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What Does A Butt Plug Feel Like?

Butt plugs and anal vibrators don't have to be unpleasant objects at all; in fact, playing with them during masturbation or partnered sex can be a lot of fun. Additionally, they aren't just sex objects for males and those with penises. Butt plugs are a terrific place to start if you're new to anal sex gadgets and unsure how to use them.

It is only normal for you to wonder what all the excitement is about if you are a beginner and have never before bought a butt plug. There's no need to worry if you're considering getting a butt plug but are concerned it might hurt or be uncomfortable.

A butt plug can feel remarkable each time you use it if it is used correctly and is paired with appropriate anal training. There's a clear reason why many people choose this form of sexual stimulation over all others because they believe it feels so amazing. Knowing how to use a butt plug safely is also advantageous since you can stop fretting and concentrate only on the enjoyable aspects.

The Many Parts Of Butt Plugs Use

We will cover every aspect of a decent butt plug's design that you need to know. If you are more aware of the design, you will be better able to choose the butt plug that will fit you the most and know what to look for when making a purchase.

The Tapered Tip

Sharp items do not appeal to the anus. It must progressively get thicker so that you may insert something easily. To do it, start by inserting a fingertip or a thinner butt plug. However, tapered buttplugs are effective. Many buttplugs have a tip that is thinner, globular, and gradually tapered in thickness.

Unfortunately, the tops of many buttplugs are overly pointed. This might be cozy while inserting or while slouching and moving around. However, if your butt plug is overly pointed when you sit down, it could feel like someone is stabbing you from the inside. It is preferable to first extend your anus with a smaller buttplug or finger rather than a long, pointed buttplug.

The Essential Drop-off Point

The portion of the butt plug from its thickest point to its neck is considered the drop-off point. Additionally, the taper of this portion is crucial.

Your sphincter will constantly want to contract. This is the reason why it will close after reaching its thickest point. Your buttplug will seal neatly and swiftly if the drop-off point is too level. That sounds like a decent way to wear the butt plug and insert it.

The Longer Neck Part

You should be aware that you have two sphincters—an internal and an external—in your body. Squeezing and relaxing the external sphincter are both voluntary actions. However, it is very hard to consciously control the internal sphincter.

These two muscles occupy some room. They cannot be confined to a narrow area. You can only keep a plugin for a short period of time if they both fit on the neck of the plug.

The recommended neck length, according to several experts, is between 3 and 4 cm. It ought to be at least 1.5 cm, in my opinion. The internal sphincter will be partially on the bulb if the neck is shorter. Due to this inability to fully relax, the muscle will attempt to pull the plug out of you.

A butt plug should resemble an inverted T when seen in a cross-section. This is crucial because it keeps the butt plug from being entirely sucked in by the sphincter muscles. In a way, the base acts as a "stop." Therefore, the base must be significantly wider than the neck.

There are essentially two types of bases: rounded and straight. Walking causes a spherical base, such as those found on buttplugs with crystals, to slightly rub on your buttocks. The more time you spend using these plugs, the more of an issue this can become.

Sometimes, this kind of base also includes additional structure to energize the perineum. This form of the base, however, might occasionally be less pleasant if you have a vagina and wish to have something in both your anus and your vagina at the same time.

The vaginal aperture may be blocked by a rectangular base. Penis in Vagina intercourse may find this particularly unpleasant. Because his penis will rub against it, the master of the penis will not consider a rectangular base to be very comfortable.

The Build-Up: Feeling Before Insertion

Any form of butt plug playtime necessitates both physical and psychological preparation, so if you're new to the game and you're already a little titillated about the experience, that will only be helpful for you later on.

Start by setting the appropriate tone, which is the same mood you want for any form of sexual activity, whether you're playing with your butt plug by yourself or with a partner.

This entails turning the lights down, getting cozy, and perhaps even enjoying a drink of wine.

Why is this such a big deal? Because to get the most out of using a butt plug, just as with other forms of sexual activity, you need to be at ease.

It's okay to be anxious at first, but if you just create a romantic atmosphere before you do anything else, you'll be able to unwind much faster.

Alternatively, you may try teasing your thighs, buttocks, and legs with the butt plug first to get your body craving what comes next.

If you're with a partner, ask them to give you an erotic massage because every time you do something to create the right atmosphere, you get that much closer to your final objective, which is to have a nice time with that butt plug.

Pornographic entertainment is also beneficial, but there is one thing you should never forget. No matter how ecstatic you feel, keep in mind that the anus doesn't self-lubricate as the vagina does, thus excitement should never be used as a substitute for using the proper amount of lubrication.

When you finally feel comfortable putting the butt plug, you should still go cautiously and liberally apply lubrication.

There are four distinct steps to this activity, but they are all crucial ones that must be followed by specific guidelines if you want to enjoy your butt plug.

Stage One: The Tip

Butt plug tips are always tapered, the tip being the tiniest goes in first into the rectum. You should never attempt to insert the plug too deeply at first because doing so could hurt.

In addition, if you're a beginner, it's advisable to start with the very tip and leave it there for a long time because you'll need to become thoroughly accustomed to each step before moving on to the next.

Naturally, you'll have applied a lot of lubrication before beginning, but if you notice that your anus is becoming sore or dry so it's uncomfortable, you should go ahead and reapply the lube to ensure that you stay comfortable the entire time.

It is not a cause for concern if you need to apply lubrication more than once; this is common. The greatest approach to ensure that you are completely comfortable while playing with your butt plug is to ensure that you are well-lubricated.

Once the tip has been inserted, move it around the anus or in and out of it for a while to become adjusted to what's within.

The rectum is divided into various sections, all of which you will soon be able to explore with your butt plug and revel in the bliss it produces. When using the plug for the first time, you might only be able to insert the very tip of it; do not be concerned.

As you and your anal muscles become accustomed to the activity, you will be able to insert the plug further.

Remember that those anal muscles are initially quite tight, and the tip of the butt plug also helps to stretch them out.

There is no need to worry about the anal muscles becoming too loose because once they are stretched to a certain extent, they will not continue to do so.

Nevertheless, this won't be an issue for you when you first begin using your butt plug, so taking your time will help you stretch those muscles without experiencing too much discomfort.

Stage Two: The Stretch

Because the first part of the anus has sensitive nerve endings, inserting the butt plug's tip alone may only cause a slight itch.

Once the butt plug tip is inside, slowly work it in further. Always stop if the activity starts to hurt or make you uncomfortable.

You must insert the plug very slowly in order to relax the muscles.

Keep in mind that stretching out each muscle, as well as each segment of each muscle, is necessary before moving on. This takes time.

In fact, it won't take long for you to reach the sphincter muscle, which is particularly tight and difficult to pass without experiencing any pain.

Naturally, using a lot of lubrication and having some patience are the keys, and it's also a good idea to always remember to breathe. Some people forget to breathe naturally when they become anxious and agitated.

Stage Three: Full Insertion

Each person requires a different amount of time, so only you will be able to tell when you're prepared to fully insert your butt plug. You'll certainly feel like celebrating when you finally fully insert the butt plug, and for good reason.

It's a great feeling to play with a butt plug when your anus is properly prepared for it, so even if it takes you some time to get there, the wait will be worthwhile in the end.

Use your patience with it once your butt plug is fully entered. If you're a man, don't forget to massage and rub that prostate gland a bit so that you can benefit from this action. Push it in and out, explore the inner parts of the anus and rectum, and push it in and out again.

Once the butt plug is inside of you, take your time playing with it and use your imagination. After all, this is the enjoyable part of the process, so take your time and learn what you enjoy and detest in the bedroom.

Finding out what your body wants is a crucial component of playing with butt plugs because only you will know what is satisfying.

Stage Four: Removal

If you've learned anything so far, it's that you should proceed cautiously when doing anything with a butt plug, and this is especially important while attempting to remove one.

Even if you're used to wearing a butt plug, yanking it out too rapidly might harm delicate muscle tissue, which can be painful and irritating.

Instead, wait until you are calm, and prepared, and only then attempt to remove a butt plug carefully. It's possible that you still need to reapply lubrication at this stage. As with inserting the plug, withdrawing it requires anal muscles that are prepared for the action, so don't think that using lubrication to support the process is a waste of it.

Pull it out slowly, and don't forget to add more lubricant if you start to feel dry or the plug starts to become stuck.

Your sphincter muscles will be constricted strongly at this point, making it difficult at times to remove the broadest section first. This is why it is a good idea to exert a lot of effort to relax the sphincter muscles as much as you can while continuing to breathe normally. Soon, the butt plug's wide end will no longer be inside the anus.

The second and easiest portion of the removal process begins at this time. The rest of the butt plug should glide out easily once the sphincter muscles are relaxed.

The Come Down

You will feel totally satisfied and content by the time your butt plug is taken out. You might even feel a little bit worn out, but you won't be unhappy or tense.

You may need some time to recover from the experience, so the first thing you should do is lie down and unwind. You might even want to spend a few minutes practicing deep breathing. Before you do anything else, simply lie or sit there for a while and savor the moment.

Final Words

The safest and simplest way to engage in this kind of activity is to gradually get used to butt plugs. Butt plug-play is a lot of fun for both men and women.

You can get used to butt plugs sooner than you think by adhering to a few basic rules, using a lot of lube, and moving very slowly. This will allow you to take pleasure in fun anal activity for the rest of your life.


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