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Dildos 101:How to pick the best Dildos for starters?

What is a Dildo?

A dildo is a pleasing sex toy, apparently phallic in shape, designed for sexual penetrations or for many other sexual activities with your partners or during masturbation. Nowadays, Dildos are prevalent among  all genders &  sexualities and have been around for thousands of years.

Dildos assist in provoking internal stimulation to prostate, vagina/anus or to the g-spot. According to psychology, sex toys plays a critical role in arousing sexual desires.

For beginners picking the best dildo can be intimidating a little bit. If you ever walked into a sex shop and had a look on rows and rows of realistic(veiny dildos) and non-realistic (dick-shaped without veins), ,there’s actually a huge variety of dildo’s out there. Actually, dildos are not only penis shaped,  some are sleek and smooth, some are straight and some curved-shaped, others may have grooves and bumps, designed differently for fulfilling desires of different people.

Generally, a dildo is considered to be just a phallic shaped sex toy. But once we start exploring more then we come to know that there is a wide range of dildos available that are both expensive and cheap depending on the quality, a large amount of colorful sex toys that are intended to fit in every shape, desire and  need.

Dildos can vibrate as well as inflate and deflate and  come in all sizes from beginner-friendly to frankly enormous. 

To nail down the basics before you start shopping a dildo for yourself, a beginner must consider following requirements for picking a perfect dildo for themselves. 

What dildos are made up of?

Dildos can be manufactured from different materials and molded like an erect  penis as it is present in humans. Although the numerous types of dildo toys are prepared with a number of  material, but the most commonly used  material  for the dildo toys includes  glass ,silicone, TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), glass, metal and rubber.

All those materials that are employed in making dildo’s  are either medical grade material or high- quality material  so that it can be safe for the skin.

Among all, Silicone is one of the most appealing materials intended to make the sex toys. Silicone dildo is delicate & super soft, with smooth surface as well as stretchable. Along with it, silicone dildo is very easy to use and clean. Although Silicone dildo is little costly so you should prefer it only, if it fits into your budget.

Another material that is becoming popular nowadays is thermoplastic Elastomer(TPE). It is relatively cheaper as well as much softer than dildos made up of silicone.

Dildos made up of glass or metal are significant for those who wants to enjoy temperature play. Also the glass dildo’s are heavenly beautiful and smooth.

Rubber dildo’s are highly recommended for those who want to use the cheap and inexpensive dildos or who can’t purchase costly dildo.

 Another material that is no longer of use is plastic. No one is using plastic nowadays due to its poor quality.

Which materials are safest for dildos?

Usually that material is considered safest that are non-porous and easy to clean after use. Among all materials described above, silicone, metal and glass are not porous and easiest to clean and that’s why they are highly recommended. Some materials including jelly rubber, which is manufactured using  Phthalates(a chemical softener) is considered to be toxic. This type of material and  plastic dildo’s are not recommended at all, due to their porous nature.

What should be the Texture of dildo?

Selecting the right texture of your dildo toys is very critical step. It depends on your choice that either you want to experience real feelings or not. In case if you are interested in experiencing real feelings like that of real human penis then you should go for the realistic dildos that are available with veins and testicles as well. Otherwise you can choose other non-realistic dildos that are also effective. Non-realistic dildos are more useful in case of anal sex as non-realistic ones are relatively thin and can be easily inserted into the anus.

How to select perfect Shape of Dildo?

Dildos are deigned differently for different purposes, like some of them are  intended for G-spot stimulation , while others may be for amusement of prostate gland(P-spot). Some dildo toys are exact copies of real penis, some possess bobbles, nods and ridges for creating sensation or extra tingling..

The selection of dildo’s shape totally depends on your desires and purpose of using. For p-spot or g-spot stimulation, you should choose little-curved dildos. But if you want to experience plunging penetration then you should go for the straight and smooth surfaced dildos. Also, a huge variety of dildos is also available with differently shaped dildos.

But before everything first you have to decide whether you want to enjoy realistic or non-realistic dildo. Secondly you should know that for what purpose you are going use dildo.

How you will select the base of dildo?

In selecting anything, the first thing that matters a lot is your choice i.e., what you exactly want?. So in case of dildo’s base, again there is a variety. Some are flared, others may have suction cups. If you want to use to strap on, select the flared ones. Otherwise you can select suction cup dildos that can be easily fixed on smooth surfaces.

What about the Color of dildo?

There is a huge variety of colors for dildo toys including brow, black, white, pink and skin color. But you can choose any of your favorite color.

How big do you want to go? 

For beginners usually small size i.e., 6 inches maximum of insert able length  is recommended at starting stages while the recommended width is 5inches which is the actual girth of an average erected penis.

Since selecting the correct size is very important so the beginners can perform a finger test by inserting a finger into vagina and measuring the required length. After getting experienced with smaller dildo toys you can use the larger ones. Although large size dildos are difficult to insert but with time you can handle it too.

What should be the cost of a perfect dildo?

Since no user wants their money to get waste so you have to select dildo according to your budget. But in case of beginners, one should use the cheap ones as they don’t know much about the dildo toys and also there is a chance that dildo will get damage only after 1 to 2 uses. But after getting experience with cheap dildos you can select the costly ones for playing as it can be maintained for longer use.

Some of the best brands that have the wide range of sex toys are listed below:

 Zalo: Your Entry To Luxury Sex Toys

• Luv N’fun Adult Toys : Without ‘It’ Life Is Boring

• FunFactory Adult Toys Brand: Because Sex Is All About Fun!!

• Tryfun Adult Toys - Epitome Of Pleasure

• By Swedish Luxury Brand LELO

• OTOUCH Adult Sex Toys | From Hong Kong - Sweet Secret

Lastly: It's highly recommended you use lube with your dildo.

It is always highly recommended to use a lubricant along with dildos in order to experience more smoothness and slick feeling. For the most optimal experience, pair up your dildos with your favorite lubricant. But the only thing you should take care off is that if you are using a silicone dildo don’t pair it with silicone lube. Always try to use a water based Astroglide's Toy 'n Joy Liquid lube along with silicone dildos.

What are the best Dildos for beginners?

DRYWELL Ture Samurai Dildo for Beginners

Ture Samurai Dildo is ergonomically designed using a safe, soft silicone material.The soft silicone material makes it feel so good, so real hand.Ture Samurai Dildo is the perfect size to stimulate the female G-spot.Powerful suction cups that allow you to relax your hands and reach orgasm with ease.Use waterproof material to ensure use in wet environment.Its price is $19.90

JEUSN 5.63'' Dildo

JEUSN 5.63 "dildo is designed for the female vaginal G-spot.Mimicking the upturned head of a European male, whose penises can be quite ferocious.It's not too expensive, and the axis perimeter is about 5.63 inches, which is quite thin.Small size, easy to store in the bedside table can be put into the bag, travel, ready to use. It costs $59.99.

Beingfetish 8.9'' Realistic, Liquid Silicone Dildo

This dildo toy is also known as hefty and lifelike.On its tip, a pronounced ridge is present for enhancing P-spot and G-spot stimulations. It is huge and a most wanted toy. It can provide you the stimulation once it is inserted in.Powerful suction cups can also stick to any plane, so you just need to adjust your posture and enjoy it. Its price is $68.99.           


LEVETT Gemma Y Shape Dildo

Soft and bendable round head with rugged curve, fits your sensitive anus area perfectly and hits your P-spot directly.It is adorable as well as wallet-friendly i.e., you can take it everywhere.One of the best quality that it possess is that it can cause two orgasms in just twenty four hours.its price is $49.99.

Fun Factory Amor Dildo

The fun factory’s Amor dildo is highly recommended because of its smoothness and flexibility.It is fairly small about 4-5 inches long with e girth of 1.4”.Its base is so soft that makes you feel like soft smooth skin and ideal for both anal and vaginal plays.Its price is $75.99.


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