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Sex Toys You Can Use To Spice Things Up During Oral Sex

When I'm on my knees and my mouth full of dick, I feel so powerful, like I'm in control but in a playful sort of way. He could be grabbing my hair, inviting me to take some more inches in, and I wouldn't give a damn about anything else in the world except seeing my partner in a moment of ecstasy. I could go at it for thirty minutes. Maybe an hour? Who's counting anyway?

All I know is that I'm dedicated to seeing my man have all the pleasure he can possibly get from me and my tiny mouth. And nothing gives me pleasure hearing him moan my name the entire time and ask me how or why I'm so good at it. It turns me on even more.

Funny how you can be struggling to take an entire bite off a burger, but when it's time to take that man in, you don't give a moment's thought and immediately go for it. I personally think it's dedication, honestly.

So, what exactly is Oral Sex?

When I hear the word "oral sex," I immediately cringe. Sounds too formal and makes it feel like an obligation? Maybe? At least that's my take. There are so many naughty words to replace this traditional word; blow jobs, give head, take him in, just to mention a few. It all depends on your level of kinkiness. If you're going to enjoy this, you had better find a name that works for both of you and gives more life to your sex life. In simple terms, it's the use of your mouth to please your partner.

Let's Normalize Sucking Dick!

I don't give my partner blow jobs because I need to spice things up in the bedroom. It's the 21st century, for God's sake! We use sex toys to get things really shaking in there. Instead, I give blow jobs because I love to please my man. There are a couple of inside tricks to get his toes curling and eyes rolling to the back of his head. Toys help to speed things up a bit, and in a moment, I'm going to share my top picks with you.

But first, how can you improve your blow job skills? Because no one ever admits that they are terrible at it. Who would anyway? If I was a man and I met a lady who told me right before getting cozy and intimate that she's terrible at blow jobs, my boner would die instantly.

Sometimes mishaps could happen in bed; for instance, trying to gag, and instead, you end up puking all over him. I know this happened to me once. In my defense, I was a rookie and knew nothing about giving blow jobs. But I've grown my portfolio since then. There's no shame in admitting that we can be pretty terrible at it sometimes. The only reason I'm good at it right now is that I've mastered giving my partner head according to what he likes and how he wants it.

How to Take Your Oral Sex Game to the Next Level with Sex Toys

1. Get Comfortable With Each Other

The first thing you're going to do is make sure both of you are comfortable with each other. One thing about great sex is being present emotionally. Allow your partner to open up around you. Maybe he'll even tell you what he likes. Never assume anything. Remember, for you to enjoy this, you've got to let him experience the pleasure first.

And to create anticipation before taking him all in, you can use a blindfold on him. That creates a sense of mystery, and his whole body will tremble at your slightest touch. But remember, the pleasure isn't in you trying to have your turn. It's you watching what you could do to that man. Make him breathless. Helpless. Get him wanting more. Allow him to fall under your tongue's mercies and keep going.

2. The Tongue

Start by gently kissing him on the lips. That is my favourite thing to do first. Your lips are soft, and that will give him something to look forward to. Don't make it evident that you are going straight to his penis. Toy with him first. Run your fingers all over his back, take charge of his mouth and kiss him like nothing else matters in the world. That's how you communicate to him; there's more coming, hold on tight.

At this point, you can lube up  Anal Beads and, with his consent, slowly but carefully insert them into his anal cavity. You can also consider using a  Prostate massager. Making out builds the excitement. You could keep doing this until his entire body becomes responsive. Now start kissing his neck, chest, stomach; if he has abs, appreciate them. Keep going down to his groins. Slowly. Don't rush it.

Remember, you're building the excitement and anticipation here. This is the mother of all the excitement and rush that is to follow. By now, he's probably very hard. Hold that dick and begin stroking it playfully. If I'm naked, I'll probably rub him against my warmth, and that gets him going crazy. Don't give in too soon. My cue is when he gets that pre-ejaculation fluid. Don't worry if your partner rarely gets those. All he wants at this point is to dig in; that's when you go for the kill.

3. Begin a Playful Tease

Gently, with your tongue, lick the head lightly and playfully. If your man has a hard time maintaining his erection, you can use cock rings to make sure he goes strong for a longer time.

 I like to look up now and then when giving head, just to make sure he's enjoying himself. You can tell by the way he reacts. Most men look in anguish at this point but in a good way. The pleasure is getting unbearable, and he knows you're going to blow his mind at some point.

Lick him playfully while stroking him at the same time. Don't give in too soon. You might kill the excitement. Take all the time you need. For some men, kissing the penis is also welcome. Use this time to position yourselves in a comfortable position, and you can begin.

4. Body Language

You don't have to say you're turned on; let him read your actions. Moan a little here and there. Maintain eye contact when coming up for air and smile. I always smile. Sometimes I giggle. Not a burst of crazy laughter. Just a cute little giggle that tells him I'm having a great time doing this. You have to be present in the moment and enthusiastic about the whole thing. Otherwise, he might get distracted and turned off. So be dedicated and worship that penis like your life depends on it.

5. Lubricate

Your first move would be to use your saliva to lubricate the entire dick. Start in slow motions, place your mouth at the tip of the dick and use one of your hands, whichever you feel comfortable with, to move up and down in circular motion. That will allow your saliva to droop all over your hand and on his penis.

If he has an average size, you can use both your mouth and hands simultaneously. However, if he has a larger size, make sure to lubricate first and use your hand as well. Combine different actions. Don't be too monotonous. Also, remember to cover your teeth with your lips to avoid bruising or scratching.

6. Use Your Hands Creatively

One trick of mine is licking beneath. There's a line that connects to the balls. Right under. If you hold up the dick, you might see this line. The best way to find out is to ask him if stroking it does anything to him. Keep checking in with him and see what works. Remember, do not assume anything.

Move your hand up and down in circular motions or what is popularly known as the wrist twist. Join your index finger and thumb to create an 'O' and move it up and down the dick. You can also use the entire hand to hold him and move up and down as well. At the same time, play with his balls by sucking on them gently (to some men, this could get them going wild). Let one hand play with the testicles while your mouth and other hand keep doing the strokes.

7. Spit

Use as much spit as you can. Spit is very slimy and is an excellent lubricant. Plain saliva might not do it. So use as much spit as possible. You don't have to literally spit on the dick (although some men love it that way). At this time, I start deep throating. Once you start using your throat, spit will automatically come in plenty. So use it to your advantage. It will get messy, but ignore all that and focus on how your partner is responding.

8. Combine Techniques

The trick here is how you change the techniques. Don't use one method for too long. Change it even before he starts to get comfortable with it. No man is going to submit easily, so you're going to give them a reason to. Once the spit is adequate, you can now start gagging. Now, the thing about using your throat is, don't go past your limit.

Even when he asks you to, some men may be forceful at this point but remember, know your limits and don't go past what you can handle. If you're feeling uncomfortable with your mouth and throat, you can put a glass of water within reach just in case you get a dry mouth.

9. Practice Gag Reflex

We're all different when it comes to gag reflexes. What helped me get better at it was giving as many blow jobs as possible to my partner because practice makes perfect, right? I also practised by using the Simulated dildo. If you're going to train your gag reflex, you need to push past your boundaries. The best part is that this dildo is very realistic, so it will give you that immersive experience as if you were giving an actual blow job.

To deep throat properly, you can use the back of your mouth to help you warm up to the core part of giving blow jobs. Push a couple of inches further inside until you feel the spit build up. Don't go past your limit; you might end up puking. As the spit builds up, allow it to drool over his penis and continue to lubricate with your mouth. Repeatedly doing this will eventually give you the rhythm you need to continue deep throating. While at it, don't forget to come up for air.

10. Get Creative

Change the speed as well; different techniques with different speeds. He shouldn't have to know what to expect. That's the beauty in sex—the anticipation and surprise with other motions altogether. Remember to come up for air now and then.

For more stimulation, your mouth should be in a p-shape to allow the lips to get a tighter grip on the penis while the tongue can be loose in the mouth, either doing strokes or toying with the head. The p-shape also creates ideal suction and increases the intensity.

11. Use Visual Stimulation

Another tip of mine is my body position. I could be on my knees or on top of my man, giving him a full view of my beautiful sunshine down there. You could kneel and curve your back; you could ask him to sit on a chair or at the edge of the bed or lie entirely down flat.

Whatever you choose, allow him to see your curves and anything else stimulating. Make sure when you are giving him head, wear sexy lingerie. Visual stimulation is part of the entire thing. Men are visual creatures, and if you're going to moan and give a variety of sexual expressions, you might as well go all the way by wearing something kinky.

By the time I do that reverse cowgirl pose on him, I try to make sure I'm as wet myself, and sometimes this can be the perfect stimulator for my partner. Once you get the rhythm, you can continue with penetration or guide them to reciprocate with oral pleasure if you want to. If you're going to stop, no need to stop abruptly. Slowly kiss your way back to the top and decide what you want to do from there.

12. Hallelujah to the Orgasm!

At this point, the tension has already built up and now all he wants is to get his rocks on. Whether he decides to finish it off in your mouth or on your belly or you choose to go further and have penetrative sex is all up to you. You can opt to elevate the experience by using vibrators during sex. It enhances the sensation for both of you and makes the experience more experimental and intimate. The combo of double stimulation will give both you and your partner the most intense orgasms.

The Bottom Line

Sex is what you make of it. Whatever you are comfortable with is what stimulates your pleasure. There's no guide to how things have to be done and definitely no rules. Feel free to explore what you and your partner like and go ahead and try it out. Select proper sex toys according to you and your partner's preference. Also, for anal toys, remember to use lube to insert them.

You can explore the available sex toy options from our website https://www.honeysx.com. Happy shopping!

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