too!

 A couple can use this toy on themselves as well, in domination play, it can be quite useful to draw out the orgasm of your partner as well as massage some erogenous parts of your partner’s body. The weight and coolness of the stainless steel make it quite tantalizing.

The bulbs at the two ends of the wand can make it a useful tool in woman on woman sex, both women can each have one end of the bulb in themselves while scissoring, this can be quite an experience to try out. The heavy and cold feeling of the stainless steel and reach deep into the two women and massage their G-spot.

You can use this toy on your man as well, if you are new to anal play, it is best to take things slow and get the muscles relaxed enough before going in with the toy, the smaller bulb should be introduced first, stimulate the prostate slowly and let your man’s reaction dictate the intensity of the stimulation. The same goes for a man going in on an anal play on his female partner, if she is new to anal play, you have to take it slowly too.

For a penis on vagina sex, if you don’t mind, it can also be used for a double penetration, it is advisable that the smaller is used in this instance. Also for prostate stimulation, the smaller bulb is better suited for the purpose and the bigger bulb for the G-spot stimulation.


This toy retains temperature to a large extent, so it is quite useful for temperature play, you can place it in the refrigerator for some minutes to made it extra cold, it will retain the temperature for some time, and you can use it on yourself like this. To heat it up, you can place it in a warm water, it retains the heat for sometime before it goes back to it normal temperature.


It is quite important to take care of yourself sex toys so that they can in turn take care of you. It is relatively easy to keep the NJOY PURE WAND clean after use. It can be washed with soap and mild soap, after wiping dry, stored it in the box it came in with. To keep the toy safe and free from germs, it is important that it is cleaned immediately after use. You can put in hot water for a few minutes to sterilize it, just ensure you don’t pull it out with your bare hands to prevent burns. It can also be cleaned and sterilized by using a very light bleach solution, rinse it with water after and wipe dry before storing it. The wand is quite easy to clean.

Do not fear about washing it every day, you can wash it after every use, even daily use. It is made with a material that will not rust even if left in water for a long period of time. It will neither degrade nor corrode from getting exposed to water.

NJOY PURE WAND does not require charge, it is pleasure on the goal, without care for available of electricity to charge or the fear of running low on battery level. It is a constant and assured sex toy.


Adequate care must be taken when using this toy, especially for the first time, to avoid injury or accident. It is a relatively heavy when compared with some other toys, therefore it is important that anyone using it must be able to bear the weight for the duration of time needed for orgasm to be achieved. After using the toy on the anus, it is not hygienic to insert it again into the vagina, in doing so, there might be a transfer of microorganisms from one part to the other. It must be sterilized often to prevent infections.


The product has no warranty cover, it is made with 100% steel, with no electrical or mechanical device built into it. It is smooth and has a mirror like surface.


It is made with a hypoallergenic body safe steel

Smooth surface that will not scratch or injure the body

A curved design that makes it easy to locate the G-spot and P-spot

It is efficient in stimulation of the G-spot and P-spot

The stainless steel makes it great for temperature play to spice things up

Quite easy to clean and store


The bulbs may be difficult for some people to insert or remove.

It is not an ideal you for a beginner to self pleasure.



NJOY PURE WAND is as much a tool as it is a toy, it is a tool for pleasure and can be used in anyway you see fit, it is a toy as well, seeing as it helps you play with yourself in the most intimate way, no automation involved. If you are someone that like automated sex toys you probably won’t enjoy this wand, but if you are willing to explore and get used to it, you will get a lot from it. A lot of people have attested to it being the only toy that has made them squirt. The versatility of this simple yet effective toy can make it become endearing to both women and men. It stimulates the G-spot and the P-spot effectively and can trigger unending orgasm.
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