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Satisfyer Sugar Rush: The Strongest Clitoral Sucking Stimulus

SATISFYER is a popular brand that has several products under their belt, a series of products that have become favorites in the collection of both women and men. Now, the brand introduces another product to its catalog, the SATISFYER SUGAR RUSH.

SATISFYER SUGAR RUSH is a new product from the popular sex toy brand, SATISFYER. This brand has, over the years, produced several vibrators and massagers that have state-of-the-art technology and design. This new product SATISFYER SUGAR RUSH has an almost simple design that one might overlook what it could do, but I am going to be reviewing this toy with you and share what I have learned about it.


SATISFYER SUGAR RUSH comes in a package that is a bit bigger than the actual product. The box is blue, a light blue. The box has a wraparound design that looks like a book. Opening the lid, the SUGAR RUSH is placed in the relief of the same shape in a plastic holder. I removed the toy with the plastic holder and under it, there is the USB charging cable and also an instructional manual. The packaging is cool because it is made in a way that it is can be reused as storage for the toy. I appreciate packaging boxes that have such recyclable qualities.


The material of the SUGAR RUSH is a soft body-safe and medical grade silicone, although some parts of the product are made with ABS plastic as well, but a major part, especially parts that interact with the body more are made with body-safe silicon. The body of the toy is extremely soft, flexible and quite gentle on the skin. The design of the product takes on the shape of a fish’s head. Going by this design, one could assume that this product has waterproof quality, and that actually true, the product has is waterproof (IPX7).

SATISFYER SUGAR RUSH has a height of 40 mm, while other dimensions such as the length of the product is 82.5 mm and breadth is 73 mm. The weight is 104.5 g. SUGAR RUSH comes in two colors, Pink and blue.

Design and functions

SATISFYER SUGAR RUSH has two powerful motors that generate different energy patterns. One motor generates. Air Pulse waves while the other generate vibrations.  This toy is mainly for clitoral stimulation, the air pulse waves pull and stimulate the clitoris. There are 11 air pulse waves with 11 different levels of intensity. The vibration motor, has 12 vibration patterns. And these two motors work independently. On the side of the SUGAR RUSH, there is the SAISFYER logo, SF embossed right there.


  • Two powerful independent motors
  • Dual stimulation, a combination of air pulse wave and vibration
  • Body safe medical grade Silicon and ABS plastic
  • Small and compact size
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and  magnetic charging

Charging and Battery

This toy has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be charged using the magnetic charging points at the back of the toy. To charge, all you need to do is connect the magnetic head of the charging cable to the points and connect the USB end to an adapter that is connected to a wall socket. It can also be charged by connecting to the laptop. On the first charge, it may take between 1 and 2 hours depending on the battery level when the product arrived. But, aside that, it takes about 2 hours to charge to full capacity. The battery lasts just as long depending on the level of intensity at which you used it.


The interface of the SATISFYER SUGAR RUSH is quite simple and easy to access. There are two buttons to control the device. The two buttons are arranged vertically at the top of the toy, towards the back, where you will also find the magnetic points for charging. One button controls the Air wave and the other controls the vibration. To turn on the air pulse wave, you press and hold the button down for about three seconds and the toy switches on. To change from one AirPulse wave intensity level to another, you press the button once. You continue pressing once to switch from level 1 to level 11 and then, it is back to level one. To switch off the AirPulse wave, you press and hold the button for about 3 seconds again.

To control the vibration, you press and hold the button that is behind the one for air pulse waves, assuming the hole for the air wave is facing way from you. Pressing and holding the button will bring on the vibration motor. To switch from one vibrational pattern to the next, you press once and continue to do till level 12 and after that, it is back to level 1.  


This device is a lay-on clitoral stimulator, after switching on, you hold the opening of the toy against the clitoris to stimulate it. You can change the settings with the buttons available on the body. You can also use the SUGAR RUSH in the shower or pool. It is waterproof, which means it can be used in the shower. The air pulse wave produces a sucking sensation on the clitoris, and the pulses can be adjusted on 11 distinct levels. This was it can be said that this toy is not boring. The vibration can also be used and set to 12 levels of intensities. You can use it as well to stimulate other part of the outer labia and your inner thighs as well. Including the nipples.

The size of the toy makes it easy to hold it with the vulva lips and holding it tight by crossing the thighs over it. Holding it this way can make the sensation more intense and heightened. In a way, this toy is quite versatile, if you are an adventurous person that is able to experiment and try out new things.


The SATISFYER SUGAR RUSH offers a one-year warranty and a  fifteen-year quality guarantee. All within the guidelines that you use the device in a favorable condition. There are some guidelines in the instructional manual that help to understand under which condition, this would allow you to be able to prolong the quality of life.

Care and hygiene of the product

The SUGAR RUSH is quite easy to wash, thanks to the waterproof nature of the design. Before and after use, you can wash it with a mild soap and water. You can also use sex toy cleaner if you have it available instead of the soap and water. Before using your toy, clean it. This is to ensure that you do introduce Amy remnant from production to your body. Hygiene is important in the care of sex toy, always ensure that you keep them clean after use. And, keep your toy charged so that you can always use it whenever you want and for as long as you want. 


  • Two strong and independent motors that can be controlled with different buttons, this should prevent mix-up when using
  • It has 11 air pulse waves of different levels of intensity and also, 12 distinct vibrational patterns.
  • The compact size makes it easy to carry this toy around, for example while travelling.
  • Quite low noised
  • Magnetic charging
  • It is waterproof, this makes it easy to clean with water after use and also be able to use it inside the pool or shower.


  • Solo play only, it is not ideal for partnered sex.
  • It does not have app controlled features

The SATISFYER SUGAR RUSH is an idea toy for women that want to enjoy solo play, to the full extent and experience clitoral stimulation that will trigger unending orgasm and ecstasy. This product is actually quite handle and can be carried around without stress.

SATISFYER brand has some other products that actually has the air pulse waves and vibration combination, same with this product. There is the SATISFYER Pro 4, an insertable vibrator with an air pulse wave technology as well, although it is bigger and has a different shape. The SATISFYER PRO 1+ also has the air pulse wave technology, but one of the upper hand that the SATISFYER SUGAR RUSH has over them is the size and also the different levels of intensity of both the air pulse wave and the vibration.


SATISFYER as a brand has always be on the top in the aspect of producing products that are top of the shelf in their quality and their features. The SUGAR RUSH might be a minute toy in the scheme of things, but this toy packs a punch and is quite powerful. It is quite handy and can easily become a favorite especially if you like a toy that you can easily pack with you on a trip without worrying about how to pay it. The extensiveness of it intensity, also makes it quite an interesting toy.

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