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ANAL DOUCHING: Everything Folks Don’t Talk About

Everyone wants to talk about fucking, giving head, and orgasms in general. But nobody likes to talk about the anal stuff without blushing. As a matter of fact, people love talking about anal sex and how satisfying it can be but never anal cleanliness. This doesn’t refute the fact that it’s a common practice and for some people, an important one before they can indulge in anal play.

I know the wheels in the head of many newbies here are turning. You are genuinely curious and you want to know what anal douching is all about, how safe it is and how important.

I’m going to answer all of this in this article and more because unlike most folks, I’m not bashful about stuff like this, and of course, I love a good opportunity to share my douching experiences so more people are encouraged to share theirs or adequately educated on the subject.

When it comes to the anus, many people will agree that it’s an easy place, even though it’s a vital part of the body. Let’s face it guys. We poop out of there and though we clean up as thoroughly as possible, we can’t do much about the bacteria that remain even after cleaning.

I think it’s widely accepted by most people that the anus is a ‘grubby’ place, and you know, to some extent – I’ll agree. Poop comes from there. And whilst there are a certain number of people who don’t mind that – for most of us, poop and sex don’t mix. Which is understandable. That is why most prefer to douche or have their partner douche before going down there.

While this increases the chances of not having a clean, peaceful experience, we can’t avoid the ‘accidents’ when they happen! Sorry, but we are humans and sometimes our bodies do things we do not expect. This means it happens to everyone. You’ve just got to learn to shrug it off when it does happen.

So, what is a douche? I’ll explain it this way. Douches are devices used to introduce any amount of water into the body either through the anus or the vagina. Why do people douche? Some want to be clean ‘up there’, others do it on doctor’s orders. For this article, we know what we are here for. The ‘dirty’ stuff. Anal douching is basically what we know as Enema but most sites for sex toys prefer to use the term ‘anal douching’ and so, here we are!

Let’s look at the three common douching practices. They are:

  1. Shower kits
  2. Water bags
  3. Bulb

 Shower Kits

    Shower kits require a connection to your mixer tap or shower. They can be affixed temporarily or permanently and will guarantee a steady stream rate up there which is a pretty good thing. With shower douche, there’s no chance of suck back and the clean is deeper due to more pressure coming out. If you are going to use this method, I’ll advise that you exercise some caution as things can go downhill if you are unable to alter the pressure to just the right amount.

    Shower kits are the way to go if you’re overly particular about how clean you or a partner is down there. It’s also an ideal choice if you like to do heavy stuff like super-sized dildos or fisting. I should tell you about the slight pain though because these kits come in small pieces. Also, the hose can be quite the hassle while cleaning so be prepared for that.

    When you look over these itty-bitty cons, you’re just going to love how this method leaves you feeling clean and squeaky. The confidence boost is going to be worth it I tell you. I recommend Clean Stream Deluxe Shower douche for most people. It has a simple look and features 2 nozzles plus a 6-foot-long hose that can be fixed permanently hence, the regulating tap. What this simply means is that you can channel the flow of water from the shower or the douche. And guess what? There’s a valve for controlling the flow of water.

    You need warm water to use a device like this. Plus, you need to be extra careful. Especially, if water pressure can be volatile where you are. On your own, you’ve got to mind how much pressure you send up there. A little too much and you could end up in a lot of pain.

    Water Bags

      Think of this as a bulb and shower douche combo and imagine the amazing benefits. I was certainly blown away when I learned what this particular method could do. It works a lot like the Hydrodouche in case you are still trying to wrap your head around it. The general idea is a water-filled bag or hot water bottle held high on a hook. The bag has a lengthy tube affixed to it which carries the Nozzle. Most water bags feature an adapter to regulate the water flow.

      Unlike shower kits, water bags can’t be holed permanently to the shower. This makes it perfect for folding away and carrying with you wherever your partner is. One more plus to this method is the fact they won’t take anything out of your pocket but the results are satisfactory. When you purchase a Travel Anal Enema Kit, you get:

      • A bag
      • A suction cup for holding it in the bathroom
      • A nozzle
      • A hose with a flow adapter

      If you like to break the bank when you go for stuff, a durable alternative is the Clean Stream Water Bottle Douche. With this Water Bag, you get a strong water bottle that can be hooked onto your shower so you get to use your two hands. There’s the Bathmate Hydrodouche and it works pretty much like the Clean Stream Water Bottle Douche but this time, you are getting a big plastic chamber that can be hung on the shower and refilled by bringing it under the showerhead. It’s detachable, so you can use it on the go.

      Bulb Douche

      Of all the three douche types, the bulb douche is the most common, the least expensive, and the easiest to use. It comes in a 2-piece kit. The squeezable rubber or silicone bulb is where you insert a nozzle. First, fill up the bulb with water (warm preferably) and insert it into your anus then squeeze it to propel the water inside. I recommend the bulb douche for shallow cleansing but if you want to go deeper, you can get a bulb douche with a bigger nozzle.

      I love the Jeusn anal irrigator for its effectiveness and simplicity. If you’ve never used a douche before, this is a good choice because it’s easy to use.


      I get asked this question a lot. Are the douching kits safe to use? Is there anything I should be worried about? Well, I don’t have the medical qualifications to be an authority on everything. All I can say is that I’ve been douching for quite some time now and have never experienced any side effects. I found what works for me and I stuck to it. Personally, my douching sessions are not every time. Once or twice a month is all I do and I’m comfortable with that.

      What most people don’t know is that the human gut carries bacteria and not all of them are bad. The good ones help your body soak in the nutrients it needs and digest food. They also defend the body from bad bacteria meaning too much or too aggressive sessions of douching might flush out some of the good stuff, leaving your body defenseless against harmful bacteria. Douching has no recorded health benefits. All the fuss is just from us generally and that’s okay.

      All I can say within my rights is that you ought to listen to your body. Nobody knows it as much as you do irrespective of how many blogposts there might be on a subject. You are at liberty to make up your mind on what you want once you understand the risks. And if poop pops out while doing the do, don’t beat yourself up about it. Accidents happen sometimes and everybody poops! 


      Before doing an anal play, is douching important? This is another common question people ask a lot and I can understand why. First of all, let’s establish that the human body is perfectly capable of cleaning itself and staying healthy. But that has never stopped anybody. I know about folks choosing to use mild soap down there before some bum fun while others simply take a shower.

      For me, I don’t think soap is really necessary. Why? The area that’s your anus is not only delicate but sensitive as well. Some soaps will irritate you when you use them on your anal area. The best resort is chemical-free, organic soaps to reduce the likelihood of irritations.

      How to do the job

      Anal douching depends on what you’re using so, I’m going to give you a play-by-play on how to douche using Bulb Douches since that’s what I’m familiar with.

      Step 1: Be sure that you have a toilet close by when douching

      Step 2: Carefully rinse your Douche before use to be certain it’s dirt and dust-free.

      Step 3: Always use mildly warm water. Too cold will give you some huge shocks and possibly cause some damage. Too hot will wreck your anal passage. Besides water, don’t use any other thing or cleansing product. The result is usually irritation and lots of pain.

      Step 4: Do plenty of lubrication (yourself and the nozzle) before inserting into your anus. Silicone lube is usually the best as it is water-based and easy to wipe or wash away.

      Step 5: Slip the nozzle in 2/3 inches in.  since you only need to flush the lower part of your bum hole for anal sex, lightly squeeze the bulb so water can stream inside. Be sure to hold onto the bulb until you’ve taken it out of yourself. Failure to do this means you’ll suffer suck back where all the water gets sucked back in the douche. That’s a real bummer trust me.

      Step 6: After step 5, you’re urgently going to feel like you NEED to use the toilet. Since you’re close to it, all you need to do is go right over and do your thing. The water that made you feel full is going to be expelled out of you. It usually feels weird at first but once you get the hang of it, you’re good to go. Flush, douche again, and then flush finally. If you prefer to go once, that’s fine.

      Step 7: I recommend a repeat of these steps as instructed.  2 to 3 expulsions should suffice but keep trying until all the water is expelled. For playtime, try to wait for 30 minutes after douching to engage in any stuff. I’m speaking from experience. Sometimes the water is higher up, and if you don’t give it time to come out on its own, you might leave a wet page as you get relaxed later on.

      Nuggets to Keep in Mind

      • Too much water at a go could have the opposite effect of what you have in mind. I once attempted to empty the entire bulb inside my passage and I can tell you the story, later on, is a story I don’t like to tell.
      • Always use warm water and lubricate your anus with every insertion.
      • Stay away from soap and all the other ‘effective’ cleansing products they told you about. They do more harm than good.

      My overall take on douching is that it is quite fine as long as you do it on a moderate level and you do it properly.  This is not an article coercing you to douche and whatnot. I strongly believe that douching is a personal thing and everybody has what works for them and makes them feel comfortable. So, do your thing! Then, we recommend different anal sex toys to increase your pleasure.

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