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ANEROS MGX SYN TRIDENT SPECIAL EDITION: perfect synthesis of the popular prostate massager

ANEROS is a brand that has been in the game for several years, and it has launched a lot of products in this line, the ANEROS SYN Trident is a product that is designed for the stimulation of the prostate gland, just like others in the brand’s line, ANEROS Helix and the others. Then the brand launched MGX SYN Trident, a prostate stimulator that is to be placed on par with the SYN Trident. Comparison could be made between these two products as they as alike, only with the more recent one which is the MGX SYN TRIDENT being an upgraded version of the SYN Trident.

Recently, the ANEROS brand decided to stand with the Zero movement, a movement that is a fight against prostate cancer, and it is for this reason that the special edition of the MGX SYN TRIDENT is launched, the product is called the ANEROS BLUE MGX SYN TRIDENT. The prostate stimulator is in blue color, and it is only a guess if the product was named BLUE MGX SYN TRIDENT because of the color of the stimulator, or it was the other way round.

ANEROS BLUE MGX SYN TRIDENT is the latest product from the brand to stand with men in the fight for prostate health and awareness, aside from the fact that the features of this stimulator are geared towards the proper stimulation of the prostate gland, a certain amount of the revenue from sale of a piece of this sex toy goes into the fund for the ZERO movement.


The ANEROS BLUE MGX SYN TRIDENT comes in a blue and black box with some details about the product written on the front of the box. The product is a special edition made in the likeness of the MGX SYN TRIDENT. The design is identical to that of the original.


The body of this product is made with body-safe silicon, a nontoxic and hypoallergenic material that is suitable for all skin types. The insertable length of this prostate stimulator is 3.9 inches, the width of the tip of the product is 0.8 inches, the width of the mid-ridge is 0.98 inches, while the stem to perineum measures a distance of 1.6 inches. The build of the stimulator is made to be rigid, the stem is ribbed for more intense anal stimulation. ANEROS BLUE MGX SYN TRIDENT is unpowered, and all its functions are purely as a result of its ergonomic design.


  • Blue MGX SYN TRIDENT is built with silicone material that is safe on the skin, it is smoothly built too to prevent scratches or bruises on the tender skin of the anus. The silicon material is also hypoallergenic, which means that it cannot trigger any form of allergic reactions on the body, and it is nontoxic as well, which means that there is no danger of prolong usage.
  • The stem of the insertable length is ribbed, this gives you more intense anal stimulation, the ribbed body makes it easy for your anal opening to pulsate on the stimulator, thereby increasing the sensation that you feel.
  • The body of the stimulator is built rigidly, this ensures that it stays upright inside you, and it continues to apply pressure to stimulate your prostate gland, the rigidness will allow you to control the pressure with your anal muscles, and you can easily guide the trident.
  • This toy is designed to stimulate four erogenous zones in your anal region. It is able to do this at the same time, it stimulates tout perineum, your prostate gland, the anal opening and also the anal passage. All in one, for your optimum pleasure.
  • The shape of the base applied pressure on the perineum, which is a very sensitive and erogenous spit of the male anatomy.
  • The shape and size of this toy is perfect from men of different levels of experience with anal stimulation, a beginner can use the Blue MGX SYN TRIDENT, and a pro in anal stimulation can use it as well.

This stimulator is unpowered, which means that it does not run on electrical power.


The BLUE MGX SYN TRIDENT is a prostate stimulator, built for men that wish to explore the pleasure that is in the anal region. There are a lot of nerve endings in the anal region, and only with the right tools can they be explored to the full extent of their potentials. This stimulator can help you reach some places in that you may not be able to reach in your anus, it also can stimulate some of these erogenous zones simultaneously, which is something you could not possibly achieve without help.

The build of this version of the MGX SYN TRIDENT is designed to help men get their prostate gland stimulate as healthily as possible, adequate stimulation of the prostate gland lowers the risk of prostate cancer, and it is for this that this version is dedicated to prostate health and awareness.


To use the Blue MGX SYN TRIDENT is quite easy, once you follow the instructions.

Prep your anus for penetration before you start, an enema session is best to get rid of any remnant of your bowel movements. This makes the coming process easier and more pleasurable, a full anal passage is not the best to work with, due to obvious reasons. Once you have cleaned your anal passage thoroughly, then you can go on to prep your Blue MGX SYN TRIDENT.

Before sliding the stimulator into your anus, ensure that you wash it to prevent any remnant from the factory production from getting inside your anus. A quick wash can take care of this, and then your toy is ready to be introduced to your prostate gland.

The next step is for you to apply a liberal amount of water based lube. Using the stimulator without adequate quantity of lube may cause you to experience difficulty in getting the toy into the anus, forcing the toy in is not an option as well, because this could cause bruises on the anus entrance. If you plan to have the stimulator in for a longer period of time, a dry anal passage will not be the best option, a liberal amount of water based lube on the toy will take care of this.

As a beginner, you should take your time as you penetrate the anus, not for any reason other than the fact that your anal muscles might take some time to get used to the feeling of getting an object penetrate from the outside rather than the other way round.


It is important that you take the care of your toy to be paramount, a clean toy has a super low risk of carrying infection. Ensure that before you use the toy, wash it thoroughly, and also carry out this process after using the toy. A thorough cleaning after use is when you wash it with warm water and mild soap, or make use of a sex toy cleaner to wipe it. After you have washed it, wipe the toy dry before storing it.


All ANEROS product has a 60-day money-back guarantee for all products that you get from them.


  • It is made with body-safe silicone material, this ensures that you do not experience any form of allergic reactions from the use of the stimulator.
  • The design and shape of the stimulator makes it easy to thoroughly stimulate the prostate gland, and also other erogenous zones around the anal region.
  • The silicon build is rigidly built which makes it easy to control the focus of the stimulator, the rigidity also helps provide pressure on the prostate gland.
  • It is waterproof, which allows you to use this toy in the bath, the shower and even at a pool party.
  • The waterproof quality also means you can wash this toy with water when you wish.
  • This toy stimulates four erogenous zones simultaneously, the prostate gland, the perineum, the anal passage and the anus.
  • The body of the toy is well proportioned for a balanced euphoric sensation.


  • It is not powered.
  • It does not have vibration settings


ANEROS brand has shown how much they care about their customers by dedicating a version of their Trident series to the campaign for Prostate health and awareness. This device is made for men to experience optimum stimulation of the prostate gland, which is a very pleasure spot that is most times overlooked by a lot, but a whole new level of pleasure in unlocked from the stimulation of the prostate. With the ANEROS BLUE MGX SYN TRIDENT, men are given the opportunity to enjoy prostate pleasure, and also the stimulation of other erogenous zones around the anal region. The design of this product makes it possible for the anus and the prostate to be thoroughly stimulated for euphoric sensation and bliss filled experience.


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