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TRYFUN YUAN SERIES ROTATING THRUSTING MASTURBATOR: The World's First APP Control Exclusive Sleeve Masturbator

Most time, when the discussing matters that concern sex toys and devices, it has been unconsciously ascribed to the vulva having members of the society, this is a wrong assumption as there are several brands that cater to the sexual needs of the penis owners as well. And of such brand is TRYFUN. Tryfun is a comprehensive news media in China, so the product quality is definitely higher than one level and has over the years put out several sex toys suitable for the need of the penis. This brand has several lines or series of products under their belts that have served and are still serving people with penis. Now there is another product from this brand that I will be introducing to you. TRYFUN YUAN-series APP controlled intelligent rotation thrusting masturbator. This product has been developed with an ultra modern technology that include a lot of amazing features that you may not find in other sex toys for the penis in this same era. These features are bound to take you from your present self to a heightened level of ecstasy of which you have never experienced before. An app controlled automatic masturbator is the future, as companies continue to design and produce more and more sex toys that give realistic experiences to the users. 


This masturbator comes in a compactly designed package. In the package you see the masturbator, the USB charging cable and an instructional manual.


This body of the TRYFUN YUAN-SERIES APP CONTROLLED Masturbator is made with a body silicon and ABS plastic. These two materials are presently used in products to ensure that there are no allergic reactions to the body from the contact with the products, and they can also withstand the friction that is bound to occur during usage. The overall dimension of the product is 297.6 X 104.5 X 118.2 mm. At a weight of 1.3 kg, it is relatively light. The length of the area that the penis is inserted is 167 mm which means that it can take penises of varied length and girth. On the body of the device, there is a colored LCD screen that can be used to monitor the mode and other data of the device, which in use. This dimension of the LCD screen measures at 1.54 inch.


TRYFUN YUAN-SERIES APP CONTROLLED Masturbator has the following features:

  1. This device is designed to trigger sensation that are similar to a human being
  2. The Rotating and thrusting motions to simulate the human body and apply pressure on your various pleasure points
  3. The two motions can be used independently
  4. This device is controlled with an App from the smartphone
  5. The app used to control this device has an interface that promises a wonderful user experience, east navigation and usability
  6. It has an interface of the sex toy itself that is quite simple to use.
  7. There is a monitoring LCD screen on the body of the device that displays different data concerning the device And how it is being used.
  8. There are five different vibration patterns inbuilt to give an unending wave and wave of pleasure
  9. This device is quite easy to clean


This sex toy is designed to simulate the human body, it has the inner lining that to give the feeling of having actual sex with a human. There are two movements patterns that the device has, the rotation and the thrusting. The device can accommodate any size of penis, all you have to do is lube up your penis and slide it in, then you can use the app on your smartphone to control which mode or pattern you would prefer. There are three sleeves, each with a personality built in the device, each personality has five different patterns which you can control using the app, which the app you can regulate the patterns and select that one which you desire. The inner layer has a design that stimulate the pressure points on the penis.


This device is designed to be used even during more rigorous activity, this means that it has a strong durability. For the cleaning after use, it is preferable and more advisable to make use of sex toy cleaner and wipe it clean rather than attempt to wash it in water, this device is not made to be used or submerged in water. This can damage it or reduce it lifespan. Therefore, to ensure its durability and integrity remains the same, it is important to take note of this. Although the design of the device makes it easy to clean with the opening at the end that can be closed with an attached rubber like knob, with this thoroughfare, the passage in which the penis was inserted can easily be cleaned without submerging the whole device in water. Another important tip worthy of note is that, as it is that this product is built with Silicon, it will not be advisable to use silicon based lube with it. This can affect the integrity of the body when silicon meets with silicon in friction. Water based lube is best advised.


Silicon is used in several sex toys, and it provides a varied degree of comfort during usage and in the TRYFUN YUAN-SERIES APP CONTROLLED Masturbator, the same trend has been followed. With the body safe silicon and the ABS plastic, the chances of getting an allergic reaction from usage is quite low. You also have to be careful where and when you use this device, due to the intense pleasure that this toy is bound to unleash, do not use it when you will be handling machines or while driving, this is for your safety and as well the safety of others on the road.


On the upper body of the device, there is a colored LCD screen that gives information on the present functions of the device, these include the mode or pattern in which it is being used, the battery life which is on the upper right side of the screen. Directly under the screen, is the button to switch on the device and as well switch it off. The app that is used to control the device is quite easy to use because of the imagery it makes use of rather than written words. With the images on the screen of your smartphone, you can easily click on the option you desire.


TRYFUN YUAN-SERIES APP CONTROLLED Masturbator comes with a USB charging cable in the package that you use to charge the device.


The warranty on this product promise a return back policy within 7 days of receipt, if there is any factory fault noticed upon receipt. There is a 12-month warranty on the product that start right from the time of receipt, and this warranty also extends to the parts of the device. As the product is meant for personal use, any damage incurred due to commercial use or a third party usage is not covered under the warranty.


  1. Ergonomic design for ultimate masturbation
  2. The device is built with a body-safe silicone
  3. Specially designed to be low noised
  4. The majority of its functions can be controlled using the app on the smartphone, there eliminating the need to touch the sex toy during use.
  5. Quite ideal for individuals with motor skill challenges since they do not have to worry about touching the device.
  6. Quite easy to clean with a thoroughfare from the top to the bottom


  1. This weight and size of the device can be a concerned for someone that prefers a sex toy that will not take much space, for instance, in case of travelling.
  2. It is not suitable for fast masturbatory need, it is designed to give a simulation of sex with a human being, therefore it may take long to ejaculate during usage.


Some of the important elements of a good masturbator include, an easy to clean design, multiple pleasure patterns, an almost perfect simulation of the human body and the comfort of the materials it is made with. After climaxing, no one really wants to go on to the cleaning process that is quite hard to achieve, you simply want to bask in the moment, therefore an easy to clean and store device is important. The build of a sex toy should bring both pleasure and comfort to the user, unless it is designed to be otherwise like those that are used in BDSM. TRYFUN YUAN-SERIES APP CONTROLLLED Masturbator has the elements that have been listed, with its ergonomic design, it is quite a discovery. Also, the App controlled feature also takes the automatic feeling a step further, because you could use it without fiddling with the device itself. With your smartphone in hand, you take yourself on a trip to blissful climax.

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