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LETEN youhuang II dream goddess sex toys

1)Open case observation
The last favorite princess is the thunder full-automatic retractable rotating aircraft cup,which is the endorsement of bodono.Even the interactive voice is also the original of bodono!!!A plane cup product can achieve this level,it is simply the conscience of the industry,capital bold,do not accept refutation!!!Can't be in close contact with Bodo goddess.It's also wonderful to have a plane cup that she speaks for and interacts with!

The operation area of leten series is intelligent and simple.It seems that the industrial design of big brands all like this style.Up and down key to adjust different rotation speed,the last two buttons to adjust the mode of rotation,a total of 130 kinds of combination mode,according to their ability to choose,don't force.

The performance of the cup itself is impeccable,and the process is not drying.It's too fierce.I tried the burst mode and let myself fly every minute.It's too exciting.The only disadvantage is that it's a little big and not easy to carry.I miss her when I go out.

After rotating the bottom of the cup,take off the shell and push out the inner liner to take out the silicone soft meat and clean it with clean water,but after washing,pay attention to air drying or use a towel that does not remove hair.The overall operation is very simple.leten is very considerate for the male compatriots.
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