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Beginner's Choice: Three Types of Anal Sex Toys

Everyone has always had a "prejudice" about anal sex toys. They think that the prostate massage sex toys are designed for sexual minorities, but do you know that the prostate massage may bring joy that you can't imagine!

Types of anal toys

Anal toys also occupy a place in the erotic toys, classification generally has anal plugs (anal plugs), anal beads (chain beads), and prostate massager. In addition to the prostate massager is a male-specific erotic product, the other two do not distinguish between men and women.

Conventional anal plugs generally have a base with a round bottom, which is inserted into it. Plugs often have tail plugs, and the usage is described in detail in the article below. Basic models generally have no vibration function. Many new anal plug toys have their own vibration function, which allows the anus to enjoy more pleasure with the times.

Anal bead is also called chain bead, looks like a string of sugar gourd, long, a bead connected into a similar. It is also a more common anal sex toy. Unlike anal plugs, the chain beads will have different levels of stimulation such as size. Experienced adults prefer to choose to anal beads with vibration function, but like anal plugs, they are basic anal health products.

The prostate massager is well distinguished from the anal plug, and the prostate massager is like a "pistol". The curved scales and angles are designed specifically for the butt of adult men, which brings extraordinary prostate pleasure just like stimulating a female G-spot massage stick. Generally speaking, all the prostate massagers produced today have a vibration function.

  1. Anal plug

The anal plug sex toy is easy to use and can be inserted into the butt. It does not need to go in or out. Adults can produce a certain degree of pleasure by plugging the anal plug. The first time the plug may have a strong defecation sensation. After a period of habituation, use the chrysanthemum to retract and tighten the anal plug. After being familiar with it, you will like the feeling of being filled and the anal plug vibrating inside.

In the beginning, it is recommended to choose the smallest size anal plug toy. Lubricating fluid is an indispensable match for anal health products. After all, the anal part cannot secrete lubricating fluid by itself.

The anal plug is made of hard and cold metal or glass, and soft rubber material with a softer temperature. In addition, there is also a plush tail at the end of the anal plug. With animal headwear, it is a sexy and cute cat and puppy like, which is absolutely inspiring for partner's lust, absolutely erotic.

The anal plug can expand the sphincter well, can be prepared for the piston movement afterward, although some anal plugs with the function of vibration, but anal plug alone can also bring good pleasure.

  1. Anal beads

Slowly put the beads into the buttock one by one. The beads will fill the anus slowly, and then slowly pull out, in and out, to experience the feelings carefully, and make people feel uncontrollable excretion.

It’s best to choose round beads with the same thickness. Of course, there are also advanced versions. From top to bottom, the beads get thicker and are in strange shapes. Every day a bead enters is a kind of stimulation to the anal part.
(Click to Anal Beads Guide: How To Use Anal Bead )

  1. Prostate massager

Where is the prostate of an adult man? Insert your fingers into the anal knuckle until the second knuckle, and gently bend your fingers in the direction of the small DD. The hard thing that you encounter across the intestinal wall is the prostate.

The elbow part of the body of the prostate massager is used to stimulate the prostate (that is, in the JJ direction). Unlike anal plugs, the angle of the prostate massager must be adjusted when entering the anal to allow the anal to gradually adapt to the toy. Slowly retract the anal, and must not be too fast, but slowly shrink. The body will be slowly sucked into the butt, the elbow part will strongly squeeze the prostate gland, it will produce a person can not help but moan ~ the pleasure. This time the anal has adapted, you can switch to manual or vibration to feel a party belonging to the adult health care products brought about by the orgy.

It's possible that newbies will feel uneasy. Relax the buttock at this time, and it will take care of a portion of it on its own. After becoming accustomed to this sensation of excretion, there will be a great deal of stimulation and pleasure, followed by a tightening and relaxing of the cycle. You can push and insert without using your hands, concentrating on retracting the buttock while paying attention to the sensations of the chrysanthemum and prostate. If you do this slowly and often, the unpleasant sensation will unconsciously convert into a nice experience. Prostate massager are high-end toys that should be used with caution.

Most of the prostate toys are made of silicone, which is also divided into vibrating and non-vibrating. Some advanced ones also have a heating function, which is simply too intimate.

Reminder: For any anal sexual stimulation, condoms and lubricants should be used. This is not absolutely safe, but it is the most effective way to reduce risks.

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