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Guide To The Best Adult Sex Toy Brands @honeysx Online Store

Since the beginning of the global pandemic in the year 2019 the adult sex toy industry has gained immense popularity. The consumer are seeking diverse adult sex toys for new exciting and adventurous night. More and more adult toy brands have entered the market, and the sales of many brands have surged.

With countries imposing stringent restrictions and various social isolation measures adults are seeking various way of pleasure. If you are looking for sex toy brands or products, HONEYSX is best online platform you can buy. The following is the list of the best adult sex toy brands listed on the HONEYSX online store to help you explore sex and desire in comfort.


Industrial designers Mr. Eric Kalén along with Mr. Carl Magnuson and Mr Filip Sedic created the brand LELO in the front hall of a townhouse in Stockholm. Presently, LELO is a leading manufacturer of luxurious sex toys and intimate lifestyle products. They design, develop and manufacture high-end adult sex toys, including accessories for BDSM, Erotic underpants and massager products etc. It has an offices established out in Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States. Here are the Lelo top Sex Toy Recommendation.


ZALO is into manufacturing and supplying of elegant high-end adult toy products, that has an eye-catching beauty and design. ZALO products are gold-plated, high-end hand enamel processed, real crystal touch, silky food-grade silicone that is a visual feast for the buyers. ZALO motive is to bring unprecedented functions to the private adult toy product market. There preheating function in their toys let toy reach the ideal body temperature for you before every use.


FUN FACTORY was founded on the Wessel River in Bremen. It is a German adult toy manufacturer specializing in the manufacturing of high-end Silicone dildos, vibrators and love balls. FUN FACTORY manufacture adult toys that stimulate sexual exploration, their adult toys are rich in colors, and are available in different shapes and sizes. Their product represent free, playful, and passionate sex for every sex, gender and sexual orientation whether you are alone, together in the bed or bathtub or car. The important thing is to feel good, have fun, and pleasure!


Have you ever heard of sex toys that "suck the clitoris"? These are toys are designed to massage the clitoris with air pressure and provide suction for pressure. The brand Womanizer is not unknown to the one who is familiar with the clitoris sucking toy. Mr. Michael Lenke with his wife believe that the obsolete sex toy market urgently needs to be changed. There are many women having difficulty in attaining orgasm because clitoral stimulation is often overlooked. Pleasure AirTM technology stimulates the clitoris without direct contact, which can avoid over-stimulation and desensitization effects. FunFactory other innovative technologies such as autopilot and Smart SilenceTM continue to ensure an unprecedented climax.


The company mission is clear and unique: They want to provide innovative products and high-quality designs at competitive prices. Satisfyer's adult toy world ensure their user to experience the pleasing sex life and enjoy the fun of love life with confidence. Men, women, singles, couples, homosexuals, heterosexuals, young people, and old people - Satisfyer has a wide range of products to satisfy everyone. Satisfyer believes that sex is a creative expression of your personality. It has infinite possibilities, with all the colors of the rainbow.

6、Luv n’Fun

Luv n’Fun brings you: A LITTLE CRAZY FEELING! Originated from the British culture following the trend of wave spectrum. The brand is a well-known in the industry for high-end female vibrators that provide unlimited charging. With an excellent European original (British and Swedish) designing team and manufacturing capabilities, their products are highly appreciated by consumers around the world. Luv n’Fun is committed to bringing multiple options of the sex toys and to bring joyful experiences to every modern women. Luv n’Fun aims to bring a simple, sexy and noble lifestyle to you who are confident and open, and to bring your pleasure life to a new level.


Cachito main focus is on original sex toys. In the year 2015, Cachito used whales as the prototype for sex products. Next year, they used steam wave punk as the product map. In 2018, they used white and pink two-color integrated silicone and cat's claw as the prototype. In 2019. Cachito is a brand known for the most exquisite sex toy. Each of the product they manufacture has a patent, and there are five patents for products that have not yet been launched.


DMM originates from DAILY MENTAL MEMORY. DMM wish that every adult using their products should enjoys the quality life they brought by the spirit of fun and that should become a memorable experience for their entire life, just like the DMM slogan: Fun creates quality life. DMM uses its own industry experience to promote healthy sex concepts for adult men and women. Their team of professional R&D experts continues to develop fashionable and high-quality sex toy products for consumers.


DRYWELL is a Japanese adult toy product brand used by the Japanese erotic studios. DRYWELL has always adhered to the concept of "high but not extravagant, with deep heritage", and is committed to develop high-quality products that are in demand by the market worldwide. DRYWELL was born in Shibuya, Japan. It is committed to building a global high-end adult product brand and developing high-quality products that are required by the market! The product range include: male delay, intercourse lubricant, condom, contraception Set, automatic aircraft cup.


Easy.love specializes in the design, development and production of adult products. Their products meet international quality standards and are well received in markets around the world. Easy.love is committed to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service. Experienced staff are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction.


TENGA is an adult product brand that was born with the original motive of "allowing everyone to enjoy the joy of the masturbation". "TENGA" is derived from the pronunciation and meaning of the Japanese kanji "elegant", from brand image to product design, all exudes an elegant atmosphere. In 2012 and 2015, they won the German Red Dot Design Award; in 2017, they won the Best Packaging Design Award in Asia. "Make sex more generous so that everyone can experience its beauty."


Viotec is a sex toy brand having expertise in designing toys for women. The brand manufacture smart and healthy sex products for both sexes. VIOTEC is one of the new power brands in the world of smart sex, as well as a pioneer in technological innovation in the sex industry. There unique free and personalized settings, let you enjoy an immersive joyful experience with just a light swipe. Viotec was founded in 2018, and its designing centers are located in Denver, Colorado, USA, Tokyo, Japan, and Berlin, Germany. Viotec wants to awaken people's bold fantasy about sex toys. At the same time, he gave himself to an unknown possibility to bravely explore new realms and even no man's land.


Roomfun, was founded in Guangzhou, China. It is an adult toy company having an integrated production facility, R&D design and sales department. The concept of sexual life for both sexes runs through their product line of all adult toys. Committed to R&D the product that can increase the emotional interaction props, postures to meet the needs of couples, sense of game and scene. At present, they have a series of posture props, SM fun series, creative sets series, rainbow series and flirting series.


BEINGFETISH is a high-end adult product manufacturing brand integrating the research and development, production and sales of human toys. Their products line include: 3D physical dolls, sex doll products, simulated buttock mold products, male appliances, female appliances, SM sadomasochism products, etc.

BEINGFETISH adheres to the spirit of quality first and excellence, continuously improves its technical level and management ability, uses high-quality raw materials to produce high-quality products, and has won the trust of customers.


Messe focuses on the design and development of high-end erotic adult toy products, including vibrators, vibrators, Kegel balls, airplane cups and other products. Messe advocates the concept of being interesting and full of sex, guiding their users to obey their inner desires and exploring the fun and sentiment of life. Messe insists on leveraging users' new good habits with high-quality designed adult toy products. Gradually changing user behavior and consumption patterns, creating a pleasant experience, and improving users' quality of life is their brand objective.


Wowyes focuses on the design, development, and manufacturing of sex toys! Including products such as sexual health products, sex toys, adult products, feminine products, and gender products. Wowyes combines European industrial technology and Asian cultural aesthetic sex toys. With the inspiration and love design, they are been widely loved by young men and women and has become a representative brand of high-end sex toys.


TRYFUN focuses on originality and continues to provide self-pleasing sex products designed for young people. They encourage every consumer to express their curiosity, love and demand for fun, and be a self fun natural. Since the start, TRYFUN has adhered to the differentiation strategy of "de-pornization" of the erotic brand, not limited to traditional sex toys. TRYFUN is committed to using products and culture to inspire people to explore and choose an interesting lifestyle, so that sex becomes a cool thing. Interesting and fun things.


LIBO is a well-known adult products manufacturer. They mainly produces nine categories of products such as men's jet cups, delay rings and backyards, women's vibrators, AV sticks, turning bead sticks, suction cups, vibrating eggs and shrinking balls. LIBO adheres to the culture of loving harmony and loving life, and the mission of creating a high-quality sex life, and wins the love of users with innovative and high-quality adult toy products and services. The LIBO Smart App vibrating eggs has won a number of utility model and appearance patents. They invent product with dual-axis dual-phase motor with specially designed immersive operation program for greater pleasure.


OTOUCH is SHILOSH's original adult sex toy brand, specially designed for young people. OTOUCH now focuses on luxury and professional male masturbation cups. OTOUCH products range includes sucking and heating male strokers, oral sex and masturbation cups, etc. OTOUCH is committed to bringing a more "real experience" to both sexes. The product is positioned at high-end interested brands, focusing on sex toys designed for young people, using purely original designs.


EROCOME has always focused on the design of high-quality sexy products with aesthetics, and is committed to giving products personality, guiding user needs, and bringing sexy products to life. EROCOME defines sensory experience as the most perfect way to express love. Starting from the context, their design team combines the needs of interest with emotional expression, and connects products with the emotion of their users, and helps users shape sensory experience and enjoy a perfect erotic life. EROCOME advocates a healthy attitude and innovative functional design. EROCOME aim is to provide you an unparalleled fun experience.


DIBE is a sex toy brand that perfectly combines European modern fashion style with global technology to express European romance, fashion and quality. DIBE has a joint venture professional R&D laboratory in Switzerland. All innovations are derived from the wisdom of senior Swiss technical architects, inheriting Swiss fine craftsmanship and high-end manufacturing technology. DIBE is committed to intelligent aesthetics, high-end precision manufacturing, design and research and development, becoming a one-stop overall solution provider for sex toys and an advocate of high-quality life.


JEUSN is an original sex brand specially designed for gay men. JEUSN insists on pure original style elements and focuses on designing sex toys for adults. Their product style is mainly high-end and luxurious. JEUSN focuses on Cannon Machine Series, Muscle Real Stem Penis Series, Aternum Series. The JEUSN team adheres to the concept of high-end quality, design aesthetics and innovation throughout all its series of products.


OMYSKY product design creativity comes from the cooperative R&D team of Taiwan’s classic sex brand Super Eagle. OMYSKY has inherited its usual adult toy product development and quality control experience for more than 20 years, and its values are rigorous, responsible, and attitude.

OMYSKY insists on beautiful design, exquisite craftsmanship and higher cost performance, so that every user can enjoy sexual happiness and unforgettable sensory enjoyment. It always organically integrates technology and fashion, and integrates fine craftsmanship and craftsmanship into every detail of the product.


UNIMAT is a brand that support fun and pragmatism, using today's advanced technology combined with more cutting-edge technology, unruffled research and production, they allow user to have more quality and pleasant products, for everyone eager to have the good time! The UNIMAT Smart Airplane Cup is made of skin-friendly soft gel material, made to feel user like a real girl's skin. They use new type of lithium battery that reduces the charging time, without waiting too much for passion. There product have 10 kinds of vibration frequency and 3 levels of vibration intensity adjustment, for a variety of gameplay, blissful feelings.


Levett is a sex toy manufacturer specialized in the development and production of various high-quality adult sex toys, including rabbit vibrators, bullet vibrators, companion vibrators, anal sex toys, Kegel balls, male masturbators, penis rings and others. Levett focuses on product quality and provides customers with a full range of services from product development, mold manufacturing, injection molding, silicone molding, and electronic assembly to finished product assembly.


HOTBOY originates from a sex brand in Osaka, Japan. Its products focus on enhancing the ultimate pleasure of men's masturbation experience and the concept of exercising men's sexual ability. On the basis of ensuring the function of sexual pleasure, it also pays more attention to the exercise and maintenance of men's private parts. HOTBOY focuses on men's health and understands men better!


KisToy is an international independent designer brand. KissToy have an integrates R&D, design, evaluation, and sales department to provide practical and beautiful products. KisToy has four adult toy product lines, Miss, Kiss, Young, and Men, covering male and female appliances, which are deeply loved by consumers at home and abroad. KisToy support a life attitude of dare to love, dare to do, and fearless. They hope that more people will liberate themselves and release their nature to pursue the ultimate experience of love, and enjoy the happiness and joy that love brings!

28、Magic Motion

The Magic Motion brand was established in Shanghai, combining innate elegance and taste, incorporating innovative technology and fashion design into fun and healthy products. Magic Motion adheres to the brand slogans of "hedonic", "uninhibited" and "intellectual" and spreads a healthy and scientific lifestyle. They have more than 20 patents in their name in the nations like United States, China and other regions.


Wistone enjoys a high appreciation among its user, and the company has established long-term and loyal cooperative relations with many retailers and agents. Wistone distributes a wide range of adult products at reasonable prices. Wistone is strong, trustworthy, abiding by contracts, guaranteeing product quality, and has won the trust of customers with its multi-variety operating characteristics and the principle of small profits but quick turnover.


YY HORSE is a very distinctive brand of sex toys. It designs sex toys for women. It is completely different from the sexy and sultry impression brought by other ordinary erotic adult products. All of YY HORSE's massage sticks are fun and cute in appearance, and they are not embarrassing to use at all. Put it on the table, just as normal as decorations. They does not treat sex toys as an "erotic" business. It is more like ordinary "daily necessities" that girls and girlfriends will use. We firmly believe that a safe brand comes from the trust of customers.

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