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Violet Myers Fleshlight Give You Vaifu and Ahegao Texture Stimulate

The Fleshlight brand has found a place in a niche of sex toys to create sex toys that are replicas of the vaginal, oral and anal regions of the body. This brand has created several of these toys that could either be a random design or an exact shape of a popular porn actress, giving men the opportunity to have sex with their favourite porn actresses in the only way they probably could, in their fantasy.

The Fleshlight are usually in the shape of a big flashlight, and an opening is made for the penis to be inserted. The inside of these toys are constructed to give the feeling of any actual human sex organ, which could be oral, vagina or anal. Men are able to get an almost real experience in using these sex toys. Now, a new toy has been made in the likeness of another popular porn actress, her name is Violet Myers.

Violet Myers is a beautiful curvy woman of a Latina and Turkish descent, she is quite voluptuous and has an incredible body that men desire and sort after. She is a sex figure in her own right, and she is the living fantasy of most men. Several penises grow turgid at the sight of her breasts and vagina, and all they wish to do is slide in between this sweetness for a chance at an ecstatic height that is in the tightness of her center.

Violet started out as a model on social media, releasing a lot of gorgeously sensual photos and videos that frequently went viral. She made the wise business choice to enter the adult film industry as a result of her rising online fame. Violet believes that she is constantly horny and that in order to control her sexual cravings, she must cum at least once every day. She had approximately 40 people on her notch count when she initially entered the adult industry, making her an extremely skilled sex expert from her very first scene. She was able to get started right away and quickly establish a reputation for herself because of this experience.

It is from the physical features of this fantasy girl Violet Myers that the VIOLET MYERS FLESHLIGHT is made, this toy takes on all of her features from the slit of her vulva to the inner clenching of her vaginal muscles. This Fleshlight is made to massage your penis and drive you towards a powerful orgasmic release.

The VIOLET MYERS FLESHLIGHT is in two variants, these variants are the vagina version which is called the Waifu Fleshlight Sleeve, and the Ass version which is called the Ahegao Fleshlight Sleeve.


Features of VIOLET MYERS FLESHLIGHT (Waifu version)

  • This Fleshlight is the exact replica of the vagina of Violet Myers, with beaded centerpiece for squeezing your penis as you thrust in and out, to elongated length of the passage, it gives the endlessness of fucking an actual pussy.
  • The device is made with soft body-safe silicon that is gentle on the skin, and also nontoxic. This material ensures that you do not trigger any allergic reactions from using the Fleshlight.
  • The silicon is soft and flexible to accommodate penis of different sizes without becoming too tight or too loose for a sweet penetration.
  • The body of the Fleshlight is grip friendly, and you are able to hold it at any angle you desire.
  • The silicon material makes it easy to clean the toy after use.

Description of the Waifu Fleshlight Sleeve

The Waifu Fleshlight Sleeve which is the vagina replica of Violet Myers has three chambers, each chamber has a different texture, each has a unique texture, and each texture has its own designed pattern of stimulation.

The first chamber: this part of the Fleshlight has nubs on the wall and cones. These protrusions create a squeezing sensation on the penis, just as a vagina would do when the penis is thrusting in for the first time.

The second chamber: this second part is lined with little balls on the wall, this balls gives the penis a feeling of being in a real vagina, because of the pressure the balls apply on the sides of the penis.

Third chamber: this third chamber is made to feel like the inner part of the vagina, the nubs on this part work on the head of the penis.

The Ahegao sleeve of the VIOLET MYERS FLESHLIGHT

This variant of the Fleshlight is designed to be an exact copy of the butt of Violet Myers. You can easily fantasize as you use this toy because it is a replica of the butt of  Violet Myers. This Fleshlight has only a chamber, unlike the other variant. This shape of this chamber is a realistic view of the vagina.

The opening on the butt variant is an exact duplicate of Violet Myers' own ass, just like it is on the vagina version. This male sex toy can be the solution you have been looking for if you want to perfectly imitate the experience of anal intercourse. The Ahegao sleeve is just as tight as a female butt should be. The walls are lined with the protrusions and knobs which makes the penetration into this sleeve believable.


Both the variants of this Fleshlight are for the pleasure of all people with penis, as long as you have a penis, you are able to enjoy this sex toy. It is to be penetrated with the penis, the inner part of the Waifu sleeve is designed to grip and massage the penis in a way to give the best feeling of fucking an actual pussy. Same way, the interior of Ahegao sleeve is a perfect replica of the anus of Violet Myers.


When you want to use this Fleshlight, you should apply a liberal amount of water-based lube as this is what is ideal for a silicon made product. Apply the lube on your penis, as well as the inside of the FLESHLIGHT. Once you have applied enough as you desire, you can then move on to thrust into the Fleshlight as you wish.

Benefits of using the Violet Myers Fleshlight

  • One of the benefits of using the Fleshlight is that it helps increase your sexual stamina, you are able to last longer in sex with an actual woman because this toy can help you learn control and also give help you get the edge off so that you can last longer in sex.
  • Another benefit of this Fleshlight is that you can also have a pussy in your pocket, so you can always satisfy your sexual needs wherever you are.
  • Your sexual fantasy is made real, Violet Myers has a lot of fans, and it will be the realization of your fantasy for you to be able to have sex with a sex figure like her.
  • As a beginner, into toys or sexual activities, having a Fleshlight is to your advantage, because you will be able to practice what you enjoy being done to your penis with a Fleshlight, such a patience that you will not enjoy with an actual human, you will get it from the toy.
  • The toy is never tired, which means you can continue to have sex as much as you desire without breaks.


  • The toy is made with silicone on the inside, the material is non-toxic and will not trigger any allergic reactions during use.
  • The two variants give a realistic feeling during use. It feels almost like the inside of a human vagina.
  • The device is easy to clean after use, the silicon inside is easy to wipe and clean after you have ejaculation.
  • The variants are the replica of Violet Myers sex organs, men that could only fantasize about her before, nor will be able to fuck her as they wish.


  • It is unpowered and does not have vibration patterns.
  • The price could be costly for some people.


Violet Myers is a walking sex figure for most men, and the release of this Fleshlight will be cool experience for people with penis. Your sex figure has been brought closer to you, because as it seems, not everyone will be able to have sex with Violet Myers. The butt variant of the pornstar’s range with Fleshlight is the Ahegao sex toy. This toy has incredibly small gaps for optimum stimulation and enjoyment. There is a visibly smaller hole at the entrance due to it being the butt variant of Violet Myer’s waifu.

This is the male sex toy you ought to get if you’re searching for one that is very arousing. One of the best male stamina training systems available is made by this product. With practice, this pocket pussy will actually help you stay in bed with a real woman longer. Of course, if you’re one of the numerous fans of this pornstar, you’ll want to get your hands on this toy without a doubt.


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