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How to use vibrators correctly?

Vibrating stick, a female masturbation sex toy, replaces men to meet women's sexual requirements. This product is small in size, easy to use, can work after charging, and can be reused after disinfection and cleaning. Simply tell you how to use products such as vibrators,for more detailed methods, it is recommended that you first understand the type of vibrator
1. First check whether the power is sufficient. If not, connect the charger to charge the vibrator. The vibrator body has a charging port.

2 The vibrator itself does not have lubrication function, so it is best to use it with lubricant or condom; Do not use utensils made of silica gel with silicone grease lubricant, because silicone grease lubricant will damage the smooth surface of velvet.

3. Adjust the vibration mode, from micro-vibration to strong vibration, and feel the massage vibration intensity at different levels

4. After use, the rod body can be cleaned and disinfected with cleaning spray or flowable water, and dried for storage for the next use

Tips:in the case of inflammation of body organs or skin damage, it is recommended not to use sex toys.
The vibrator is an appliance that comes into direct contact with sexual organs, so it is best to use a special person to avoid indirect infection of germs; At the same time, vibrators used in private parts are recommended to participate in the stimulation of anus after cleaning, so as to avoid the spread of bacteria.
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