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How to store your sex toys properly and safely

While getting a new adult toy is wonderful, deciding out where and how to store it is a lot less enjoyable aspect of being an adult. We’re here to educate you on the fundamentals of sex toy safety and how to effectively take care of your priceless collection of sex toys. The most crucial thing to remember while storing sex toys is that they must be dry and clean before being placed away. When you store a toy that is dirty or even just damp from washing, bacteria will grow and cause skin irritation, a malfunctioning product, or an infection whenever the toy is used again.

First and foremost, effective sex toy storage systems should be capable of keeping a clean toy clean when it’s not in use. No matter what kind of sex toy you’re using—a bullet vibrator, a dildo, or your anal beads—storing it in your bedside table drawer or beneath your pillow will expose it to bacteria and other airborne contaminants.

There are some points to note when deciding how to store your sex toys

  1. Ensure your toys are clean and dry before storage.

It is important that your sex toys are clean and dry before storing them, some toys are made with materials that are porous or semi porous, this makes it easy for bacteria and other microbes to thrive in such spots on the body of the toy. Lube and bodily fluids can be trapped in these crevices, and you would need a thorough wash to get rid of these things. This is a very important factor to note before sex toys can be stored for later use.

  1. Storage pouches made with silk or satin are the best.

After cleaning the toy, the storage in which you put it is just as important as the process of washing. Some materials are more suitable for storing objects like sex toys. Materials that allow air to move in and out easily are the best. Therefore, satin and silk are the best. Other storage pouches made from plastic or other air-tight container can cause a dampness, which can cause mold on the surface of your leather toys. Choose silk or satin storage pouches.

  1. Do not store sex toys of different materials together

Consider the material a sex toy is made with before storing it with other toys. Sex toys are made with different materials, some are made with silicon, there are those made with glass, plastic, even metal. These materials can collide and rub off each other in a way that might damage the softer material. Hence, storing them separately is important for the integrity of the body of the toy. Each toy to its own storage bag, thankfully, bigger toys such as vibrators and dildos come with their own storage bag, you can make use of these.

  1. If the batteries are detachable, you should remove them before storing the top.

Removing the batteries from your toys before storage prolong their lifespan. On standby, some vibrators can soak up power on a battery, even without constant use. Therefore, if it is possible, remove the batteries on the toys before storing them.

  1. A sex toy and its components should be stored together.

Sex toys and their chargers should be stored together, you do not want to experience a situation where your sex toy needed to be recharged, and then the charger is nowhere to be found. Your organizational skill is needed in this aspect. Keep toys together with all of their accessories, some toys have attachments designed to be used specifically with them. Some toys are not fully enjoyable without their complete accessories, for this reason, you should endeavor to store your sex toy together with the charger and other accessories that come with it.

Storage box or Bag, which one is more suitable for storing sex toys?

Whether it’s a storage box or a canvas bag, it should be unobtrusive, simple to open, and, ideally, big enough to hold the toy as well as any additional materials that may have to be kept alongside it.

storge bag

Take a physical inventory of your collection before investing in storage for the sex toy or toys. Since many storage boxes and bags can only hold toys that are approximately around 7 or 8 inches long, you'll want to be sure you know the length of the item in question before choosing a solution.

Along with the toys themselves, you should think about the accessories you need to keep; lubricant, contraceptives, toy cleansers, adapters, etc. All require a place in the storage system you choose. Finally, it’s wise to spend money on a storage solution that will accommodate the expansion of your collection.

There are as many different sorts of sex toys as there are storage options, but for the needs of the majority of individuals, a storage bag will work best. Bags are ideal for travel and can accommodate toys of unusual shapes, such as vibrators fashioned like rabbits with protruding ticklers.

Here, we’re not referring about a simple plastic bag that won’t allow air to pass through and might allow nasty things to thrive. Simple drawstring bags made of cotton or polyester are a sensible and affordable option.

There are storage bags that are made expressly for sex toys that have an inside covering that prevents the development of viruses, mold, yeast, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms.

storge box

Storage Boxes work too

If you have a larger collection of toys or want to keep things like lubricant, condoms, and chargers in one location, a special storage box is a better option. Plan to store each toy in its own small bag to minimize item degradation that can happen when toys are mixed together, even if standard plastic storage boxes work perfectly for this purpose.

Ultraviolet disinfection box

It’s important to be aware that there are specialized toy storage boxes. Anti – microbial interior coatings, detachable or removable slots to fit toys of various sizes and shapes, including USB ports to charge toys when not in use are some characteristics to look for. Consider that with a lock if you are concerned about keeping nosy eyes out of it.

The most popular sex toy storage choices available are zippered bags and storage boxes, but there are also some more unique options available that go far beyond a cute compact pouch to tuck away in a dresser drawer.

Other storage ideas for sex toys

There is furniture that doubles as toy storage, such as lidded couches or ottomans, if you really want to invest in storing your sex toy collection. This is a smart option for people whose toy collection includes big and clunky or overly large objects like wedge pillows, absorbent blankets, or bondage kits.

The single most important thing you could do to secure your investment, big or small, whether you have a single silicone toy, a particular glass toy, or even a whole batch of metal toys, is to ensure that you keep them in a hygienic and devoted space.

Importance of storing your sex toys safely

There is a very good probability that dirt, dust, pet fur, etc. Find their ways into your collection of sex toys, if you do not store them safely and accurately. Microorganisms will thrive easily in your favorite toy, and if this hazardous microbes spreads to your vulva and vagina during your next self pleasure session, for instance, it could result in an imbalance in the pH level, an infection, and an itching illness.

Because of this, it’s crucial to understand how to store sex toys and keep them off the ground and under your bed. Most people prefer to store toys under the bed or on the floor. In the throes of an orgasmic high, it’s quick and easy to simply let the toy drop wherever it drops, but this act is quite unsafe and unhygienic.


Sex toys are cherished objects that we hold close to our hearts and our bodies, they deserve the best of care so that they can last longer. Without adequate storage for your sex toys, they are likely not to go beyond the mark of a few months after purchase. The damage from bad storage could be mechanical or a corrupted body design of the sex toys, aside these defects, another important effect of a badly stored toy is the opportunity it gives microorganisms to thrive in its crevices, these crevices can be a breeding spots for bacteria, toys that are porous or semi porous are easily ideal spots for these microorganisms, and heat can be instrumental in their growth. For this reason, storage bags that allow air to go in and out without problems are suited for storing these toys.

You can spend a lot on acquiring sex toys to suit your needs, but if you do not create a good spots for these toys to be kept, all your hundreds of dollars go down the drain, and you will need to keep replacing toys often, whereas a durable and perfect storage will help you keep your sex toys for years, and you can even sell again years later, quality sex toys are also forms of investment, so keep them safe.

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